Ijen Crater (Kawah Ijen)

Ijen Crater Complete Travel Guide

Ijen crater is a complex of strato volcanoes in proximity to Banyuwangi in East Java, Ijen and the landscape around it is dominated by the volcanic cones of Ijen, Merapi, on the northeastern edge of the Plateau and Raung on the southwest corner.

Kawah Ijen (Ijen Crater) is the center of attraction, being an acid crater lake about 1 km wide, turquoise in color that lies at 2148 meters above sea level.

The craters vent is a source of sulfur and collectors work here, making the daily trek up to the crater collecting pure sulfur from the quarry on the lake’s edge and carrying them in large shoulder baskets that may weigh up to 80 kg.

Attractions at Ijen Crater Tour

Ijen Blue Fire

The volcanic cone of Ijen dominates the landscape at the eastern end of Java. Crater of Ijen is filled by a spectacular turquoise blue lake, its surface streaked in wind-blown patterns of yellow sulfur.

Kawah Ijen is the world’s largest highly acidic lake and is the site of a labor-intensive sulfur mining operation in which sulfur-laden baskets are hand-carried from the crater floor. Many other post-caldera cones and craters are located within the caldera or long its rim.

The largest concentration of post-caldera cones forms an E-W-treding zone across the southern site of the draw to its waterfalls, hot springs, and dramatic volcanic scenery.

Ijen Blue Fire is phenomenon here and it is the largest blue flame area in the world. If you want to see the Blue Fire you need to visit during midnight hiking. Takes 2 hours to reach the rim of the crater.

Ijen Crater Lake

Another thing to see in Ijen Crater Tours is the lake. Here is the largest and most acidic crater lake in the world, Ijen Crater Lake. The water in the lake have a very distinctive color, turquoise-green, which contains sulphuric acid and hydrochloric acid. The pH is less than 0.3. It is capable to dissolve metal!

Miners at Ijen Crater

Kawah Ijen or Ijen Crater has tough and brave miners. Almost every day they come here to extract sulphur from the crater to be sold. This is their occupation and also the symbol of their struggle. You might not interested in their life, but if you are, say hello to them and talk with them to get to know their story through your tour guide. Imagine that the miners, they have to hike to the crater and carry around 70 to 90 kilograms sulphur on their backs when they get down from the crater! Such an interesting story to hear, right?

Other Attraction Nearby

People usually combine the trip to Ijen Crater with other destination nearby such as Bromo Tour and Sukamade Tour. Mount Bromo is one of the most popular attraction in Indonesia where tourist can see sunrise and the vast caldera of the mountain. The Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park is very wide that it also include Mount Semeru lies near the Bromo. Sukamade is a beach to turtle release. It is a conservation and include to Merubetiri National Park. If you would like to also take complete tour to go to Ijen, Mount Bromo, and Sukamade Turtle Beach tour, then do not hesitate contacting us.

Ijen Crater Blue Fire Location

It is located at Licin sub district, 45 km from the city of Banyuwangi.

Best Time of Ijen Crater Tour

April to October every year.

It is not advisable to go here in Indonesia rainy season since the track can be muddy and slippery, and it usually closed if the weather is not okay.

To see the Blue Fire you have to come here before sunrise. It takes 90 to 120 minutes to hike to the viewpoint. So make sure you get there earlier before. Minimum 2 hours before the sunrise in Ijen.

If you don’t want to see the Blue Fire you can go later on. The advantage is the area will be not so crowded. But you can’t come here too late or in the sunset because the place closes at 12 pm daily.

How Do You Go to Ijen Crater

By Air

To be able to reach Banyuwangi by plane, you can take an airplane route to Belimbing Sari Airport, Banyuwangi. The airport is the closest access to Ijen Banyuwangi Crater. Apart from Ijen Crater, the closest tourist destination is also the Baluran National Park which has African savanna fields.

By Land

Ijen plateau is usually accessed from the town of Bondowoso, from either the northern or the southern coast and Banyuwangi, Pos Paltuding, the starting point for the 8 km hike to Kawah Ijen, is 64 km from Bondowoso. The starting point can also be reached from Banyuwangi with a 4WD vehicle.

