Wanderlust and Street Food: Yogyakarta’s Irresistible Culinary Trail

Yogyakarta, often lovingly referred to as Jogja, stands as a vibrant cultural epicenter in Indonesia. Beyond its historical significance and rich traditions, Yogyakarta boasts a culinary landscape that mirrors the diversity and complexity of its heritage. Embarking on a culinary tour through Yogyakarta is not just about tasting delicious dishes but also about delving into the stories, traditions, and flavors that have shaped Indonesian cuisine. In this journey, we will traverse the bustling streets and hidden alleys of Yogyakarta to uncover the gastronomic treasures that define this enchanting city.

Some of Recommended Food and Drinks in Yogyakarta Culinary Tour

If you are finding a quite relaxing but unique tour, maybe you could take this Culinary Tours Yogyakarta. We, Pamitran Tours, as the best tour and travel in Jogja are trying to serve you all about Jogja and its uniqueness, one of which is the culinary. So many food in Yogyakarta that is delicious even for the traditional cuisine. Gudeg, is the most famous of all. But in this trip we will visit and trying other Yogyakarta culinary too.

This Yogyakarta culinary tour is suitable for those who like relaxing tour or those who just want to explore more about Jogja while walking and tasting its best flavor. Yes, in this yogyakarta tour package what we will do is walking, tasting some snacks, drinking some favorite drinks, visiting popular stall for food, and stop by to buy souvenirs, batik, and whatever you want.

It sounds great, isn’t it? This unique culinary tour yogyakarta in fact is as most important as other jogja tour package where you can get introduced to the real taste of Jogja cuisine. Yet, it is a new sensation of trip in the city.

If you take this package, your journey to Jogja will be complete. After you get around the city, exploring the natural tourism, you can try the traditional food or drinks. Our Jogja culinary tour is the best, and you can even customize the package with your own plan and want.

The best package we have here is Yogya Culinary Tours and Traditional Jamu Herbal Tour. This Jamu is a traditional curer that is still believed to be effective even in nowadays. The taste is very different than any other kind of drinks and this is why you must try drinking Jamu. Let’s join our adventure on culinary Jogja.

  1. The Cultural Tapestry of Yogyakarta’s Cuisine:

    • Yogyakarta’s culinary scene is a reflection of its diverse cultural influences, including Javanese, Sundanese, Chinese, and Dutch.
    • Traditional Javanese cuisine emphasizes the use of aromatic herbs and spices, creating a harmonious balance of flavors.
    • Sundanese influences bring freshness and simplicity to dishes, with an emphasis on vegetables and freshwater fish.
    • Chinese culinary traditions contribute a wealth of noodle dishes, stir-fries, and savory snacks, reflecting the city’s historical ties with Chinese traders.
    • Dutch colonial heritage is evident in pastries, cakes, and desserts, adding a sweet touch to Yogyakarta’s culinary repertoire.
  2. Morning Delights: Exploring Yogyakarta’s Breakfast Culture:

    • Start the day with a visit to a traditional warung for a hearty bowl of bubur ayam, a rice porridge topped with shredded chicken, crispy shallots, and savory condiments.
    • Sample the iconic gudeg, a slow-cooked dish made from young jackfruit, coconut milk, and palm sugar, served with rice, chicken, and a dollop of spicy sambal.
    • Savor the simplicity of nasi kucing, a humble serving of rice accompanied by small portions of various side dishes, typically served on a banana leaf.
  3. Street Food Extravaganza: Navigating Yogyakarta’s Food Stalls and Markets:

    • Dive into the vibrant chaos of Pasar Beringharjo, one of Yogyakarta’s oldest markets, where vendors offer an array of street food delights such as bakso (meatball soup), sate (grilled skewers), and mie ayam (chicken noodle soup).
    • Explore the labyrinthine alleys of Malioboro Street, lined with food carts selling snacks like gorengan (fried snacks), martabak (stuffed pancakes), and es cendol (coconut milk dessert).
    • Don’t miss sampling angkringan, a unique Yogyakartan tradition where vendors serve inexpensive snacks and drinks from carts or makeshift stalls, fostering a sense of community and conviviality.
  4. Culinary Heritage: Indulging in Yogyakarta’s Royal Cuisine:

    • Experience the opulence of Yogyakarta’s royal culinary traditions with a visit to the Kraton (Sultan’s Palace), where you can taste dishes once reserved for royalty, such as ayam goreng kremes (crispy fried chicken) and opor ayam (chicken cooked in coconut milk).
    • Delve into the intricacies of traditional Javanese desserts, including the decadent wedang ronde (glutinous rice balls in ginger syrup) and the refreshing es dawet (coconut milk drink with tapioca pearls).
  5. Beyond Tradition: Innovative Dining Experiences in Yogyakarta:

