Southern Square Yogyakarta

Southern Square A Place for Spending The Night, Entertainment, Street Food, and More

It will be super if we visit a place and having various kind of activities within. In Yogyakarta city, tourists are not only spoilt with adventurous tour, traditional, and culinary tour. They can also enjoy the night, seeing spectacular and one of a kind panorama in Southern Square Yogyakarta tour.

There are actually two squares in Yogyakarta. But this Southern square tours is the best to relax and enjoy the day with loved ones. It also located near Malioboro Street and Keraton Yogyakarta.

A Brief on Southern Square Jogja

One feature that always became identity for old city center on Java island is the existence of square (alun-alun in Bahasa Indonesia) located in the city center. This square is in the form of a wide field that long ago was used for the people and government to gather. It is also a symbol of the sacred union of power between the king and the nobles who lived around the square.

While Northern Square is located in front of Keraton yogyakarta and was used for the continuation of the king’s power, South Square that is located behind Keraton building was and is still the place used for entertainment.

Best Time to Visit Southern Square Tour

The best time to visit Southern Square Jogja is at night. In the afternoon there will be no street foods and any fun activities yet. Starting from 6 p.m until 11 p.m you can enjoy any entertainment that it gives to tourist.

The site is open for 24 hours. So if you want to walking or cycling around Southern Square or Alkid (Alun-Alun Kidul), we suggest you to do it in the morning. The air is still fresh. The street not so crowded. You can get the best moment to spend your holiday here.

Things to Do in Southern Square Yogyakarta Tour

We would suggest some attractions to feel while you are in the spot.

Riding Odong-Odong

Odong-odong is a kind of rickshaw with colorful lamps over almost its entire body. Take this pedicab with an outer body in the form of a mini car with friends or family. You will also be accompanied by music from a tape in the car if you wish, which the guide can set it by your request.

Tasting the Special Culinary

Around the southern square Yogyakarta is some special culinary such as Gudeg, Ronde, Bakpia, various kind of Satay (Seafood Satay, Tempura Satay, and Javanese Satay), Joss Coffee, Javanese Noodle, Oseng Mercon, and many-many more.

Cross Between Two Banyan Trees

Have you ever heard about Masangin? It is a very famous activities. Masangin is an action where you cross between two Banyan Trees in the middle of the square while you are blindfolded. Depend only in your intuition and maybe a little bit hearing skills from your ears, you need to cross and pass the middle of the two twin Banyan Trees. It was a tradition once which came from a myth (every person that can cross the banyan trees can have their wishes come true). Nowadays it is sort of entertainment that’s done by every tourist come here. It looks easy, but it is not the same way when you have tried.

How to Get to Southern Square Tour

Southern Square in Yogyakarta is located near Malioboro Street and Keraton Yogyakarta. If you come from Malioboro, you can walk about 20-35 minutes. Closer if you are from Keraton Yogyakarta, but the night nuance can’t be access by this since Keraton is already closed.

You can also ride pedicab, or the best thing of all is going with car rent from Pamitran Tours. But if you are okay with walking, there is more satisfaction to this activities since you can stop by to stalls as you pass by that sells bakpia, traditional food, cheap batik, and accessories.

Recommended to Do in Southern Square Tours

There are nearby attractions such as Keraton Yogyakarta, Taman Sari Water Castle, and Plengkung Gading. But if you want to enjoy all of this, you should visit them in the morning till afternoon. Then in the night you can visit Souther Square.

Shopping in Malioboro Street can be done both in the morning and in night. If you come here at night, you can go to Malioboro Street first and then rest in Southern Square Yogyakarta Tour.

We also recommend that you take our Southern Square Tour Packages that will get you to this site and other famous tourist spot in Jogja. It is easier to plan your holiday here with us since all of the packages have included accomodation, hotel to stay, driver, and tour guide. It will not give you a headache and the price is cheap! Contact us as soon as possible.