Tips to Go to Ijen Crater Blue Fire

Because the path offers you a little bit of adventure, there are some preparations to note. Such as:

  • Wear comfortable shoes that has good grip. The path can be slippery.
  • Bring your own gas mask and goggles to protect your face if you feel that is saver thing to do.
  • You may need water, so bring lots of them with you. The track can be pretty tough at some point, plus it takes time to get into the view point. Stay hydrated is the best choice if you don’t want to get knocked down by the track.
  • Take a Ijen Crater tour package that will not disappoint you with the facilities, itinerary, and more. Pamitran Tours is the best option for your trip here.
  • Get into the blue fire early. Really really early.
  • No need to wear jewelry made of silver. It will turn black once it exposed by the sulphur from the crater.

Mount Ijen Indonesia

Now Mount Ijen Nature Park and Alas Purwo National Park, Banyuwangi, East Java have been designated as World Biosphere Reserves by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The two biological sites are incorporated in the Blambangan Biosphere Reserve along with Meru Betiri National Park and Baluran National Park which are located in tandem with Banyuwangi.

Blambangan Biosphere Reserve covers an area of ​​678,947.36 hectares divided into three zones, namely the core area covering 127,855.62 hectares covering three national parks (Alas Purwo National Park, Baluran National Park, and Meru Betiri National Park) and one Nature Reserve, Ijen Crater ; buffer zone covering 230,277.4 hectares; and the transition area of ​​320,814.34 hectares.

What makes one of the other attractions in Ijen Crater is the activity of the miners who carry tens of kilograms of sulfur. Their efforts are so much highlighted by the media at home and abroad. With dangerous conditions they still earn a living even though they have to bet their lives inhaling poisonous air from Ijen Crater.

Other Destination Nearby

Banyuwangi East Java

Banyuwangi East Java

Banyuwangi east java located in the most eastern part of East java. To the east is border to Bali island. Famous for plantations such as coffee, rubber and tea plantations also nature, mountain, beach and national parks. Ijen plateau is the highlight and Meru Betiri National park.

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Places to visit in Banyuwangi East Java

  • Ijen Plateau – famous for turqoise coloured lake crater
  • Meru Betiri National Park – You can see the last javanese tiger
  • Alas Purwo National Park – dry open savanah home for 700 wild buffaloes and more species animal
  • Sukamade Turtle Beach – see 250 kg turtle sea laying their eggs
  • Red Island –
  • Plengkung G-Land
  • Kaliklatak – famous place for producing coffee, rubber, cocoa and spices

Why go

If you like nature, wildlife, mountain and beach, you should visit this regency before you go to Bali or from Bali to Java.

How to go to Banyuwangi

International flight from Kuala Lumpur and Singapore fly directly to Banyuwangi airport everyday. Domestic route from Jakarta and more places is available too.

Travel Route

From Bali – Ketapang – Ijen Plateau – Mount Bromo – Surabaya / Malang or Ketapang – Sukamade Turtle Beach – Ijen Plateau – Menjangan Island / Tabuhan Island (Snorkeling) – Mount Bromo – Surabaya / Malang

From Java : Surabaya / Malang – Mount Bromo – Ijen Plateau – Ketapang (Bali) or Surabaya / Malang – Mount Bromo – Menjangan / Tabuhan Island – Sukamade Turtle Beach – Ijen Plateau – Ketapang (Bali)

Where to go nearby

Best Food in Surabaya

Best Food in Surabaya

If you see on Surabaya food blog, the city has plenty culinary to discus. As a culinary city, it provides the visitors the unique and at the same time delicious food. Below are some foods what to eat in Surabaya that we think are worth to try.

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Top 7 Surabaya Culinary

  1. Jancuk Fried Rice

Holiday to Indonesia must be familiar with Nasi Goreng or Fried Rice which became its special culinary. In Surabaya itself, there is the authentic Surabaya fried rice menu named Jancuk Fried Rice. The food portion is very large and tastes spicy, can be eaten with about 3 or 4 people. The price reaches 100,000 only.

