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Sumatra Tour Package. Sumatra is the lush, ‘virgin’ island in Indonesia. It is the biggest island in Indonesia yet still unexplored, leaving it to be one of the hidden paradise on earth. We in Pamitran Tours invite you to see the real beauty of the island in Sumatra Tour Package. Trust us, our Sumatra Tours Indonesia will leave you breathless whenever seeing the top destinations on the island.

Laying on the western part of Indonesia, Sumatra Island is the 6th largest island in the world. Most of Sumatra population were originated from Malayan race group and moslem. It is also known as the ‘Land of Gold’. Rich with crops. The main products of Sumatra are palm oil, tobacco, tin, bauxite, coal and natural gas.

The island is a home for several best lakes in Indonesia such as Toba Lake, Singkarak, Maninjau, Ranau, Gunung Tujuh, and many more. Sumatra tour package also houses a number of national parks, including the Gunung Leuser National Park and the Kerinci Seblat National Park. This is where people can have best jungle tour sumatra or sumatra eco travel tour when exploring the wildlife in the rainforest and meet the orangutans or elephants. There are also some volcanoes in Sumatra. Many will take sumatra tour adventure to hike the mountain like Kerinci and Dempo. Some will just relax and stay overnight to enjoy the panorama in volcano tour sumatra. Not only exploring the nature destinations, you can complete your sumatra tour package adventure by enjoying culinary treat from northern to southern edge of the Island. Taking pleasure of the enchantment in every corners of Sumatra Island will surely be a great life experience.

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Aceh and Sabang Tour

Except for the famous of Malay and Islamic nuance, Aceh is actually keeping beautiful beaches and islands. Those are: Lhoknga Beach, Lhok Me Beach, Iboih Beach, Sumur Tiga Beach, Teupin Layeu Beach, and more. Hopping to best islands like Rubiah Island, Klah Island, and Seulako Island can be another option.

Sabang is a city in Aceh you should visit also. In here you can see exotic beaches and Sabang Hill. Several unique spot not to be missed are Aceh National Museum, Cut Nyak Dien House, Putroe Phang Garden, Tsunami Museum, and Tsunami Boat site.

Toba Lake Tour, North Sumatra

Toba lake and Samosir Island which is located in the middle of Toba is the icon of North Sumatra. Many tourists come here to enjoy the view and stay overnight. North Sumatra also famous for its Leuser Mountain National Park. This is where you can have sumatra jungle tour. In this sumatra rainforest tour you will see flora and fauna and also sumatra wildlife tour. Or go to sumatra bukit lawang tour to see sumatra orangutan tour.

If you want to know about tradition and custom, please go to Maimun Palace and Lingga Village. Don’t forget Nias Island where you can see Lompat Batu activity and visit Nias Heirloom Museum.

This province also has best nature destinations like Hot Snow Dolok Tinggi Raja, Sibolangit Waterfall Sipiso Piso Waterfall, and Sigura-gura Waterfall (the tallest in Indonesia). If you want to relax on a beach, choose Lagundri Beach, Sorake Beach, or Pandan Beach.

Mount Kerinci Tour, Jambi

Jambi is where Kerinci Mountain located. You can see the mountain from the hills around or have sumatra trekking tour to the mountain and visit Gunung Tujuh Lake (the highest lake in Southeast Asia). If you have finished, try to visit some beautiful waterfalls like Pancuran Rayo, Sigerincing, and Talang Kemulun Waterfall. Want more adventure? Come to Kaco Blue Lake and Lingkat Lake.

Have also unique tour to Penyu Island, uninhabited island and home for turtles laying eggs, Ceramic Market Sitimang, and Muaro Jambi and Tinggi Temple.

sumatra tour packageBatam, Riau

Batam is very popular among tourists. One can enjoy various extremely attractive destinations, exotic zones and beautiful views. Starting with golf, hotel facilities, culinary tourism, religious tourism, historical legacies, nature, the sea and islands off the coast, recreation and shopping.

West Sumatra Tour

The province of West Sumatra is popular for its authentic icon such as Jam Gadang, Janjang Seribu Great Wall of Koto Gadang, Pagaruyung Palace, and some beautiful lakes (Twin Lake or Upper and Under Lake, Maninjau Lake, Singkarak Lake). Except for those interesting places, West Sumatra has Mentawai Islands.

While in Puncak Lawang you should try paragliding, in Harau Valley and Ngarai Sianok you can enjoy the natural view. You can also spend your day to see amazing waterfalls like Sarasah Banyak Gariang Waterfall, Lubuk Bulan Waterfall, or the one in Anai Valley located near the street.

And for the unique tour you can visit Root Bridge, hiking Singgalau Mountain which is similar to forest in Lord of The Ring movie, and Adityawarman Museum in Padang.

South Sumatra

South Sumatra is home for Dempo Mountain. It has beautiful panorama and tea plantations. Many people want to stay several day to explore Dempo area. The province also has popular lake called Ranau Lake, the second largest lake in Sumatra.

Of course South Sumatra has nature destinations such as Curup Maung Waterfalls, Curup Buluh, Tanjung Setia Beach for surfing, and Manna River for rafting. But don’t forget to explore local wisdom when you visit Ampera Bridge, Bumi Ayu temple, Pagoda in Kemaro Island, and Songket Craft Center.


This province is located in the southern part of Sumatra Island. It is near Mount Krakatau. Lampung is the best place to find exotic and natural beaches. Some like Teluk Kiluan Beach, Klara Beach, Kalianda, Krui Beach (surfing spot), and Dewi Mandapa Beach are the most popular. When you visit Lampung you can freely do island hopping and snorkeling in Tegal Mas Island, Pisang Island, Kubur Island, Pahawang Island, and Sebuku Island.

Lampung also has waterfalls worth to visit like Curup Tujuh and Putri Malu Waterfall. Visit also Way Kambas, the icon of Lampung, sumatra elephant tour. It is nature reserve park for Sumatran Elephant. Other than that there are Siger Tower, Pugung Raharjo Archaeological Park, and Kumbang Hill temple.

Bangka Belitung Tour

The last province in Sumatra that has interesting tourism is Bangka Belitung. In here, you should visit Kaolin Lake. This is the most famous site in the province where the blue water of the lake comes from the former tin mine excavation.

But yes, exploring the beach is the best thing to do. Some like Tikus Beach, Batu Berlayar Beach, Tanjung Kelayang beach, and Tanjung Tinggi Beach are for relaxing. It has typical giant stones in the seashore. While Parai Tenggiri Beach is for snorkeling, Tongaci beach is the reservation for turtles, and in Penyusuk Beach you can island hopping to Lampu and Putri island.

Bangka Belitung also famous for Lengkuas Island and Memperak Island. Try to visit them. Gunung Menumbing, Tin Museum, and Bangka Botanical Garden are several places to find more about the province.

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Mount Krakatau, One of The Best Sumatra Tourism

We also offer you our newest tour package to Mount Krakatau. Krakatau or Krakatoa is a very active volcano in Sunda Strait. Even though it is known as the most destructive volcano, you can still explore the area around it. Snorkeling, hiking, and visit some smaller island will be our highlights in Krakatau Tour Package.

sumatra tour package


Let’s go to Sumatra with Pamitran Tours. We will help you to arrange the best holiday in Sumatra Tours. We also give you and offer our sumatra tour package in competitive price. It is suitable for sumatra group tour or backpacker. But even though our package has competitive price, we will give you complete facilities. You can trust for the best trip.

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Krakatau Tour Package

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