Diving Snorkeling in Indonesia

Welcome to the largest archipelago nation on Earth, Indonesia. With over 17.000 islands of which about 6.000 are inhabited, sweep across the richest tropical water and vast expanse of ocean on one of the world’s most volatile volcanic belt. It is good to experience Diving Snorkeling in Indonesia. Pamitran Tours provide you dive trip to indonesia and snorkeling tours indonesia the best you can have.

Recommended Indonesia Snorkeling Diving Spot, Snorkeling and Diving in Indonesia

Situated at the equator line with tropical weather and active volcanoes, Indonesia aquatic is one of richest on earth. Fish population and corals are extremely abundant. About 4.000 species of fish and several hundred species of coral reefs are found in the Indonesia waters (over 25% of planet fish species).

Rich marine life can be found in almost all indonesia diving islands. Snorkeling in Indonesia and diving is the best experience people will have.

Diving Snorkeling in IndonesiaRaja Ampat underwater in Papua considered the richest of marine life kingdom in the world. Other than Raja Ampat, favorite diving in Indonesia are in Sulawesi Island, Sumatra Island, Derawan Borneo, Bali and more.

Java island also has some spot indonesia snorkeling tours. Karimunjawa, Bawean Island in Madura, Thousand Island in Jakarta are indonesia snorkeling island mostly recommended. Diving Java Indonesia maybe different than any other areas but still the beauty is one you should chase.

Experienced divers will be excited by the possibility of diving clear, rich waters without being surrounded by horders of human beings. It is very possible to dive areas where no one has yet gone underwater. Liveaboard indonesia diving is the obvious solution to diving in Indonesia, because of its many islands and huge area.

Marine resources combined with friendly people that involved in preserving the coastal and sea enviroment, and the finest oceanic resorts available are your best choice to surface on. Take your adventurous and pleasure moments in Indonesia.

But remember, if you want to take the trip, diving indonesia best time year is during dry season between May to September. Although you can dive year round, but it is adviced to go during indonesia diving season. You can also have indonesia diving for beginners.

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Indonesia Snorkeling Sites and Diving Indonesia Best Spots

Sumatra Island

We are starting from the westernmost of Indonesia that is Sumatra Island. Yes, the biggest island in Indonesia serves natural beauty of aquatic life in its ocean. Sabang Aceh has Rubiah Island, Weh Island, Seulako, Klah, and many more of the best. Snorkeling and diving around Mount Krakatau in Sunda Strait can be an amazing trip too.

Thousand Island

If you visit Indonesia capital city, come across to Thousand Island. It is also one of the most popular snorkeling jakarta indonesia. The water around Thousand Island still clear. You should try diving jakarta indonesia in Pramuka Island, Tidung Island, Pari Island, etc.


The island of Java provide tourists who want to explore the underwater. Karimunjawa Islands, the archipelago is the perfect place for snorkeling java indonesia and even diving. Located in Java Sea make Karimunjawa National Park something you need to look with your own eyes. Snorkel with shark too. From the 27 island, some are inhabited so you can do camping in private island.

East Java

Bawean Island and Gili Labak in Madura, Bama Beach in Baluran National Park and Cina Island in Gresik are the most favorite East Java spot for snorkeling and diving.  The beach in those places are exotic and the marine life is absolutely stunning.

Bali Island

The beauty of Bali is not only located in its land but also the underwater. Proof yourself when you go diving Amed indonesia, or snorkeling bali indonesia in Pemuteran Temple. Try also wreck diving indonesia in Tulamben to see USAT Liberty. Nusa Penida lately also provide diving spot to find Mola-Mola.

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Derawan Kalimantan

Derawan Islands in South Kalimantan is absolutely on our list. Diving Borneo Indonesia is a package you should take when you have trip to Kalimantan. Except for the Orangutan, Broneo is favorite for snorkeling kalimantan indonesia. Diving indonesia sangalaki to find Manta Rays. Not only snorkeling with manta rays indonesia, you can feel swimming with stingless jellyfish in Kakaban Lake.

Sulawesi Island

Bunaken has long been known for diving spot. The island is situated in North Sulawesi. While if you want to snorkeling sulawesi indonesia in Central Sulawesi, Togean Island can be the solution. Do muck diving, wall diving, and night diving. In Southeast Sulawesi, diving indonesia wakatobi is the king. Wakatobi is UNESCO heritage. The newest is Taka Bonerate in Selayar Island, South Sulwesi.

Raja Ampat

Who doesn’t know Raja Ampat? It is home for many natural beauty. Diving papua indonesia also home for underwater life. That is why it is best diving spot in the world. The one you should experience is indonesia diving whale sharks in Cendrawasih Bay. Of course you can also snorkeling indonesia raja ampat in popular site such as Friwen Island, Mansuar Island, Wayag, etc.

Komodo Island

Diving Komodo Indonesia might be a new trip for you. But that is why we recommend this. As a home for Komodo Dragons, Komodo Island is in fact has perfect spot for snorkeling and diving. If you are lucky you can find Grey Shark, Hammerhead Shark, and Manta Ray.  You can also visit diving Flores Indonesia since it is the nearby destination.

Other Spot for Diving Destinations Indonesia

  • Lombok. Gili Meno, Gili Air, Gili Kedis, Gili Nanggu, and Gili Trawangan are the spot to find corals and fishes in Lombok. You can do scuba diving lombok indonesia. Feel also the experience for diving indonesia turtles.
  • Morotai. Diving morotai indonesia is for those who run for unique sites. Find the relics of World War II.
  • Alor, NTT. Alor in East Nusa Tenggara has 30 beautiful diving alor indonesia spots and 20 islands to explore.
  • Halmahera. Located in North Maluku and includes in World Coral Triangle, makes diving halmahera indonesia is worth to try. The marine life is very diverse.

All Diving Packages Indonesia and Snorkeling

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Wakatobi & Takabonerate

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Raja Ampat

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Sample Itinerary Snorkeling Trips Indonesia – Diving Snorkeling in Indonesia Tour


D1. Arrival – Ports – lodging – Iboih ( stop for photos) – Island Rubiah ( Lunch – snorkeling – feed the fish and take pictures under water ) – Tugu kilometer Zero while enjoying the sunset – back to the lodge – dinner of grilled fish.

D2. Breakfast – city tour ( the town of Sabang , Sabang hill , sabang fair , Kasih Beach, the way the Mayor Office with a view of the bay of Sabang ) – souvenir shopping – lunch – back to Banda Aceh via Anoi Itam.

Let’s explore Indonesia underwater by joining this diving trip Indonesia. You can contact pamitrantours.com if you have any requests on the trip. You can always customize the package, so don’t worry. We will help you to arrange your holiday in Indonesia.

Experience scuba diving tour indonesia with Pamitran Tours. We guarantee that you will be satisfied and get memorable memories.