Ijen Plateau East Java Tour Package

Have a tour to East Java with our interesting East Java Tour Package. What you can see is the beautiful panorama typical of East Java with the most ruff landscape, covered with many mountains, active volcano’s and unspoiled nature. The two most popular in this tour are Ijen Tour Package and Bromo tour. Pamitran Tours invites you try bromo ijen hiking tour, while exploring the custom of East Java people is also our main highlight.

East Java Tours, For Those Who Likes Adventure

East Java (Jawa Timur in Indonesian, sometimes abbreviated as Jatim) is the province on the eastern side of Java Island. It border only with the province of Central Java to the west, Java Sea in northern coast, Indian Ocean in southern coasts, and Bali Strait to the east. It also includes Madura Island, Bawean Island and Kangean and Masalembu archipelagos.

In East java tours you can also visit Surabaya, its capital and the second largest city in Indonesia. As a major industrial center, Surabaya is similar to Jakarta with traffic jam problem. While Banyuwangi, the largest regency on Java Island keeps two wonderful national park (Meru Betiri National Park and Baluran National Park).

We guarantee that this tour in East Java will leaving you unforgetable memories for the lifetime because the province offers different types of tourist attractions ranging from beaches, mountains, caves, waterfalls, to historic building and temples. You can proof it when visiting Ijen Crater, Mount Bromo, Mount Semeru, Sukamade Beach, Kediri, and many more.

Blessed with extraordinary natural wealth, East Java has volcanic zone with some of the well known mountains that makes it has a fairly fertile soil suitable for agriculture. Because of that also, the area of East Java has coller temperature. With tropical monsoon and savanna climate at lower elevation and subtropical at higher elevation, it has less rainfall but with temperatures that can reach 4 degrees Celcius, you may see frost and fall of light snow in higher places.

People usually take east java tour from bali, or taking East Java tour with Madura Island and Bali Island as the other destination to visit.

East Java Tourist Map

List of East Java Tourist Attractions – Main Highlight of East Java Tourism

For you who take this tour for the first time, we have some recommendation of the best places to visit or the most well known east java tourism. Here are the favorite East Java Tourist attractions.

Ijen Plateau

Ijen east java tour is what people mostly looking for. Ijen is blessed with magical scenery of Blue Fire and green turquoise lake in the crater. It also has beautiful sunrise panorama. If you want to see the Blue Fire phenomena, you should take ijen midnight tour because the phenomena can only be seen at dawn.

You can also take Ijen Bromo Tour. This package is also best seller in Pamitran Tours. Explore Ijen and Bromo and its surrounding.

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Bromo Tengger Semeru (mount semeru)

East Java tour Bromo is also the most popular trip. You can have bromo ijen tour from Jogja and Bromo Ijen Madakaripura tour. The area of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park has a worldwide beauty with magical sunrise view, caldera, and number of unique mountains. Sometimes for they who like hiking, in Bromo Ijen tour package, they will try to conquer Mount Bromo, Mount Semeru which is the highest mountain in Java Island, and Ijen Crater.

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For Indonesian, Great Malang (Malang and Batu City) is a favorite. It’s easy to understand why. There are so many attractions in Malang. You can take a tour to Bromo from this city to see sunrise or even come to the beautiful lake. Or hike the Semeru. Visit also Coban Sewu Waterfall. Other than that you might want to know more about these special destinations: Jatim Park, Angkut Museum, Balekambang Beach, Rondo Waterfall, Rais Waterfall, and many other wonderful beaches and waterfalls.

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The area of Probolinggo juga mencakup sebagian area of Bromo. So you can go to Bromo and explore Probolinggo. Some popular destinations in here are: Bromo Terrace, Madakaripura Waterfall (a popular waterfall in Bromo Tengger Semeru area), Bee Jay Mangrove Resort, Gili Ketapang, and more. Don’t forget to visit the waterfalls because Probolinggo has some of the best.

