Mudal Waterfall Yogyakarta

Mudal Waterfall Refresh Your Body While Admire The Panorama’s Beauty

Do you want to have unique kind of vacation in Yogyakarta? This area is not only offer you the beauty of temples and traditional sites. For you who want to relax for a while, having fun with family or loved ones, and admiring the beautiful natural panorama, get ready to get wet in Mudal Waterfall Yogyakarta tour.

Mudal is one of the best waterfall in Yogyakarta. It is a place suitable for soaking and relaxing. Swim a little bit if you want in its wide pool. Located near it are the two other wonderful and natural waterfall, Kedung Pedut and Kembang Soka.

Things to Do in Mudal Waterfall Yogyakarta

As stated before, Mudal River Park Yogyakarta is a place of nature beauty and relaxing area. But it doesn’t mean it has no fun attraction to enjoy. Here are some of them:

Soaking and Swimming in Its Pond

Since what you got in this waterfall in Jogja is natural pond, you should swim a little bit or make sure yourselves get wet. The green turquoise water, the freshness, and the natural sides, will drown you into the best relaxing moment ever.

This waterfall in Yogyakarta is a little bit similar with the one you can find in any other area in South East Asia, like in Thailand or Myanmar. But the uniqueness is of course can’t be denied. Mudal is a river flow which in several places has small waterfalls due to its terraced geographical shape. Because of that there are also many pools, though some are small, just enough to soak. You can choose whichever pool is safe to relax in. Even though there are actually two main pools, the deeper one is for adults, and the shallower for children.

Enjoying the Beautiful Park

It is not without a reason that Mudal River Park Yogyakarta named so. Around the pools you can see garden that has been laid out such a way to spoil the visitors. Walk around there and sit to enjoy the air in the gazebo.

Riding Flying Fox

It is the one waterfall in Jogja that provides fun activities such as flying fox. You can ride it to fly across the waterfall area. Such a unique way to see the beauty from above, right?

Taking Pictures

Do not forget to take pictures in the site. You need to keep the beautiful panorama and great story for your vacation here. Take picture while you are soaking or swimming in the pool, when you ride flying fox, or when you just walk around the garden.

Tasting Menoreh Coffee

The area where the waterfall in Jogja is located famous with the name of Menoreh Mountains. Menoreh is popular with its coffee. If you have the chance to taste it, go for it. You will have black hot coffee and snacks to accompany you making great moment in Yogyakarta.

Mudal Waterfall Yogyakarta Tour Opening Hours

Mudal waterfall yogyakarta is open daily from 8 a.m until 4 p.m. The object is still quiet, not so many people go there in weekdays, so it is the best time to visit.

Mudal River Park Entrance Fee

Entrance ticket is very cheap for this Mudal Waterfall Yogyakarta Tour. It is only IDR 10.000. There is also float rental starting from IDR 5.000 and to ride flying fox you just need to pay IDR 15.000. Very affordable isn’t it?

Recommended to Do in Mudal

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