Things to Do in Malang

If you bored to go to the cities that are famous enough for tourist destinations in Indonesia such as Bali or Yogyakarta, try to go to Malang. If usually the cities in Indonesia have hot air, Malang is cool and fresh. Also it turns out that this city deviates a lot of well-known attractive place in Malang as well as those that are still hidden. You can do many activities in the city, moreover if you use our tour packages. Want to know what to do in Batu Malang? Here is the list.

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Things to Do in Malang10 Things to Do in Malang Indonesia

  1. Visiting The Square of Malang and Batu

First thing to do for your travelling to Malang is enjoy your walk in Batu City Square and Malang Square. Town square of Batu is a little bit different than any other square. If usually it is just a field, in the city of Batu it is shaped like a mini playground. Which is interesting, there is a Ferris wheel that to ride it only costs 3000 rupiah. The square is suitable to play with children or just a light walk. There are also benches, children’s playground, an apple-shaped bathroom, strawberry-shaped city-center information, and a fountain.

Malang city itself has two squares, that is Malang City Square and Malang Tugu Square. Divided into two in colonization era, the Dutch felt that the first one (Malang City Square) was not relevant for them and the style becoming more Javanese. So they built another square that is Malang Tugu with a more Dutch style, surrounded it with offices and buildings used as the center of government at the time. Both have their own story, but are worth to be visited.

  1. Get to Know Indonesia More in Museum

Foreign visitor should do this. Going to Indonesia is incomplete without exploring the historical traces that the country has. Visiting a museum in a city like Malang will make you understand a bit about this country. Malang Tempo Doeloe Museum keeps all the historic objects such as keris, inscription, ancient stone, and ancient books. To see this collection you only have to pay 25.000 rupiah.

Another museum you can try is Angkut Museum and Museum of Mask. In Angkut museum you can see various modes of transportation starting from old bicycle, Indonesian buggy, electric car, racing car, and still many more. Entrance fee is quite expensive, reaching 90.000 rupiah at weekend. Near Angkut Museum, there is Museum of Mask which keeps masks from around Indonesia, plus Indonesia prehistoric heritage and Majapahit Kingdom heritage. Feels interested? Entrance fee is only 25.000 rupiah.

  1. Witnessing The Beauty of Malang Beach

Balekambang Beach is the most popular one in Malang. It is usually called as Malang Tanah Lot. There is bridge that connect the seaside with little island named Ismoyo island. Above it is a Pura or temple to pray. The view is incredible and clean. Entrance fee is only 15.000 rupiah.

Other exotic beach is Tiga Warna Beach. Local give it name Tiga Warna because of the different color of water in the sea. Dark blue for deep ocean, green for shallow waters, and crystal white for the seaside water. With entrance fee only 10.000 rupiah, this beach is rarely visited, so it is still good to have photo in every spot in the beach.

Or, try Batu Bekung Beach. This Malang Indonesia tourism has unique two ranks of large and curved rocks that make this beach scene different from the others. If the beach waves are not too big, you can enjoy the real exoticism of the stone arch and the waves that come slowly. Entrance fee is 5000 rupiah.

  1. Explore The Natural Coban or Waterfall

City of Malang is popular for its Coban or what we called as Waterfall. There are many of them and the great are Coban Rondo, Coban Rais, Coban Sewu, Coban Pelangi, and Coban Sumber Pitu. They are very exotic, very beautiful in its own way. Coban Rondo is a waterfall that is high enough and the water flow is heavy. Surrounded by tall cliffs and cool air, it makes you feel at home for long. There is also a recently renowned labyrinth garden. Coban Rais is almost the same. But if Coban Rondo popular with its labyrinth, this waterfall has beautiful garden with flowers and plants. Entrance fee is 7500 rupiah.

Coban Sewu and Coban Sumber Pitu are like twins. The difference is only found in the number of the showers in waterfall. If Sumber Pitu has seven showers, Coban Sewu has more that makes it named by thousand waterfalls or Coban Sewu. If Coban Sumber Pitu is located in Duwet Krajan, Malang, Coban Sewu is actually situated in Lumajang district. Outside of the Malang city but near with it.

One more exotic waterfall and Malang Indonesia points of interest is Coban Pelangi or Rainbow Waterfall. During the day there is a refraction of the sun at the waterfall which makes the water colored like a rainbow. This is the moment most awaited by tourists. The sound of the falling water, the rainbow-like refraction, the air and the soothing green scenery make this waterfall not to be missed. Entrance fee is only 6000 rupiah. You need to take a walk first because it is hidden.