    • Explore the burgeoning cafe scene in Yogyakarta, where creative entrepreneurs blend traditional flavors with modern culinary techniques, offering dishes like soto mie ramen and nasi goreng pizza.
    • Indulge in farm-to-table dining experiences at organic restaurants and eco-resorts in the outskirts of Yogyakarta, where locally sourced ingredients take center stage in dishes that celebrate sustainability and environmental consciousness.
    • Immerse yourself in Yogyakarta’s culinary renaissance by attending food festivals, pop-up dinners, and cooking classes led by local chefs and food enthusiasts, showcasing the city’s dynamic culinary evolution.
  6. Culinary Souvenirs: Bringing Yogyakarta’s Flavors Home:

    • Before bidding farewell to Yogyakarta, stock up on culinary souvenirs such as bakpia (sweet bean cakes), tempeh chips, and locally sourced spices and condiments from markets like Pasar Beringharjo and Malioboro Street.
    • Explore specialty food stores and artisanal markets to discover unique products like jamu (traditional herbal drinks), sambal (chili paste), and kecap manis (sweet soy sauce), perfect for recreating Yogyakarta’s flavors in your own kitchen.

List of Unique Culinary in Jogja


The first recommendation best culinary in yogyakarta will be Gudeg. This food is made from young unripe jack fruit that stewed with coconut milk and palm sugar, makes it in brown color. The taste is sweet and it is served with white steamed rice, and egg, chicken, tofu, tempeh, samble krechek (stew made of beef skins).


This is a traditional snack. It is small with round-shaped and stuffed with mung beans. Bakpia is influenced by Chinese snack. Today, this snack develops with new taste such as chocolate filling, cheese, strawberry, etc. There is also type of steamed bakpia, dry bakpia, wet bakpia, and crispy bakpia the newest.


Same as bakpia, lumpia is also Indonesian snack. This spring rolls made of thin crepe pastry skin with savory and sweet fillings inside is very delicious. It usually served deep fried or in some cases unfried. Lumpia usually sold in street vendors.

Pecel and Gado-Gado

If you are vegetarian, try Pecel and Gado-Gado. They are favorite salad in Jogjakarta. Pecel consists of mixed vegetables in peanut sauce dressing. It is usually served with steamed rice or ketupat (compressed rice cakes). Gado-Gado, though has similar appearance with Pecel is made with slightly different ingredients. The salad consists of boiled potato, boiled eggs, fried tofu and tempeh, ketupat, and vegetables. The peanut sauce in Gado-Gado contains coconut milk.

Nasi Goreng

Don’t be mistaken, Nasi Goreng or fried rice is also the most favorite food in Yogyakarta. Many tourists like it too. You can find Nasi Goreng in almost every food store in Yogya. It can be served for breakfast or dinner. But what makes Nasi Goreng in Jogja different from any other one is the use of sweet soy sauce.

Wedang Ronde and Other Traditional Drinks

When the night comes and it is a little bit cold in Yogyakarta, you can get Wedang Ronde. In Jogja Wedang Ronde consists of Ronde, the small round materials made of glutinous rice flours, crushed peanuts, kolang kaling (sugar palm fruit), and hot ginger water. Other drinks are Wedang Uwuh, Bajigur, Dawet Ice, and etc.


The next yogyakarta indonesia culinary is satay. Commonly satay is made of chicken meat, grilled on a skewer served with peanut sauce. But in Jogja there is typical satay made of mutton, called Sate Klathak. There are also several unique satay made of rabbit meat, horse meat, and mushroom.


Jamu is a traditional herbal medicine that still can be found in Yogyakarta as there are still many locals drink it. The medicine materials come from roots, flowers, seeds, fruits, leaves, and bark. While from animals the product that is taken are jelly, ayam kampung eggs, and milk. All is natural materials.

Angkringan Kopi Joss

This one is something you should try, Angkringan. Angkringan is a push cart that sells variety of foods and beverages. The price is cheap and it sells so many foods, dishes, and snacks such as nasi kucing (small wrapped rice), intestine satay, quail egg satay, chips, fritter, and many more dishes. But one not to forget is the menu of Kopi Joss (Joss Coffee). It is a typical Jogja charcoal coffee.

Night Food in South Square

If you want to eat and hangout, the perfect place for it will be South Square (Alun Alun Selatan). It is a favorite place for culinary in yogyakarta. In here you can try Jogjakarta Soto, chicken noodle, roasted corn, snacks and ice.

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Yogyakarta’s culinary landscape is a testament to the city’s rich cultural heritage, blending traditional flavors with modern innovations to create a gastronomic experience like no other. From humble street food stalls to opulent royal feasts, Yogyakarta offers a diverse array of dishes that tantalize the taste buds and nourish the soul. A culinary tour through Yogyakarta is not just a journey of flavors but also a celebration of Indonesia’s vibrant culinary traditions and the enduring spirit of its people.

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