Best Food in Surabaya

Best Food in Surabaya

If you see on Surabaya food blog, the city has plenty culinary to discus. As a culinary city, it provides the visitors the unique and at the same time delicious food. Below are some foods what to eat in Surabaya that we think are worth to try.

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Top 7 Surabaya Culinary

  1. Jancuk Fried Rice

Holiday to Indonesia must be familiar with Nasi Goreng or Fried Rice which became its special culinary. In Surabaya itself, there is the authentic Surabaya fried rice menu named Jancuk Fried Rice. The food portion is very large and tastes spicy, can be eaten with about 3 or 4 people. The price reaches 100,000 only.

  1. Klopo Satay

If you want to try to eat meat with the taste of Indonesia, try eating Klopo Satay Surabaya. The satay is made from beef and offal and fat. What makes this one different from other satay is how to cook it with grated coconut before it is roasted to make it more delicious.

  1. Rujak Cingur

For those who like with unique and strange culinary, just try Rujak Cingur which is famous throughout Indonesia. This typical food is made from buffalo nose mixed with various vegetables and some fruits and then doused with peanut paste and petis (sauce made from fish stew). How is it? Sounds odd enough?

  1. Tahu Tek

The appearance of Tahu Tek is very simple, but because of the delicious taste this food become one of the most sought after in Surabaya. Consisting of fried tofu, lontong (steamed rice using banana leaves), potatoes, sprinkling of sprouts and celery, and doused with petis sauce will make the tongue of anyone who tries to sway. You also just have to pay 8000 rupiah to enjoy the sensation of eating Tahu Tek.

  1. Rawon Setan

Rawon Satan is the next meal to try. This food is made from cuts of beef mixed with dark black sauce, often added with beef offal and kikil or cow legs. But unlike the rawon in other areas that has smaller slice of meat, the beef in Rawon Setan is large so that the price of this food was quite expensive, but still affordable.

  1. Lontong Balap

Lontong Balap is the iconic food of Surabaya. This food consists of lontong, fried tofu, bean sprouts, and lentho. These ingredients will be doused with typical sauce that makes this culinary delicious.

  1. Zangrandi Ice Cream

As a dessert, Zangrandi Ice Cream is what we recommend for you. This ice cream is already legendary in Surabaya. The place is still clean and classic although built since 1933, so coming here is highly recommended. Zangrandi was once a gathering place for Dutch socialites. This culinary is timeless because the taste of the ice cream itself is very delicious then. In addition to selling ice cream, Zangrandi offers you snack.

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