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Kalimantan Island is famous for kalimantan orangutan tour and eco tourism. The must things to do here are visit the Orangutan, jungle trekking, explore the mangroves, bird watching, see Dayak Tribe, and river tubing. If you are a person who love adventure, then you can join Pamitran Tours in Kalimantan Tour Package. You can also have Kalimantan Derawan Tour which is also a favorite.

The Beauty of Kalimantan Tourism

What do you know about Kalimantan Island? The island which is also usually called Borneo is indeed popular for the orangutan conservation. But it is not the only kalimantan tourism. It has many beautiful attractions and nature landscape. Derawan Islands, Mahakam River, Dayak Tribe and its traditional houses, its jungle, and floating market can be the kalimantan tour destinations you want to see.

Kalimantan is the second largest island in the world. It certainly saves varieties of interesting attractions. One of which is Dayak. The tribe spread across four provinces include East Borneo, West Borneo, Central Borneo and South Borneo. They have interesting tradition, custom, and way of life. They are very friendly to people, so tourist can stay overnight at their house.


The name of Kalimantan derives from sanskrit language, Kalamanthana, which means burning weather island, to describe hot temperature and humid climate. It is best for you to come with casual clothes.

Kalimantan Tour

Borneo has also several major rivers such as Mahakam, Barito, Kapuas and Kahayan. They are the major transportation routes, so varieties of economic activities also take place along the river. Community life that depend on it created a river civilization who sacred the river as a source of livelihood.

Except for the river, Borneo is home to tropical rain forest and jungle. The land has several national parks, such as Pelaihari National Park that contained various species of flora and fauna, while Tanjung Puting National Park becoming the home for Orangutan, proboscis monkey, honey bear, and more.

Tanjung Puting has long been defined by UNESCO as the lung of the world. The jungle in Kalimantan is the third of seven major ozone fastener forest in the world and people can do birdwatching, as the island has so many beautiful and rare birds.

Other than the forest and river, Kalimantan Island is the best for the equator monument, the icon of kalimantan tourist spot and Derawan Islands in East Kalimantan. It is a place of world-class diving spot which has variety types of coral reefs and underwater wealth.

Do not missed to also enhance your exploration with culinary heritage. Natural harmony of Kalimantan tropical rainforests will make your Borneo Kalimantan Tour a memory lasted forever. We in Pamitran guarantee that your Tour to Kalimantan will not be disappointing.

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All The Best Kalimantan Tourism Destination

Kalimantan Tours Orangutans / Tanjung Puting National Park

If you go to Kalimantan, don’t forget to have kalimantan orang utan tour. This is, lets say, one of the must see attractions in Borneo. You will explore the jungle and see orangutan in wildlife with kalimantan boat tour. The Klotok boat (traditional wooden boat of Kalimantan) will escort you to the heart of the forest. Join kalimantan orangutan boat tour with Pamitran Tours.

Derawan Islands

Tour kalimantan Derawan Island is another best option you should take. Derawan is famous for island hopping, snorkeling and diving. Perfect for honeymoon too. Its popular attractions are: Labuan Cermin Lake, Whale Shark Point, Manta Point, Lake Kakaban, Haji Mangku Cave, Derawan Beach, Maratua island, Sangalaki Island, and many more.

Other Attractions in Kalimantan

  • Dayak Tribe. The tribe is all over the island. They have their own name in each area. Stay at their houses, eat their local food, and explore the area around the village will be an amazing time.
  • Floating Market. It is the icon of Kalimantan. There are several floating market includes Muara Kuin and Lok Baintan. Buy the local food here.
  • Traditional Houses. Kalimantan has some unique old or traditional houses. Such as Dayak Traditional House Uma Bilung Lung, Baloy Adat Tidung (traditional house of Tidung Tribe), Bentang Radakng House (the longest Dayak Kanayan traditional house), and more.
  • Kapuas Bridge, Barito Bridge, and Mahakam River Cruise. The island has some popular icon, such as the Equator Monument and the rivers like Kapuas and Mahakam. See Kapuas Bridge, Barito Bridge, or have Mahakam river cruise.
  • Beting Village. This is a unique village that stand on top of the edge Kapuas River. There is Geretak Bridge, the longest bridge that connect every houses in Beting Village. You can also get the history of Pontianak Sultanate.
  • Loksado Regency. Do river tubing by traditional boat made of bamboo. Explore Langgara Hill which is nature area for adventure, and last but not least is meeting Dayak Meratus Tribe.

Desstination to Visit

  • Kumala Tenggarong Island. Located in the middle of Mahakam River. Visit Mulawarman museum to see the glory of Kutai Kartanegara Sultanate. The museum has unique architecture with dragon statue in almost all area. See also freshwater dolphins.
  • Kelam Hill. The biggest Monolit rock in the world, Kelam Hill is in West Kalimantan. Explore the nature preserve and hike Kelam Hill which has height of 90 meters with a slope of 15-40 degree. Do also paragliding.
  • Eco Tourism. Borneo is the best for eco tourism. Visit Pelaihari National Park for birdwatching and see savanna hills. There is also Bangkirai Hill that has canopy bridge and Kembang Island, the habitat of Long Tailed Apes.

The Best Kalimantan Tour Packages

Below some example Kalimantan tour packages. Kalimantan tours can be new adventure for you. If you have any further questions or requests regarding the destination, schedule, latest price updates and more, please contact us.

Derawan Whale Shark Tour 4 Days 3 Nights
4D3N Orang Utan Tour Tanjung Puting
3D2N Orang Utan Tanjung Puting
Orangutan Tour Tanjung Puting
3D2N Derawan Maratua Sangalaki Kakaban Island Tour
4D3N Derawan Island Labuan Cermin Lake
4D3N Explore Derawan Island

Kalimantan Tours Indonesia and Price

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