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Prambanan Temple Magnificent Tour to Jogja Seeing the Biggest Hindu Temple

Prambanan Sunset Ramayana Ballet

Candi Prambanan (Prambanan temple) was built in the ninth century and becoming the biggest Hindu temple in Indonesia. It becomes one of the largest temples too in South East Asia. Prambanan is a temple to honor Shiva, gods in Hindu beliefs. But the existence of it cannot be separated from the myth about Princess Roro Jonggrang and Prince Bandung Bondowoso. The story is very popular. Every visitor that come here usually knows it from the tour guide.

Prambanan Tours Brief History

In the ninth century, Prambanan Temple was built by Rakai Pikatan in 850 CE, a century after the development of Borobudur Temple. This becomes a moment where Hindu era was back in the Sanjaya dynasty after the great Syailendra dynasty holds Buddha as the main religion.

The architecture inspired by the Shivaite Hinduism. It is because the temple is dedicated to Shiva as the greatest gods in Hindu and the Trimurti gods (Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma). It is also the main reason, the three main temples consist of the three gods statues inside that each of it is dedicated to each of them.

Prambanan Temple Tour Yogyakarta is also called as Shivagrha temple and is located in the northeast area of the central Yogyakarta city. It is included as one of UNESCO world heritage sites. The temple is passed by Opak River in the western side.

In the reign of Mpu Sindok (930s), the royal central was moved to East Java. Merapi volcano eruptions become the main reason. Prambanan was then left and abandoned like it never existed. In 16th century, it was known that the temple collapsed due to some earthquake. The rediscovery was just started at 1733. Before that, local people only know about the ruins of it and gave some mystical story, make it as if great origin of Prambanan.

The Legend of Roro Jonggrang in Prambanan Temple Tours

There is still other interesting story about Prambanan Temple Yogyakarta and it is about the story of a princess. This is a marvelous folktale inspired by the ruins of Prambanan itself which was found by local people at that time. The story goes from time to time, from generation to generation. It was said that Roro Jonggrang was a beautiful princess and a daughter of King Boko. Her kingdom is what people called now as Ratu Boko temple.

Once upon a time a young prince named Bandung Bondowoso fell in love with her and proposed to marry her. But Roro Jonggrang silently refused the proposal by asking Bandung Bondowoso to build her a majestic 1000 temples as a sign of his sincerity love, and the building should has finished before dawn came. Otherwise, there will be no marriage between them.

The princess thought that Bondowoso cannot fulfill her wish and so the marriage will be cancelled. In fact, the prince agreed and he asked for help from demons and other spiritual being to finish the 1000 temples.

Roro Jonggrang that knew this find another way. She decided to deceive Bondowoso by her attempt in pounding the rice with the pounder (Gejog Lesung) so that the rooster clucks, signing the dawn was coming. One temple left to build, Roro Jonggrang then refuse to agree the prince’s proposal. But Bondowoso knew that all of it was her idea. Dawn was not coming yet. The prince was angry and throw his curse to the princess, that to fulfill the one temple that was remained unfinished, Roro Jonggrang must be the statue inside this 1000th temple.

Now the 1000th temple is known as the Roro Jonggrang temple and is located in one of the rooms inside the Shiva temple. While there is a story that goes, a legend about Roro Jonggrang, the statue is actually refer to Durga, a goddess, the wife of Shiva.

Things to Do in Prambanan Temple Tour Yogyakarta

Below are several things to do in Prambanan Temple Tour Yogyakarta for you:

Strolling Around and Taking Pictures

It is a wide complex of Prambanan that you should explore with your loved ones. Our tour guide will accompany you through your journey diving into the history of Java in the temple. You can take picture while you walking around. The architecture of the temple is one you shouldn’t miss while you are here.

Seeing Sunset

Seeing the magnificent sunset panorama in Prambanan sunset tour starting from 5 p.m. The entrance ticket has included with the regular one. You will be invited to marvel the magical atmosphere of the sky around Prambanan. Taking pictures with this scene is a must.

Seeing Ramayana Ballet Performance

One more thing special about Prambanan Temple tour package is that you can also witnessing the performance of Ramayana ballet. It is a traditional dance performance that is inspired by the famous Hindu religious story of Rama and Shinta.

Prambanan Temple Tour Opening Hours

Prambanan temple tour packages start from 6 a.m until 5 p.m. After that is the time for sunset sightseeing session. Prambanan tours sunset is another way to spend your trip to see scenic sunset in Yogyakarta area.

Prambanan Temple Tour Entrance Fee

Here it is information about Prambanan Temple Tour Yogyakarta entrance fee in 2023:

Prambanan Temple only (kids)USD 12 (include sunset panorama)
Prambanan Temple only (adults)USD 25 (include sunset panorama)
Prambanan + Borobudur (kids)USD 27
Prambanan + Borobudur (adults)USD 45
Prambanan + Plaosan + Sojiwan (kids)USD 20
Prambanan + Plaosan + Sojiwan (adults)USD 30
Prambanan + Ratu Boko Temple (round trip, kids)USD 27
Prambanan + Ratu Boko Temple (round trip, adults)USD 45

Recommended to Do

From strolling around the temple, seeing the sunset and Ramayana Ballet is what we recommend you to do while visiting this site. You can also visit other nearest temples such as Plaosan, Sojiwan, Ratu Boko, or Borobudur Temple if you are interested in. But we suggest you to take our Prambanan Temple Tour Packages with affordable price.

You don’t need to bother about planning, transportation, meals, place to stay, because they are all in the Yogyakarta tour package that we offer you. Include with tour guide and driver for rent car jogja. Do not hesitate to contact Pamitran Tours Jogja.