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East Java also called “Jawa Timur” in Indonesian, is the province with the most ruff landscape. Covered with many mountains, active vulcano’s and unspoiled nature, becoming East Java points of interest. If you like to explore a part of Java which is less populated and where you can still visit nature with less tourists around you (next to the popular visited Bromo), then East Java maybe the best destination to visit for you. The East Java culture is also very good. It is nice to learn some of their custom.

The capital city of this province is Surabaya. One of the biggest city in Java and unfortunately has the same traffic jam problems as Jakarta. But luckily the province has East Java attractions located in the city of Malang, Blitar, Banyuwangi, and Pacitan. Malang and Blitar have an interesting history and temples to visit, as Banyuwangi, next to the main harbor for leaving to Bali, has two really beautiful national parks. While Pacitan itself famous for caves and beaches such as Klayar beach and Gong cave.

East Java Tour Package

East Java ToursMost people are familiar with east Java because of the famous Mount Bromo Tour and Mount Ijen Tour. These two main attractions have a unique volcano, moon look alike scenery. Although they are often visited by many tourists it is a must visit if you travel through East Java Tour Package.

In Pamitran, we have packages that suitable for you who want to explore more about East Java. If you want to visit East Java beaches, we have some offer to Klayar Beach and Banyutibo Beach in Pacitan, or Sukamade Beach in Banyuwangi. Our main destinations are of course the East Java volcano such as Mount Semeru, Mount Bromo, Mount Ijen, etc. But if you are also want to see other beautiful tourist destination, we have East Java waterfall as an offer, such as Madakaripura in Probolinggo, and Coban Rondo and Coban Talun in Malang.

Less known places which are still worth to visit are, Kalibaru with its many plantations, Sukamade Turtle Tours to see the sea turtles laying their egs, Semeru mountain for hiking, Baluran National Park for its interesting wild life, Alas Purwo which is good for surfers, and of course the Madura island well known for the famous traditional bull races. Our most favorite part of East Java next to the main highlights as Bromo Sunrise Tour and Ijen Bluefire Tour is a 2 Day tour by Kalibaru and Sukamade Tour Package. Our best East Java itinerary is the 3 days 2 nights Bromo Ijen tours.

Please look our catalogue below for Bromo Tour Midnight, 2 Days Bromo Tour, 3 Days – 5 Days Mount Bromo and Overland East Java Tour. We are glad to assist you.

East Java Car Rental

For those who travel in East Java and need East Java Car Rental. Pamitran Tours provide car rental with driver starts from Malang, Surabaya, Probolinggo and Banyuwangi. We have Toyota Avanza or Toyota Innova fit for 5 person also Toyota Hiace and Isuzu Long ELF for 15 person. The popular route Sunrise Bromo from Malang or Sunrise Bromo from Surabaya can be arrange with private car. Please contact us if you have larger groups want to visiting East Java Tours.

Highlights:East Java Tours
–    Madura Bull Races
–    Bromo Sunrise
–    Ijen Blue Fire
–    Pacitan caves and surf beaches
–    Bawean Island
–    Kalibiru plantations
–    Jember Cigar factory
–    Sukamade beach for the Turtles
–    Semeru for hiking
–    Baluran National Park

Guide and information through East Java and the Best Attractions

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