Indonesia Trekking Hiking Tours

Have a great adventure with us, Pamitran Tours. We invite you to explore the beauty of Indonesia volcanoes and mountains in Indonesia trekking hiking. Starting from the easiest track until the hardest, you can have it all. Choose your own hiking trails indonesia and get lost to the wonderful journey.

Hiking Trekking Indonesia Tour is For Those Who Seek The Real Beauty of Indonesia

So, here we are, as the best travel agent in Indonesia, Pamitran Tours is trying to give you different experience such as in Indonesia trekking hiking tour. No matter if you are looking for a short beautiful morning walk through rice-fields or a more adventures trip exploring a volcano, Indonesia is the place to be.

The thousands of Island have so many interesting walking, hiking and climbing tracks to offer that you can fill up easily several years of your life and you will still not be bored. Easier track does not mean less beautiful. The many green tracks on each island of Indonesia have its own “specialty”. All depends on where you are looking for, nature, culture, or just amazing stunning views like sunrise and more.

Many agree that hiking in Indonesia is for those who seek the real beauty of the country. Indonesia is located in the Ring of Fire is why mountains and volcanoes can easily be found. When you visit Java Island, you will have many option for hiking java indonesia.

But yes. It is not always about indonesia hiking mountain. To see the hidden paradise, you can take indonesia trekking tour to several special places like the jungle in Borneo, mangrove forest, the nation’s national park, the rice fields in Bali, Ijen Crater for the lake and the Blue Fire, and even more lakes to see in some volcanoes. The fact that each Island has its own beauty and natural habitat will make this trip amazing.

Recommendation of Indonesia Hiking Places, Best of Indonesia Hiking Tour

Each Indonesia hiking places heve their own level of difficulty. All tracks are unique on its own way and for every person there is trekking route with the right level of challenge. Below you will find several hiking places in indonesia and trekking spot indonesia. Make your hiking trip indonesia fun by joining us. Trekking in indonesia will be also ended up with unforgettable memories.

Mount Bromo. Hiking mount bromo indonesia sunrise is the best thing on earth you will wanted to have. Enjoy your day visiting incredible unique spot in bromo indonesia trekking.

Mount Semeru. The mountain is located near Bromo. The favorite spot is Ranu Kumbolo Lake. Semeru is the highest mountain Java. The peak is Mahameru yang memiliki tanah berpasir.

Mount Merapi. Hiking this means you will explore one of the most active volcanoes in Indonesia. Be careful of the dangerous track and jungle. Go with your guide and pay attention to the newest condition always.

Mount Lawu. Located in between Central Java and East Java. The best hiking trails in indonesia no longer active and become home for some famous attractions such as Tawangmangu Waterfall, Sukuh and Cetho Temple.

Mount Merbabu. Merbabu is still active but the track is not very hard. One thing you should be careful of is the jungle and the cold weather. From the mountain you will see other mountain like Sumbing, Sindoro, Merapi, Telomoyo, Ungaran, and Lawu .

Mount Sumbing – Sindoro. The two is usually called twin mountain by local since it is located side by side. Sumbing and Sindoro is for those who want to hiking with easy track.

Mount Andong. This is the easy hiking. Located in Central Java, Mount Andong is for beginners. Many facilities such as camping ground and full signal for gadgets.

Destinations Trekking Hiking Tours

Mount Papandayan. Hike Papandayan and see its craters (Mas Crater, Baru, Nangklak, and Manuk) and savanna.

Mount Prau. Located in Dieng Plateu. Sunrise in Prau is very beautiful and it is suitable for beginners.

Mount Rinjani. If you go to Lombok island, Mount Rinjani is the place for hiking lombok indonesia. It is the second highest mountain in Indonesia with Segara Anak Lake in its peak. Hiking Rinjani indonesia to see also the sunrise.

Mount Kerinci. Trekking sumatra indonesia in Mount Kerinci. Indonesia kerinci hiking the highest mountain in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. The forest in Kerinci National Park is home for Sumatran tiger and rhino.

Mount Batur, Mount Agung. Bali has two mountains for Bali indonesia hiking, Mount Batur and Mount Agung. Batur in Kintamani has beautiful lake. Mount Agung is the highest in bali. From the peak you can see Rinjani in Lombok. Visit Besakih temple in its slope.

Mount Krakatau. Also called as Mount Anak Krakatau. You will see eruption leftover of one of the most active volcanoes in the world. From the mountain you can see the ocean.

Mount Raung. Located in East Java near with Ijen Crater. Raung is for professional hikers. The track is quite difficult. It has wonderful caldera and four summits.

Mount Kelimutu. Go hiking flores indonesia in Mount Kelimutu. It has three lakes with different colors. The sunrise is also amazing and the track is not really hard.

Puncak Jaya Wijaya. The peak is the hardest hiking in Indonesia. Puncak Jaya is highest peak and most dangerous in Indonesia. The peak is covered by tropical snow. You need professional guide.