  1. Challenge Your Adrenaline

For you who like adrenaline challenge, rafting Kaliwatu is a must try activities. Many people have felt the fun for rafting in Kaliwatu. Minimum person in one boat is 4. The route taken is 3 to 4 km and you have to pay 180.000 rupiah. You will go down the Brantas River with a different way.

Modangan Beach also offers you adrenaline challenge for paragliding. Though the beach is not familiar with Malang tourism, but the paragliding always attracts foreign visitor. A visit must be a nice try.

  1. Visiting Garden and Parks

Visiting garden and park in the city can be an alternative to do. Malang has more parks than any other city in Indonesia. The first garden to try is Taman Selecta or Selecta Garden is a beautiful flower garden. There are various kinds of flower in the park. Many tourists have come here and get photo. Entrance fee is 25.000 rupiah. Or you can also go to Wonosari Tea Field. The fresh air plus gorgeous view of the tea field will give you sensation. This is the first tea field ever in East Java. Not only seeing tea plant, you can get fun by playing flying fox, paintball, wall climbing, and riding horse.

Other way to spend your trip is by staying in Omah Kayu. Omah Kayu means wooden house. If you come here, you can stay in a lodge made of wood. The spectacular view that it offered is panorama of Malang city which you can see under the hills where you stay in Omah Kayu. Price per night is 450.000 rupiah, but if you only want to visit for a while and get photo, you just only need to pay 5000 rupiah at the entrance.

  1. Have Fun in Waterpark and Theme Park

For you who travel with children, going to waterpark and theme park can be fun. Malang has Jatim Park 1 and 2. Jatim Park 1 is full of rides while Jatim Park 2 or also called as Batu Secret Zoo is a zoo with various kinds of animals inside. Entrance fee for Jatim Park 1 is 80.000 rupiah and Jatim Park 2 is 125.000 rupiah. If your kids want to swim and play, Hawai Waterpark is a good choice. This is the biggest waterpark in East Java that carrying Hawaiian style theme. There are many rides and area suitable for kids and adults. Entrance fee is 100.000 rupiah on weekend.

Night in Malang can be spent by visiting Batu Night Spectacular. Batu Night Spectacular is a night theme park in the city. You can play with your children in many rides, and don’t worry to get bored easily since the BNS also has adult rides.  The entrance fee is very cheap, only 20.000 rupiah.

  1. Be A Part of Indonesia History

Candi Singosari or Singosari Temple is a legacy of Singosari Kingdom. Found by the Dutch in 1800-1850, Singosari temple has been restored several times. By paying 5000 rupiah you can stroll around the temple and ask the guide information you want to know. Same as Singosari Temple, Badut Temple is also well known in Malang. Even though it has smaller size than Singosari, Badut has its own historical story. Nowadays, the temple is used as a place to held Ngembak Geni ceremony.

  1. Soak Yourself in Kalireco Bath and Bidadari Bay

Want to soak in fresh water? Go to Bidadari Bay and Kalireco bath. Bidadari Bay is located near Mbehi Beach. It is a large pool of water with turquoise color. Swimming or lying on a buoy can be a fun activity here. The scenery will be better when the day is sunny.

Different with Bidadari Bay, water in Kalireco comes from springs of Arjuna Mountain. This place is actually not a tourist area, so there is no admission fee. But because the scenery is still very natural, including a pool that holds fresh water is also natural, lot of adventurer began to come here. The journey to get to the place is quite challenging.

  1. Have A Unique Travel in Malang

Now is the time to have a unique trip in the city. After visiting beaches, parks, and waterfalls, you should also know that there are still many places worth to go. Like for example Colorful Village Jodipan. What’s interesting about this village is that each house is painted with colorful paint. This work is done in collaboration with leading paint companies in the neighborhood. The price of admission is very cheap. Only 2000 rupiah you can already see the interesting 3D paintings.

Other village that can be visited for unique trip is Pujon Kidul. Pujon Kidul is a tourist village in Malang and has the famous Café Sawah Pujon Kidul. It is a café and garden which is very beautiful in sunset. Panorama of paddy field and mountain stretched in front of your eyes. When you have time more, try to come to Malang Floating Market or even Tiban Mosque that has unique decoration and style.

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