Beringharjo Market Yogyakarta

Dive Into the Traditional Side of Jogja and Java

What is unique when we come to South East Asia city? Traditional market, right? In Yogyakarta, Indonesia, you will explore much about the traditional side in the city, especially a Javanese tradition. Not only that, as the name implies, it is a place where you can shop your things uniquely from Yogyakarta. And the best of all, the price is cheap and you can still bargain it with the sellers! Let’s dive into Beringharjo Market tour Yogyakarta.

A Little Story About Beringharjo Market Jogja

Beringharjo is the largest traditional market in the city. It was occupied by a banyan tree forest before. Only after the kingdom of Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat establish in 1758 then it became open-market for its people. By 1952, the market with its permanent building was established.

Given the name Beringharjo, it means prosperity in the area around Banyan trees (Bering/Beringin means Banyan trees, and Harjo means prosperity). It also holds philosophical importance as a part of Catur Tunggal (four important places that constitute Yogyakarta kingdom). The other three are the North Square, Keraton Yogyakarta, and South Square.

The architecture of the market is a mix of colonial and Javanese architecture. During the colonial era, Beringharjo Market was called ‘Passer Op van Java’, meaning the most beautiful market in Java.

Things to Do in Beringharjo Market Tour Yogyakarta

What to do in Bringharjo market? Below are the lists you must not forgotten.

Shopping the Best Batik

This market is known as the best place to hunt Batik in Yogyakarta. Yogyakarta Batik is the most popular Batik throughout Indonesia and world. Hundreds of vendors sell it with the form starting from textile, clothes, accessories (necklaces, bags, purses, etc). You can also find the premium one, Batik Tulis.

Bargain the Items

Although going into the market would be like you going into battlefront (people brush elbows and arms with each other, aromas from the food stalls, and rattling sound of people selling and bargaining), you will forget all of that when you see the unique products that you can bring into your home. Bargain, bargain, and bargain, till you forget how much fast time flies.

Tasting the Street Food

While having this Beringharjo Market Tours you can’t forget to taste the delicious food. The stalls along the street near the market sell Pecel, Gado-Gado, Dawet, Guded, Yogyakarta satay, and Jamu. There are also snack and sweets such as Jenang (chewy confection made from palm sugar), lemper, bakpia, onde-onde, and more. Try Jamu with its unique taste you will never found around the world except here. It will tickle your nostrils a bit, but this is the beauty of this tour.

Visiting Antique Section

If you like to bring back nostalgic goods or antique things, you can go to this section in the market. Peculiar items such as ancient typewriter, old records from the 50’s and 60’s, old coins, old paintings, lamps, kitchenware, and plenty of old knick-knacks for you house. Some of the items might have their own history. You can ask the seller if you are interested to know them.

Beringharjo Market Tour Yogyakarta Opening Hours

Specifically for fruits and vegetables section are open as early as 5 a.m daily. While for the textiles and other sections open at 8.30 – 9 a.m. As a part of tourist objects, the market open until 9 p.m.

If you want to stay out from crowd, plan to go here at weekdays. But if you want to see the local people and the life of Jogja then plan the visit in weekend. Starting from Friday it will be full of people.

Beringharjo Market Tours Location

There is no entrance fee and it is located in Jl. Margo Mulyo, No. 16, Ngupasan, Gondomanan, Yogyakarta, DIY, Indonesia, 55122.

How to Get There

Sinthe Beringharjo Market tour Yogyakarta is located in Malioboro Street, you can get here by walking. It is on the easthern part of the street. Enjoy the panorama around the street, shop in Beringharjo, and maybe you can access Keraton Yogyakarta too that is also not so far from this two sites.

Recommended to Do

We recommend you to take full tours to visit Malioboro Street, Keraton Yogyakarta, Alun-Alun, and maybe Taman Sari Water Castle. We, Pamitran Tours, will arrange all the accomodation and plan for you. You can also consult what you plan on and do not hesitate to custom your vacation in Yogyakarta. Of course, Beringharjo market tour package is also included.