Pangandaran Travel Guide

Pangandaran Travel Guide

Your pangandaran travel guide. Pangandaran is one of Java’s best-kept secrets as far as international tourists are concerned, but has been extremely popular with locals for a long, long time. A small fishing town, it possesses one of Java’s finest beaches and the Pangandaran Nature Reserve teems with wild buffalo, barking deer and monkeys. It can be reached by bus about 5 hours from Bandung and 8 hours from Jakarta.

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About Pangandaran

Having Parigi as its capital, Pangandaran is a district in Indonesia precisely in the province of West Java. Pangandaran map is located on the south part of West Java province and directly adjacent with Ciamis regency in the north, Cilacap regency in the east, Tasikmalaya regency in the west, and Indian Ocean in the south. Formerly the regency was named Pananjung because there are many headlands. Pananjung name was also characterized by the symbol of fertility in the area.

After the time passed, it was renamed ‘Pangandaran’ which comes from Sundanese, ‘Pangan’ means eating and ‘Daran’ means immigrant. Pangandaran wikipedia used to be visited by many immigrants to become fishermen because the sea wave on the beach is the most friendly to find fish. Therefore Pangandaran referred to as a source of food and livelihood for the immigrants.

In the Dutch East Indies government, it was named Sukapura. At this time, the area was used as a park to preserve some rare animals and plants in the area. Next it became a nature reserve after the discovery of Raflesia flowers. Since that time the marine reserve was also created and currently Pangandaran has tourist attractions in the form of natural beaches which are always visited by many people. Now even this region is famous for Pangandaran surf.

Places to visit in Pangandaran

Not only perfect as a place to surf, Pangandaran also has other wonderful attractions to spend your holiday. Cukang Taneuh, Satirah River, and Selasari Village are just several names of spot you can visit. The famous one are of course the beaches that becoming the star in Pangandaran. If you want to go to these places, using Pamitran tour and travel agent is better. You can also rent private car and customize your own destinations. Don’t want to waste your time more, below is the list of popular tourist spot.

  • Cukang Taneuh (Green Canyon) – This tourism object is close to a stream of Cijulang River that goes through a cave containing remarkable stalactite and stalagmite and it sits in between of the two rocky hills with lines and lines of shady trees that promise unique and challenging natural attraction.
  • Pangandaran National Park
  • Batu Karas Beach – Famous for surfing

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Pangandaran Hotels and Resort

Have a trip in Pangandaran would be wonderful. But do not forget to choose the best accommodation here. The regency has hotels and resort with elegant and luxurious style. The price is also affordable, but still matching with the facilities.

  1. Emerald Hotel

With the price started from 700.000 rupiah, you can get one room in Emerald Hotel plus complete facilities in it. Gym, laundry, 24 hours service, and pool, are just several facilities in this luxury hotel. Emerald hotel is close enough with some tourist object. Try the deluxe room to have a nice stay.

  1. Sunrise Beach Resort

Sunrise Beach Resort is the second best hotels in Pangandaran. It is the perfect place for family holiday. The price for one room started from 650.000 rupiah. There are 52 rooms and bungalow ready for you. It also offers you the beauty of sunrise as its name that can be seen from the east beaches near this resort. It only needs 5 minutes and you have arrived on the beach to see sunrise behind.

  1. The Arwana Hotel

The next we have The Arwana Hotel. This is the most popular Pangandaran accommodation as it is located near several tourist destinations such as Karang Nini beach, Pangandaran beach, Green Canyon and many more. Facility that you can get is restaurant, 24 hours services, pool, and room service. The cost per night at this hotel is 600.000 rupiah.

  1. Surya Kencana Seaside Hotel

Located in the area of Pangandaran west beach, Surya Kencana Seaside Hotel offers you 69 rooms with type of Suite room, Family Room, Junior Suite, Triple Room, Standard, and Deluxe. Every room facing the seaside view so you can meet sunset even from your room. Cost per night is cheap enough started from 400.000 rupiah.

  1. Sun Inn Pangandaran Hotel

If you wish to stay in minimalist lodge with cheap price you can go to Sun Inn Pangandaran Hotel. The price for one room started from only 165.000 rupiah. The hotel is located near Pangandaran beach. Because of that there are facilities such as banana boat and jet ski to accommodate your trip.

How to Get to Pangandaran

The information about Pangandaran tourist destination and hotel is enough. Next is about how to go to Pangandaran. Briefly, there are several ways you can choose to get into the city. The first way is Bandung to Pangandaran train. If you are from Bandung, you can take train to go to Banjar, a city near Pangandaran. After that, go on by Budiman bus until you arrive on place. It only needs two hours to go from Banjar. Another choice is by airplane using Susi Air from Husein Sastranegara airport to Pangandaran airport, Nusawiru.

For you who come from Jakarta, the easiest way is Jakarta to Pangandaran by flights. Susi Air again provides you the most convenient and comfortable airplane to go directly from Jakarta airport, Halim Perdanakusuma. Other than that you can use direct bus which cost 80.000 rupiah per person. The trip will take 7 hours, and don’t be late to catch up the bus because there is only one for this direct route. But if you wish to have the more convenient than a bus, Jakarta to Pangandaran by car is also possible. Renting a car from Pamitran and you will get easy access to the city.

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