Best Attractions in Pangandaran

Attractions in Pangandaran

Not only perfect as a place to surf, Pangandaran also has other wonderful attractions to spend your holiday. Cukang Taneuh, Satirah River, and Selasari Village are just several names of spot you can visit. The famous one are of course the beaches that becoming the star in Pangandaran. If you want to go to these places, using Pamitran tour and travel agent is better. You can also rent private car and customize your own destinations. Don’t want to waste your time more, below is the list of popular tourist spot.

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Top 10 Best Attractions in Pangandaran

Pangandaran Beach

Pangandaran beach is one of the best Pangandaran tourism that must be visited. The interesting point in this beach is the exotic view of tropical sunrise and sunset. The sand is white, perfect to hunt photo with friends or loved ones, and as usual the entrance fee is cheap, 5800 rupiah per person. Though it is often visited, the beach is still clean. It becomes the icon of Pangandaran beaches.

Batu Karas Beach

In accordance with the location name of Batu Karas Village, Batu Karas Beach is also an icon for the Pangandaran regency. This place is a so-called paradise surfing in Pangandaran. Ticket to this tourist spot is only 5,800 rupiah. There is already Pangandaran surf board rental place that you can borrow for just learning or surfing activities on this beautiful beach. The waves are not too big so other than surfing you can also swim. Imagine how fun it is to have cheap entrance fee in the beach to surf as long as you want.

Cukang Taneuh

This Pangandaran tourist attractions now become popular among tourist. Cukang Taneuh commonly referred to as Green Canyon Indonesia. Here you can find a river with green water hidden among the towering cliffs. The scenery is amazing, just like an adventure in an unspoiled land. The air is very cool and to enjoy all this you can rent a boat for 75,000 rupiah for five passengers. Rentals are open from 7.30am to 4pm. This tourist destination is close to Batu Karas Beach.

Santirah River

For you who want to test your adrenaline, try river tubing in Santirah River. It is located in Selasari village, Parigi district. River tubing activity now has become popular. So if you want to spend your holiday differently, go to Santirah River which still has natural nuance. The place has four different waterfalls and two long caves which you will visit in river tubing. It is guaranteed that this river is not inferior to Cukang Taneuh.

Batu Hiu Beach

One more beach that should not be forgot to be included on the list of Pangandaran travel. Its name is Batu Hiu Beach. What can you see here are the steep hills facing into the ocean. The view of the ocean itself is amazing, the blue clear water that changed into white wave when visiting the beach is very calm and peaceful. One of the hills can be climbed to see the beach from above. Before climbing up the hill, you will be greeted by a stone gate shaped like a shark’s mouth. This is the origin of the name of Batu Hiu. Batu means stone, Hiu means shark. The entrance ticket is 7.500 rupiah per person.

Madasari Beach

Surfing is indeed the best things to do in Pangandaran, and Madasari Beach can provide your will. Located in Masawah village, the beach has natural view of big coral reefs that formed islands. There are rows of tropical almond trees along the coast and sea urchins so you have to be careful with your feet. But the waves are quite challenging, make your adrenaline interested to try the surf.

Pananjung Beach

Different than Madasari, Pananjung Beach has begun to be visited by many people. Rather than surfing, it is perfect for snorkeling and diving. The beach is phenomenal for the underwater beauty. You can rent boat to wading through the ocean. Seahorses, oysters, sea cucumbers, starfish, and various types of fish are several often encountered biota.

Tourism Village Selasari

Selasari tourist village is also famous among tourists because it has a variety of beauty in one village area. Santirah River is included to this beautiful village in Parigi district. Other than the famous Santirah River, there are eight caves owned by Selasari that are Gede cave, Panjang cave, Parat cave, Panggung cave, Citalun cave, Peteng Cave, Lanang cave, and Sutra Reregan cave. Besides that, this village keeps the beauty of paddy field and cultural sites. Coming here is a must.

Ciwayang River

Tourist attraction that provides body rafting in Pangandaran is this Ciwayang River. Though it has sullen history as a place to slaughter wizard, in fact now it become unique destination as a natural river. It only needs one hour to go from the center of Pangandaran to Cimindi village where Ciwayang is located. To wade the river there are even three packages available on the spot, namely the short package that takes 1 hour, the middle package that takes two hours and you will only visit one cave, and a long package for 3 hours that will take you to visit not only the cave but until Situ Hiang, Leuwi Cigerendong and suspension bridge Cimindi. Which one do you like?

Pananjung Pangandaran National Park

Pananjung National Park is the only nature reserve in Pangandaran. In this national park live animals and various kinds of plants. You can see long tail monkey, bulls, deer, bats, langurs, snakes, lizards, and many more. There are also caves used by the Japanese in colonization era. Guide will deliver you to trek in this Japanese cave. And you can continue to go to West beach or East beach near this national park. With entrance fee for about 20.000 rupiah, you can have many trips in one area.

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