Central Java is called in Indonesian “Java Tengah’. After a more populated province as West Java, you come to the real heart of Java. They say that here the first major Indianised civilization was born. And up till now you can find the most culture in this part of Java. Many people experience here the real warmth and friendliness of the Javanese people. It has so many culture, nature and history that you need many weeks to explore this province. A special word for the real center of this province is for Yogyakarta. This “special region” is the best location from where you can start exploring this beautiful province (A special chapter / page is made for Yogyakarta).
Central Java has next to Yogyakarta many interesting places to visit, with Semarang as its maritime Capital. One of our favorite places in Central Java is Sukuh and Cetho temple.

Highlights of Central Java:
–    Karimunjawa Islands
–    Dieng Plateau
–    Sukuh and Cetho  temple in Tawangmanggu
–    Solo antique market and Kraton
–    Semarang Lawang Sewu and old city
–    Gedong Songo temples Bandungan
–    Ambarawa train Museum
–    Salatiga
–    Rawa Pening lake