Banyuwangi East Java

Banyuwangi East Java

Banyuwangi east java located in the most eastern part of East java. To the east is border to Bali island. Famous for plantations such as coffee, rubber and tea plantations also nature, mountain, beach and national parks. Ijen plateau is the highlight and Meru Betiri National park.

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Places to visit in Banyuwangi East Java

  • Ijen Plateau – famous for turqoise coloured lake crater
  • Meru Betiri National Park – You can see the last javanese tiger
  • Alas Purwo National Park – dry open savanah home for 700 wild buffaloes and more species animal
  • Sukamade Turtle Beach – see 250 kg turtle sea laying their eggs
  • Red Island –
  • Plengkung G-Land
  • Kaliklatak – famous place for producing coffee, rubber, cocoa and spices

Why go

If you like nature, wildlife, mountain and beach, you should visit this regency before you go to Bali or from Bali to Java.

How to go to Banyuwangi

International flight from Kuala Lumpur and Singapore fly directly to Banyuwangi airport everyday. Domestic route from Jakarta and more places is available too.

Travel Route

From Bali – Ketapang – Ijen Plateau – Mount Bromo – Surabaya / Malang or Ketapang – Sukamade Turtle Beach – Ijen Plateau – Menjangan Island / Tabuhan Island (Snorkeling) – Mount Bromo – Surabaya / Malang

From Java : Surabaya / Malang – Mount Bromo – Ijen Plateau – Ketapang (Bali) or Surabaya / Malang – Mount Bromo – Menjangan / Tabuhan Island – Sukamade Turtle Beach – Ijen Plateau – Ketapang (Bali)

Where to go nearby