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Welcome to the website of Pamitran Tours!

We are thrilled you are here on our website, because we are a lot alike, you and us as in Pamitran. Both we are interested in Indonesia, you as you properly would like to visit this amazing country, and us as we would like to share this Beautiful nation with you.

17.000 islands to explore in Indonesia

Yogyakarta Tours

Professional and FriendlyJogja Classic Tour

We have a big passion for Indonesia and are eager to share all its beauty with you. Every day we build new friendships.

Easy communication

We are easy to reach by our website, email, phone, what sap and social media. All communication can be done in Indonesian, English and Dutch.

Experience the best of IndonesiaJeep Tour

Our tours are unique and often of the path. That’s how you can experience real Indonesia with fewer tourists around you.


Raja Ampat Tour PackageRaja Ampat – Papua

Sukamade Turtle BeachSukamade – East Java

Bromo Tour PackageMt Bromo – East Java

Ijen CraterIjen Crater – East Java

Orang Utan – Borneo

Karimunjawa Island Tour PackageKarimunjawa Island

Bali Island

Overland JavaJava Overland


Unique RoutesMotorbike Tours discover the amazing landscape

I really recommended the Motorbike tours with Pamitran. Especially the routes, no traffic jam, the road was clear. I really love the route, and i think not so many people now this route. I can’t go with my self, not even with google maps!

Caroline A, May 16 2017

Professional and Friendly Staff

Words don’t do it justice.  Tour guide became our go to for restaurant and bar suggestions throughout the week, and quickly became a valued member of our group, not as a guide but as a friend.

Dan P, April 16 2007

Unforgettable Experiences

Overall, I found the trip and experience to be one of the most memorable events ever, I loved it. The Pamitran folks were awesome. I enjoyed riding with them and talking with them on breaks. They were very personable and friendly.

Michael P, January 26 2017


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