  1. Klopo Satay

If you want to try to eat meat with the taste of Indonesia, try eating Klopo Satay Surabaya. The satay is made from beef and offal and fat. What makes this one different from other satay is how to cook it with grated coconut before it is roasted to make it more delicious.

  1. Rujak Cingur

For those who like with unique and strange culinary, just try Rujak Cingur which is famous throughout Indonesia. This typical food is made from buffalo nose mixed with various vegetables and some fruits and then doused with peanut paste and petis (sauce made from fish stew). How is it? Sounds odd enough?

  1. Tahu Tek

The appearance of Tahu Tek is very simple, but because of the delicious taste this food become one of the most sought after in Surabaya. Consisting of fried tofu, lontong (steamed rice using banana leaves), potatoes, sprinkling of sprouts and celery, and doused with petis sauce will make the tongue of anyone who tries to sway. You also just have to pay 8000 rupiah to enjoy the sensation of eating Tahu Tek.

  1. Rawon Setan

Rawon Satan is the next meal to try. This food is made from cuts of beef mixed with dark black sauce, often added with beef offal and kikil or cow legs. But unlike the rawon in other areas that has smaller slice of meat, the beef in Rawon Setan is large so that the price of this food was quite expensive, but still affordable.

  1. Lontong Balap

Lontong Balap is the iconic food of Surabaya. This food consists of lontong, fried tofu, bean sprouts, and lentho. These ingredients will be doused with typical sauce that makes this culinary delicious.

  1. Zangrandi Ice Cream

As a dessert, Zangrandi Ice Cream is what we recommend for you. This ice cream is already legendary in Surabaya. The place is still clean and classic although built since 1933, so coming here is highly recommended. Zangrandi was once a gathering place for Dutch socialites. This culinary is timeless because the taste of the ice cream itself is very delicious then. In addition to selling ice cream, Zangrandi offers you snack.

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Pacitan East Java

Pacitan East Java

Pacitan East Java, Pacitan Regency is one of the districts in East Java province which has a considerable tourism potential. The location is also strategic because it borders the province of Central Java and is approximately 140 km from Yogyakarta.

Pacitan consists of mountainous areas and hilly hills, also its territory includes the karst area.

Places to visit in Pacitan East Java

Teleng Ria Beach – The closest beach from the city of Pacitan and the most popular.

Srau Beach Located 25 km from the city of Pacitan, it is very beautiful and you can enjoy fishing in the ocean.

Klayar Beach – Has white sand beach that have special features, namely the presence of sea flutes which occasionally whistle between the cracks of rocks and waves.

Goa Gonglocated 30 km from the city of Pacitan, the cave with its stalactite and stalagmite nominated as the most beautiful cave in Southeast Asia.

Why go

Pacitan also famous for surfing, some beach you can surf in Pacitan such as Srau beach, Watu Karang beach, Pancer beach, Teleng ria beach.

Where to go nearby

How to go to Pacitan

You can travel to Pacitan from Yogyakarta by shuttle bus, around 120 – 140 km from Yogyakarta takes about 3 hours. If you go from Solo / Surakarta it takes about 3 hours by shuttle bus.

Surabaya East Java

Surabaya East Java

Surabaya is a city that becomes the capital of East Java province in Indonesia. It is the biggest metropolitan city in the province. As the second largest town in Indonesia after Jakarta, Surabaya population is reaching 2.765.487. If you want to have holiday in Indonesia, this city can be your option too. We will escort you to the best museum, buildings, beach, and natural attractions, and will choose the best hotel for you to stay.

Surabaya Wikipedia has International Airport Juanda and two harbors that are Tanjung Perak harbor, the most famous one, and Ujung harbor. Another name for the city is City of Heroes. Surabaya always counted in the history of Indonesian struggle to fight Dutch colonization. And not only for the history Surabaya tourism are also popular among visitor. Let’s say Red Bridge, Heroes Monument, religion buildings, and parks are just several tourist attractions in the city.

