Bogor Culinary

Bogor Culinary

The city is not only famous for its tourist destination but also for culinary adventure in Bogor. If you like eating or a food lover, you must taste some traditional food typical Bogor below.

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Top 5 Bogor Culinary You Must Try

  1. Toge Goreng

This is the most famous culinary in Bogor. Sprouts or ‘toge’ in Indonesia is fried with yellow noodles and chunks of tofu. Usually add by ketupat, rice cakes boiled in rhombus shaped packet. The sauce is what makes the unique taste of this food. The sauce from the fried toge was tasty because it was made from oncom, fermented cake made from soybean. This food is usually sold by street vendors, but because it is increasingly popular, you can find it now in the restaurants.

  1. Ubi Bakar Cilembu

Called as Bogor culinary city, another traditional and unique food you must try is Ubi Bakar Cilembu. What is that? Ubi Bakar Cilembu is roasted cassava from Cilembu area. This is a typical food you can meet if you go to Puncak. Cilembu sweet cassava is sold on the edge along the road to the resort. What makes it a favorite is the sweet taste like honey when it is burned.

  1. Bread Unyil

Bread Unyil become popular among the tourist because of its small size of bread that makes it called by ‘Unyil’, means mini or small in Indonesia. This bread is introduced by the Venus store that makes unyil bread in flavor variants banana cheese, sausage cheese, corn, and chocolate. The store is always filled with shoppers, so it is better to come here at morning.

  1. Laksa Bogor

The next what to eat in Bogor is Laksa Bogor. Laksa is a food consists of sprouts, rice noodles, boiled eggs, and basil leaves, added with coconut milk sauce. It is a perfect traditional cuisine for breakfast or brunch.

  1. Asinan Bogor

The last cuisine in Bogor you must try is Asinan Bogor. Asinan is a tropical fruits such as galangal, salak, pineapple, and guava mixed with vegetables such as bean sprouts, cabbage, and cucumber. Then given a sauce made from fermentation process or chili peppering. This precipitation is called Asinan in Bogor. You will taste the unique flavor of typical food in Bogor.

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