Sumatra Tour

Sumatra Tour

Laying on the western part of Indonesia, Sumatra Island is the 6th largest island in the world. Most of Sumatra population were originated from Malayan race group and moslem. Thus, Malayan with influence of Islamic culture are strongly rooted in various aspects of community life in parts of Sumatra.

Sumatra offers adventure and nature such as the biggest volcanic lake in the world, Lake Toba, the exotic of Bukittinggi, see Sumatran orangutan in the wild Bukit Lawang, exploring the underwater of Pulau Weh.

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Sumatra TourAbout Sumatra Island

in Sumatra folklore, it was mentioned about pulau ameh (Minang language) and Tanoh Mas (Lampung Language). These names were convicted as a real name of Sumatra, “The Gold Island”. I’tsing, a Chinese traveler who was settled in Sriwijaya in 7th century (today known as Palembang), addressed Sumatra as chin-chou which means “Golden Land”. In Sanskrit carved on several epigraphs, there were mentioned a lot about Suwarnadwipa or Suwarnabhumi which also means the land of gold. A Greek manuscript from the year of 70 point out Taprobana – name for Sumatra in ancient Greek – as chryse nesos or island of gold. Based on those references, Sumatra Island also known as the ‘Land of Gold’.

The Island of Gold in western part of Indonesia presents a complete package of tourism attractions. You can start your journey to explore cultural and traditional heritage with strong Malay and Islamic nuance. Local wisdom of Malay dominated community has been able to preserve cultural and natural heritage of Sumatra. Array of volcanic mountains, huge spread of white sandy beaches and tropical rainforest, are beautiful picture of Sumatra nature which has been conserved until today.

You can complete your adventure by enjoying culinary treat from northern to southern edge of the Island. Unique taste of culinary delight will always attempt you to taste its variety. Taking pleasure of the enchantment in every corners of Sumatra Island will surely be a great life experience.

Sumatra Tourism

Sumatra also called Andalas, and Suwarnadwipa, which means golden island. This is not an exaggeration, because Sumatra is indeed very rich in natural resources. Three of the five richest provinces of Indonesia – Aceh, Riouw and South Sumatra – are in Sumatra. The main products of Sumatra are palm oil, tobacco, tin, bauxite, coal and natural gas. Along the western coast of the island the Bukit Barisan Mountains stretch from the south to the north. A number of active volcanoes are part of this mountain range, including the Merapi (in West Sumatra), Bukit Kaba (Bengkulu) and Kerintji (Jambi). Sumatra also offers a home to many lakes, including the Laut Tawar lake (in Aceh), the Toba lake (North Sumatra), Singkarak, Maninjau, the “Di atas dan Di bawah” (Upper and Lower) lakes (West Sumatra), Ranau (South Sumatra), the lakes “Dendam Tak Sudah” (There is no end to revenge) and Tes (Bengkulu).

As one of the most flourishing tourist destinations, and trade and industrial center in Indonesia, Batam is very popular with tourists. One can enjoy various extremely attractive destinations, exotic zones and beautiful views while on the island of Batam. Starting with golf, hotel facilities, culinary tourism, religious tourism, historical legacies, nature, the sea and islands off the coast, recreation and shopping. There are four golfing locations in the Nongsa area, namely Palm Springs, Nugra Santana, Tering Bay, and Indah Puri. There are also Southlinks, Tiban and one in Paradise, Tanjung Uncang. These six golf courses are of international standard starting from 18 holes or 100 hectares up to 27 holes with an area of ​​more than 274 hectares.

Have you ever visited Lake Toba sumatra tour package? It is a volcanic, 100 x 300 square kilometers, located in the province of North Sumatra. The uniqueness of this lake is the volcanic island of Samosir Island in the middle of it. The lake is located 176 kilometers from Medan. Visitors can enjoy the fresh air and the hilly picturesque view around the lake. You can also swim in the lake or make a round trip in a speedboat.

The island of Sumatra also houses a number of national parks, a Sumatra jungle tours including the Gunung Leuser National Park in Aceh and the Kerintji Seblat National Park that extends over West Sumatra, Djambi, Bengkulu and South Sumatra. Among the many attractions Sumatra adventure tour of the Gunung Leuser National Park is the Sumatra Orangutan Tour, Sumatra Orangutan Observatory in Bukit Lawang-Bohorok Tour area in the Langkat regency, North Sumatra Tours. Other places in Sumatra island tour that are worth a visit include the West Sumatran town of Bukittinggi, famous for its Djam Gadang clock tower, and Sorake beach in the Nias Islands Lagundri Bay and the Mentawai Islands for those who love surfing.

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