Surabaya also gateway to many destination in Java, such as Yogyakarta, Bromo, Malang, Ijen Plateau and Banyuwangi.

Places to visit in Surabaya

  • House of Sampoerna
  • Suramadu Bridge

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Where to go nearby

  • Mount Bromo – watching the sun rise from the crest of the Bromo volcano
  • Yogyakarta – famous destination in Java, the centre of art, temples, heritage and java culture.
  • Malang – one of the most attractive hill towns on Java.
  • Batu – Batu is famous for its apples gardens, theme park and waterfall.
  • Ijen Plateau – a spectacular turquoise blue lake
  • Banyuwangi – Famous for plantations, nature and national park
  • Sukamade Turtle Beach – the beach is known for its deep turquoise waters and 250 kg sea turtles which come to lay their eggs here
  • Bali – the most favourite destination in Indonesia

Surabaya Culinary

  • Rujak Cingur
  • Lontong Balap
  • Rawon
  • Tahu Tek

Best Hotels in Surabaya

Because Surabaya is a metropolitan city beside the capital of Jakarta, to find 5 star hotel is easy. We in Pamitran has list for popular luxurious hotel for your stay. You can choose one of your favorite if you use our travel packages.

  1. Shangri-La Hotel

The most reliable 5 star hotels in Surabaya that has served million guests is Shangri-La Hotel Surabaya. From quality, service, and facility, everything is number one here. Free internet on each room, newspaper, pool, gym, and 24 hours room service are just few facilities you can get. Price per night is up to 1 million rupiah.

  1. Majapahit Surabaya Hotel

The next luxury hotels in Surabaya is Majapahit Surabaya Hotel. This is a famous lodging which before named Oranje Hotel or Yamato Hotel. Tourists usually want to stay here because of the history of this hotel. It used to be a place where incidents of tearing the Republic of the Netherlands East Indies flag as a sign of resistance of the Surabaya people occurred. But in addition, the design of this hotel building itself is very classy, unique because it takes the Dutch-style building, and of course very artistic. With a qualified service your stay here will not be forgotten. Price started from 1 million rupiah per night.

  1. Ciputra World Surabaya

Ciputra World Surabaya is a five star hotel that is located near with Ciputra World Mall. The mall is the shopping centre for people in the city. Take a few walk from the hotel and you will arrive in the mall. The facilities that it offers are pool, Jacuzzi, 24 hours room service, gym, spa and sauna, and restaurant. The price is up to 950.000 rupiah.

  1. JW Marriot Surabaya

Best place where to stay in Surabaya next is JW Marriot Surabaya which is a friendly place for people with disabilities. It has pool, spa, Jacuzzi, sauna, beauty salon, and many more. If you want to go shopping, you can visit BG Junction Surabaya shopping center near JW Marriot. The price to stay per night is 900.000 rupiah.

  1. Grand Darmo Suite

Located in downtown Surabaya is a distinct advantage for this hotel. Grand Darmo Suite, offers you indoor and outdoor pool, fitness center, private parking free, bar, and 24 hours room service. Because it is situated in the urban area, there are nearest destination you can have such as Surabaya Zoo, Bungkul Park, Sura and Baya Statue, Wonokromo Station, Juanda International Airport. The price ranges from 500.000 rupiah until 1 million rupiah.



Pangandaran Travel Guide

Pangandaran Travel Guide

Your pangandaran travel guide. Pangandaran is one of Java’s best-kept secrets as far as international tourists are concerned, but has been extremely popular with locals for a long, long time. A small fishing town, it possesses one of Java’s finest beaches and the Pangandaran Nature Reserve teems with wild buffalo, barking deer and monkeys. It can be reached by bus about 5 hours from Bandung and 8 hours from Jakarta.

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About Pangandaran

Having Parigi as its capital, Pangandaran is a district in Indonesia precisely in the province of West Java. Pangandaran map is located on the south part of West Java province and directly adjacent with Ciamis regency in the north, Cilacap regency in the east, Tasikmalaya regency in the west, and Indian Ocean in the south. Formerly the regency was named Pananjung because there are many headlands. Pananjung name was also characterized by the symbol of fertility in the area.