Mount Kelud

East Java is a perfect place for adventurer. There are mountains suitable for hiking acitvity, one of which is Mount Kelud. Taking the east java volcano tour to Mount Kelud and other mountains will be interesting. You can hike unto the top to see the crater lake.


If you are curious about what is it like the life of East Java capital city, then come to Surabaya. It is a metropolitan city with crowd of people. Yet, Surabaya popular for the delicious local food. Several best destinations you can visit here are: Sampoerna Museum (museum of cigarette factory), Atom Market, Majapahit Hotel for tea, Suramadu National Bridge, Cheng Hoo Chinese Mosque, Monkasel Submarine, Sanggar Agung Chinese temple, and many more.

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Pacitan itself famous for beaches and caves, such as Klayar beach, Banyu Tibo Beach, Srau beach, and Watu Karung Beach famous for surfing. Other than that is Gong Cave, Lueng Jaran Cave, Maron river, and etc.

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2D1N Sukamade Turtle Beach TourSukamade

Sukamade is located in Banyuwangi. It is included in Meru Betiri National Park. Sukamade is a beach, a place for turtles laying their eggs. People usually take ijen sukamade tour.


Banyuwangi is a regency in the easternmost part of Java, next to the main harbor for leaving to Bali. It has two really beautiful national parks, Baluran and Meru Betiri National Park, and Kalibaru that famous for its plantations. In Ijen tour banyuwangi you can visit its favorite tourism such as Tabuhan Island (private island), Green Bay, Pulau Merah Beach, Plengkung Beach (for surfing), Rajegwesi Beach, Bangsring Beach (for snorkeling), and some beautiful waterfalls.

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Bawean Island

Bawean Island is in Gresik. This island is as beautiful as other islands in Indonesia with beaches perfect for sunrise and sunset. In Bawean you can see rare Bawean deer, Kastoba Lake, Gaang Bay, and one not to be missed is tour to Gili (sandbanks).

Madura Island

Last but not least there is Madura Island. This is the place to witness the bull race. In Madura you can also enjoying the beach panorama, or go to Kangean Island for snorkeling.

Overland Java Tour Package

If you are interested in to see all about Java Island, we offer you Java Bali Overland Tour Package. Our Overland Java Tour is the best. Many of our clients have tried it and satisfied with it because in several days you will explore all about Java destinations and know its unique culture.

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East Java Tour Packages and Price

Come on follow this East Java Tour Packages to visit Ijen Crater, Bromo, and more. We give competitive price for you.

Our East Java Tours Start From Only:

Rp 600.000 / person

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Our Best Seller East Java Tour

Karimunjawa Bromo Tour
Bromo Tour From Surabaya
Bromo Ijen Tour From Surabaya
Ijen Tour From Banyuwangi
Sunrise Mt Bromo from Malang
Sunrise Mt Bromo from Surabaya
2D1N Sukamade Turtle Beach Tour
jogja bromo ijen tour
5D4N Overland East Java

Bromo Tour Package

We Pamitran Tours provides Bromo Tour Package, start from Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Malang, Probolinggo and many other cities such as Bali, Banyuwangi. Mount Bromo is the famous destination in East Java that offers beautiful volcano panorama and surroundings.

Sample Itinerary of East Java Travel Package


Ijen Tour Itinerary. Morning Call and leave for Ijen Tour, Meet and greet with our staff, pick up at your hotel or train station Banyuwangi and continue to Licin. Around 1 hour later we arrived at the Paltuding post and continue walking to the Ijen Crater area (Soft trekking). Arrive at Ijen Crater, if you are lucky you can watch the Blue Fire and sunrise. Enjoy the moment and experience. Return to Paltuding and leave Mt Ijen and visit the jagir waterfall coffee garden. Back to Banyuwangi hotel or Ketapang harbour for your next destination. End of Tour.

Come and join this East Java Travel Package. You can have ijen plateau tour. Pamitran Tours as the best ijen tour and travel is ready to assist you. For further information and request, please contact us at pamitrantours.com.

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