Other Indonesia Trekking Tour:

  • Jungle Trekking Borneo. This is indonesia jungle trekking. Many people would love to trekking borneo indonesia. See the tropical jungle home for birds and orangutans. Mount Sibayak. Easy indonesia trekking mountain in Sumatra.
  • Ijen Crater Trekking Blue Fire. Trekking java indonesia to see Blue Fire phenomena and lake in Ijen.
  • Trekking flores indonesia. In Flores you can try trekking in easy trails at Padar Island, and Wae Rebo Village.
  • Nglanggeran Ancient Volcano. The easy indonesia volcano trekking. Nglanggeran is in Yogyakarta.
  • Trekking indonesia bali. Bali has easy trekking spot such as Tegallalang rice field, Campuhan Hills, and many more.
  • Try trekking papua indonesia in Baliem Valley, Sentani Lake, or hills in Raja Ampat.

Hiking Tour Indonesia Prices

Adventure never ends in Pamitran Tours. You will experience the best trip ever in Indonesia with us. Follow this hiking tour Indonesia. We give you competitive price and complete facilities.

Our Tour Package Starting From Only:

Rp 950.000

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All Indonesia Trekking Hiking Tours 2019-2020

NODESTINATIONIslandLevel Trekking
Trek-011D Trekking AndongJavaEasy
Trek-021D Trekking NglanggeranJavaEasy
Trek-031D Good morning Merapi TrekkingJavaMedium
Trek-04Midnight Mount Prau TrekkingJavaEasy
Trek-052D1N Mount Prau TrekkingJavaEasy
Trek-063D2N Mount Prau Trekking & Dieng Plateau TourJavaEasy
Trek-072D1N Merapi Sunrise TrekkingJavaMedium
Trek-082D1N Merbabu Sunrise Trekking :JavaMedium
Trek-092D1N Merbabu Camping AdventureJavaMedium
Trek-104D3N Merapi and MerbabuJavaMedium
Trek-114D3N Lawu and Merbabu TrekkingJavaMedium
Trek-124D3N Lawu and Merbabu CampingJavaMedium
Trek-132D1N Lawu Trekking Camping AdventureJavaMedium
Trek-143D2N Lawu Trekking Camping AdventureJavaMedium
Trek-152D1N Sindoro Trekking Camping AdventureJavaMedium
Trek-162D1N Sumbing Trekking Camping AdventureJavaMedium
Trek-173D2N Semeru  TrekkingJavaHard
Trek-184D3N Semeru TrekkingJavaHard
Trek-195D4N Semeru Camping and BromoJavaHard
Trek-202D1N Ranu Kumbolo Trekking Camping AdventureJavaEasy
Trek-213D2N Ranu Kumbolo Camping + BromoJavaEasy
Trek-223D2N Raung Camping Start / End KalibaruJavaHard
Trek-234D3N Raung Camping Start /  End KalibaruJavaHard
Trek-245D4N Raung CampingJavaHard
Trek-25Papandayan Garut Sunrise TrekkingJavaEasy
Trek-261D Krakatau TourJavaEasy
Trek-272D1N Krakatau Camping TourJavaEasy
Trek-282D1N Krakatau Ujung Kulon TourJavaEasy
Trek-293D2N Rinjani Camping AdventureLombokHard
Trek-304D3N Rinjani Camping AdventureLombokHard
Trek-315D4N Rinjani Camping AdventureLombokHard
Trek-32Batur Trekking for SunriseBaliMedium
Trek-33Agung Trekking for SunriseBaliMedium
Trek-344D3N Kerinci Camping AdventureSumatraHard
Trek-355D4N Kerinci Camping AdventureSumatraHard
Trek-362D1N Sibayak from MedanSumatraEasy
Trek-372D1N Kelimutu TrekkingFloresEasy
Trek-383D2N Kelimutu Trekking via EndeFloresEasy
Trek-39Puncak JayaPapuaHard

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Java Trekking Tours

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Mount Raung Trekking
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2D1N Merbabu Camping Adventure
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Mount Semeru Trekking Tour
6D5N Merapi Merbabu Lawu Trekking Adventure

Bali Lombok Flores Trekking Tours

Rinjani Crater
Segara Anak Rinjani
Rinjani Mount Summit

Sample Indonesia Hiking Itinerary

Day 1  (APROX)

22.00 : Meeting point. We will pick you up at hotel / train station / airport, etc.
22.00-23.30 : Transfer to Mount Merbabu Basecamp
23.30-24.00 : Preparation before start trekking / climbing Merbabu

Day 2  (Snack, B) (APROX)

00.00-01.30 : Trekking to the top of the Mount Merbabu (Sunrise)
05.30-10.00 : Enjoying the sunrise from the top of Mount Merbabu and trekking down
10.00-12.00 : Breakfast / Lunch and Departures to Yogyakarta

Explore Indonesia in different way. Join our hiking Indonesia volcano trip. Pamitran Tours is the best hiking indonesia travel agent you can trust. You can also customize your tour. Contact if you need more information.