After the time passed, it was renamed ‘Pangandaran’ which comes from Sundanese, ‘Pangan’ means eating and ‘Daran’ means immigrant. Pangandaran wikipedia used to be visited by many immigrants to become fishermen because the sea wave on the beach is the most friendly to find fish. Therefore Pangandaran referred to as a source of food and livelihood for the immigrants.

In the Dutch East Indies government, it was named Sukapura. At this time, the area was used as a park to preserve some rare animals and plants in the area. Next it became a nature reserve after the discovery of Raflesia flowers. Since that time the marine reserve was also created and currently Pangandaran has tourist attractions in the form of natural beaches which are always visited by many people. Now even this region is famous for Pangandaran surf.

Places to visit in Pangandaran

Not only perfect as a place to surf, Pangandaran also has other wonderful attractions to spend your holiday. Cukang Taneuh, Satirah River, and Selasari Village are just several names of spot you can visit. The famous one are of course the beaches that becoming the star in Pangandaran. If you want to go to these places, using Pamitran tour and travel agent is better. You can also rent private car and customize your own destinations. Don’t want to waste your time more, below is the list of popular tourist spot.

  • Cukang Taneuh (Green Canyon) – This tourism object is close to a stream of Cijulang River that goes through a cave containing remarkable stalactite and stalagmite and it sits in between of the two rocky hills with lines and lines of shady trees that promise unique and challenging natural attraction.
  • Pangandaran National Park
  • Batu Karas Beach – Famous for surfing

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Pangandaran Hotels and Resort

Have a trip in Pangandaran would be wonderful. But do not forget to choose the best accommodation here. The regency has hotels and resort with elegant and luxurious style. The price is also affordable, but still matching with the facilities.

  1. Emerald Hotel

With the price started from 700.000 rupiah, you can get one room in Emerald Hotel plus complete facilities in it. Gym, laundry, 24 hours service, and pool, are just several facilities in this luxury hotel. Emerald hotel is close enough with some tourist object. Try the deluxe room to have a nice stay.

  1. Sunrise Beach Resort

Sunrise Beach Resort is the second best hotels in Pangandaran. It is the perfect place for family holiday. The price for one room started from 650.000 rupiah. There are 52 rooms and bungalow ready for you. It also offers you the beauty of sunrise as its name that can be seen from the east beaches near this resort. It only needs 5 minutes and you have arrived on the beach to see sunrise behind.

  1. The Arwana Hotel

The next we have The Arwana Hotel. This is the most popular Pangandaran accommodation as it is located near several tourist destinations such as Karang Nini beach, Pangandaran beach, Green Canyon and many more. Facility that you can get is restaurant, 24 hours services, pool, and room service. The cost per night at this hotel is 600.000 rupiah.

  1. Surya Kencana Seaside Hotel

Located in the area of Pangandaran west beach, Surya Kencana Seaside Hotel offers you 69 rooms with type of Suite room, Family Room, Junior Suite, Triple Room, Standard, and Deluxe. Every room facing the seaside view so you can meet sunset even from your room. Cost per night is cheap enough started from 400.000 rupiah.

  1. Sun Inn Pangandaran Hotel

If you wish to stay in minimalist lodge with cheap price you can go to Sun Inn Pangandaran Hotel. The price for one room started from only 165.000 rupiah. The hotel is located near Pangandaran beach. Because of that there are facilities such as banana boat and jet ski to accommodate your trip.

How to Get to Pangandaran

The information about Pangandaran tourist destination and hotel is enough. Next is about how to go to Pangandaran. Briefly, there are several ways you can choose to get into the city. The first way is Bandung to Pangandaran train. If you are from Bandung, you can take train to go to Banjar, a city near Pangandaran. After that, go on by Budiman bus until you arrive on place. It only needs two hours to go from Banjar. Another choice is by airplane using Susi Air from Husein Sastranegara airport to Pangandaran airport, Nusawiru.

For you who come from Jakarta, the easiest way is Jakarta to Pangandaran by flights. Susi Air again provides you the most convenient and comfortable airplane to go directly from Jakarta airport, Halim Perdanakusuma. Other than that you can use direct bus which cost 80.000 rupiah per person. The trip will take 7 hours, and don’t be late to catch up the bus because there is only one for this direct route. But if you wish to have the more convenient than a bus, Jakarta to Pangandaran by car is also possible. Renting a car from Pamitran and you will get easy access to the city.

Nearby Attractions



10 Best Attractions in Bogor

Bogor Attractions

As another destination after Jakarta, Bogor is a candidate that cannot be missed too. The city is very exotic, unique in its own culture and even culinary. There are top 10 things to do in Bogor to fill your trip with wonderful memories. Here are some Bogor Indonesia points of interest you must know.

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Top 10 Best Attractions in Bogor

  1. Bogor Botanical Garden

Kebun Raya Bogor or Bogor Botanical Garden is one of the most recommended Bogor attractions. In this botanical garden you can enjoy the cool air of the city while looking at the various landscapes of trees and plants. The total of them is 15,000, so you can expand the knowledge of the plants in Indonesia. As the oldest botanical garden in Asia this sights should not be missed if you go to Bogor. The opening hours is from 7.30 a.m untill 5 p.m and the entrance fee is 25.000 rupiah.

  1. Bogor Safari Park

This safari park is the first one in Indonesia. If in Bogor Botanical garden you can see many kinds of plants and flora, in Bogor Safari Park you can see various kinds of fauna. Located in Jalan Raya Puncak no. 160, Cibeureum, Cisarua, the place is a home for tame animals. With total of 2500 species, it is the right location to introduce your kids with the animal world. Price is quite expensive, 300.000 rupiah. But you can get complete facilities and try many things here. There is Baby Zoo, area where your kids can get photo with some tame animals.

  1. Situ Gede

One of nature tourism that often used for shooting movie in Indonesia is Situ Gede or Lake Gede. The location is very fresh and clean. Enjoy the atmosphere of Dramaga forest near the lake protected by the Ministry of Forestry Republic Indonesia. You can fish in this area, or also row a boat made of bamboo. The distance from the downtown is 10 km. The place can be an alternative destination since the entrance ticket is very cheap, 4000 rupiah per person.

  1. Mekarsari Park

One more Bogor tourism that brought the theme of conservation and education, Mekarsari Park. Again and again this is the biggest fruits park in Indonesia. Blessed with high rainfall, makes Bogor a perfect place to keep the life of animals and plantations. Give education to your children here and let them play around the outbound center. If you tired to walk around the park which has area of 264 hectare, you can ride mini train.

  1. Tirta Sanita Hot Spring

Unique Bogor travel that you can try next is hot spring in Ciseeng area. Here you can relax yourself while seeing the exotic view of Indonesia nature. The hot spring can treat fatigue and even skin diseases. The Tirta Sanita Hot Spring water comes from limestone mountain in Ciseeng. The water contains salt, sulfur, and lime, makes it color bluish green.

  1. Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park

It is surely, many of you who love hiking. If yes, then going into Gede Pangrango Mountain National Park is a perfect plan. This area is a place of forest conservation, wildlife, and original flora of Indonesia. It is named Gede Pangrango National Park because its territory covers the summit of Mount Gede and the peak of Mount Pangrango. There are 200 species of orchids and a total of 870 species of flower plants. The icon of this place is Edelweiss. Endangered animals are also protected here, such as the Javanese Owa, leopards, ajag dogs, langur surili.

  1. Cibodas Botanical Garden

Located in the Pangrango mountain forest complex, Cibodas botanical garden is one of the parks to be visited for its uniqueness. There is a river that has very clear water, so you can relax here for a moment. In addition, the park is famous for the moss species that are preserved in the Moss Garden section. This special room holds 216 species of moss that exist throughout Indonesia and even the world. With the entrance fee only 9.500 rupiah, it is a must visit place to add your knowledge about Indonesia plantations.

  1. Sindang Barang Village

Sindang Barang village is a village full of traditional Sundanese treats. It was once the residence of one of the wives of King Siliwangi. There are traditional Sundanese house buildings and traditional art performances such as calung and angklung music are often held here.

  1. Pura Parahyangan Agung Jagattkarta

Pura Parahyangan Jagatkarrta is another great temple in Indonesia after Pura Besakih. If you come here you can see the three-door building to enter the inner area for prayer. The three doors are built like a towering temple, but are usually closed except for prayer. Visitors may not enter the main area but can look around and take pictures with the background of the gate. Guards will usually guide your tour.

  1. Curug 7

Curug 7 or The Seven Waterfall is may be not really often heard in tourism. But, certainly this is one of the wonderful things in Bogor Indonesia tourism. If during this time Bogor always synonymous with reservation center and botanical garden, this waterfall offers something different from the center of the city crowd and other educational activities. The city has several waterfalls, but the best is this Seven Waterfall. This place is always associated with the story of Javanese legend that mentions seven nymphs bathing in the waterfall. Release from that, there are indeed seven waterfalls in this area with a beautiful panorama around. And imagine, entrance ticket is only 6000 rupiah!

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Bogor Culinary

Bogor Culinary

The city is not only famous for its tourist destination but also for culinary adventure in Bogor. If you like eating or a food lover, you must taste some traditional food typical Bogor below.

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Top 5 Bogor Culinary You Must Try

  1. Toge Goreng

This is the most famous culinary in Bogor. Sprouts or ‘toge’ in Indonesia is fried with yellow noodles and chunks of tofu. Usually add by ketupat, rice cakes boiled in rhombus shaped packet. The sauce is what makes the unique taste of this food. The sauce from the fried toge was tasty because it was made from oncom, fermented cake made from soybean. This food is usually sold by street vendors, but because it is increasingly popular, you can find it now in the restaurants.

  1. Ubi Bakar Cilembu

Called as Bogor culinary city, another traditional and unique food you must try is Ubi Bakar Cilembu. What is that? Ubi Bakar Cilembu is roasted cassava from Cilembu area. This is a typical food you can meet if you go to Puncak. Cilembu sweet cassava is sold on the edge along the road to the resort. What makes it a favorite is the sweet taste like honey when it is burned.

  1. Bread Unyil

Bread Unyil become popular among the tourist because of its small size of bread that makes it called by ‘Unyil’, means mini or small in Indonesia. This bread is introduced by the Venus store that makes unyil bread in flavor variants banana cheese, sausage cheese, corn, and chocolate. The store is always filled with shoppers, so it is better to come here at morning.

  1. Laksa Bogor

The next what to eat in Bogor is Laksa Bogor. Laksa is a food consists of sprouts, rice noodles, boiled eggs, and basil leaves, added with coconut milk sauce. It is a perfect traditional cuisine for breakfast or brunch.

  1. Asinan Bogor

The last cuisine in Bogor you must try is Asinan Bogor. Asinan is a tropical fruits such as galangal, salak, pineapple, and guava mixed with vegetables such as bean sprouts, cabbage, and cucumber. Then given a sauce made from fermentation process or chili peppering. This precipitation is called Asinan in Bogor. You will taste the unique flavor of typical food in Bogor.

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Best Attractions in Pangandaran

Attractions in Pangandaran

Not only perfect as a place to surf, Pangandaran also has other wonderful attractions to spend your holiday. Cukang Taneuh, Satirah River, and Selasari Village are just several names of spot you can visit. The famous one are of course the beaches that becoming the star in Pangandaran. If you want to go to these places, using Pamitran tour and travel agent is better. You can also rent private car and customize your own destinations. Don’t want to waste your time more, below is the list of popular tourist spot.

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Top 10 Best Attractions in Pangandaran

Pangandaran Beach

Pangandaran beach is one of the best Pangandaran tourism that must be visited. The interesting point in this beach is the exotic view of tropical sunrise and sunset. The sand is white, perfect to hunt photo with friends or loved ones, and as usual the entrance fee is cheap, 5800 rupiah per person. Though it is often visited, the beach is still clean. It becomes the icon of Pangandaran beaches.

Batu Karas Beach

In accordance with the location name of Batu Karas Village, Batu Karas Beach is also an icon for the Pangandaran regency. This place is a so-called paradise surfing in Pangandaran. Ticket to this tourist spot is only 5,800 rupiah. There is already Pangandaran surf board rental place that you can borrow for just learning or surfing activities on this beautiful beach. The waves are not too big so other than surfing you can also swim. Imagine how fun it is to have cheap entrance fee in the beach to surf as long as you want.

Cukang Taneuh

This Pangandaran tourist attractions now become popular among tourist. Cukang Taneuh commonly referred to as Green Canyon Indonesia. Here you can find a river with green water hidden among the towering cliffs. The scenery is amazing, just like an adventure in an unspoiled land. The air is very cool and to enjoy all this you can rent a boat for 75,000 rupiah for five passengers. Rentals are open from 7.30am to 4pm. This tourist destination is close to Batu Karas Beach.

Santirah River

For you who want to test your adrenaline, try river tubing in Santirah River. It is located in Selasari village, Parigi district. River tubing activity now has become popular. So if you want to spend your holiday differently, go to Santirah River which still has natural nuance. The place has four different waterfalls and two long caves which you will visit in river tubing. It is guaranteed that this river is not inferior to Cukang Taneuh.

Batu Hiu Beach

One more beach that should not be forgot to be included on the list of Pangandaran travel. Its name is Batu Hiu Beach. What can you see here are the steep hills facing into the ocean. The view of the ocean itself is amazing, the blue clear water that changed into white wave when visiting the beach is very calm and peaceful. One of the hills can be climbed to see the beach from above. Before climbing up the hill, you will be greeted by a stone gate shaped like a shark’s mouth. This is the origin of the name of Batu Hiu. Batu means stone, Hiu means shark. The entrance ticket is 7.500 rupiah per person.

Madasari Beach

Surfing is indeed the best things to do in Pangandaran, and Madasari Beach can provide your will. Located in Masawah village, the beach has natural view of big coral reefs that formed islands. There are rows of tropical almond trees along the coast and sea urchins so you have to be careful with your feet. But the waves are quite challenging, make your adrenaline interested to try the surf.

Pananjung Beach

Different than Madasari, Pananjung Beach has begun to be visited by many people. Rather than surfing, it is perfect for snorkeling and diving. The beach is phenomenal for the underwater beauty. You can rent boat to wading through the ocean. Seahorses, oysters, sea cucumbers, starfish, and various types of fish are several often encountered biota.

Tourism Village Selasari

Selasari tourist village is also famous among tourists because it has a variety of beauty in one village area. Santirah River is included to this beautiful village in Parigi district. Other than the famous Santirah River, there are eight caves owned by Selasari that are Gede cave, Panjang cave, Parat cave, Panggung cave, Citalun cave, Peteng Cave, Lanang cave, and Sutra Reregan cave. Besides that, this village keeps the beauty of paddy field and cultural sites. Coming here is a must.

Ciwayang River

Tourist attraction that provides body rafting in Pangandaran is this Ciwayang River. Though it has sullen history as a place to slaughter wizard, in fact now it become unique destination as a natural river. It only needs one hour to go from the center of Pangandaran to Cimindi village where Ciwayang is located. To wade the river there are even three packages available on the spot, namely the short package that takes 1 hour, the middle package that takes two hours and you will only visit one cave, and a long package for 3 hours that will take you to visit not only the cave but until Situ Hiang, Leuwi Cigerendong and suspension bridge Cimindi. Which one do you like?

Pananjung Pangandaran National Park

Pananjung National Park is the only nature reserve in Pangandaran. In this national park live animals and various kinds of plants. You can see long tail monkey, bulls, deer, bats, langurs, snakes, lizards, and many more. There are also caves used by the Japanese in colonization era. Guide will deliver you to trek in this Japanese cave. And you can continue to go to West beach or East beach near this national park. With entrance fee for about 20.000 rupiah, you can have many trips in one area.

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