Java Tour Package. Java Island is the most populated one in Indonesia. Many people know it, yet because of its beauty and the many attractions to visit, Java becoming must visit island when tourist come to Indonesia. Because of that reason also, Pamitran Tours as the best java tour and travel invites you to join Java Tour Package.

In this trip you will see all about Indonesia. Its rich culture, the real tradition, and more. Java serves you all of that. With our Java Overland Tour, you can see from the westernmost part until the easternmost of Java and even crossing Bali in our Java Overland Tour.

Java Tour Package

Java is one of the islands in Indonesia which is famous for amazing volcanoes, fantastic temples and breathtaking views. Many of the best known events in Indonesian history took place on Java. It was the centre of powerful Hindu-Buddhist empires, the Islamic sultanates, and the core of the colonial Dutch East Indies. Below you may find example of Java Tour Package. 

Karimunjawa Bromo Tour
Central Java Temple Tour
Java Cultural Tour
Bandung Exploration Tour
West Java Exploration Tour
West Java Experience Tour
Bromo Tour From Surabaya
Bromo Ijen Tour From Surabaya
Ijen Tour From Banyuwangi
Bandung Tour Package
Bandung Tour Package
Bandung Tour Package

All About Java Island – Java Tourism in Java Tour Package

Though Indonesia has 5 biggest island, the main is Java. The island is the pearl or lets say the heart of Indonesia, where the real picture of Indonesian tradition, culture, and art can be seen perfectly.

The capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta, is even situated in Java. As the most populous island in the world, Java however gives you interesting Java tourism. The island is well known for the Indonesian history, starting from the powerful Hindu-Buddha empires, Islamic sultanates, and until the Dutch colonial era. If you want to see variety of ethnics in Indonesia, just come to Java. In java land tour you can visit many historical sites too. But you will explore the nature and even do java adventure tour in some places.

For example, when you go to Indonesia UNESCO sites such as Ujung Kulon National Park to see Java rhino eco tour, you will do trekking. You can also hike Java volcano tour to Mount Semeru, Mount Bromo, Mount Ijen, Mount Merapi (Temporary closed). One of the most favorite is Merapi Lava Tour Jeep.

Java Island is bordered by the Indian Ocean on the south, Java Sea on the north, Sunda Strait on the west, and Bali Strait on the east. That’s why it is easy to visit other destination except for Java such as Bali Island and Lombok, or Mount Krakatoa in Sunda Strait.

The climate is tropical rainforest, very friendly when you come in dry season. During wet season rain comes everyday. With the geography where it lies in the Ring of Fire, Java is one of the richest island in the world. Plantations such as coffee, rice, tea, etc are the best it can produce. Best also for java eco tour.

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Java Tourism Map

Java Travel Map

Java Tourist Places You Need To Know

There are four administrative provinces in Java; Banten, West Java, Jakarta, Central Java, Yogyakarta, and East Java. If you want to really explore the island, we suggest you take Pamitran Tours Java Bali Overland Tour.

You can visit from the most western side of Java, Banten and Krakatau. Then continue to Jakarta, the capital city, then to West Java. After that you need to visit java tour Yogyakarta. Next is Central Java and then to eastern side, East Java, where Mount Bromo lies. And cross to Bali if you want. Join java tours indonesia with us.

  • Mount Krakatau. The most active volcano located in Sunda Strait. You will explore the surrounding area, hiking the volcano, and even snorkeling to see underwater life in Krakatau Tour Package.
  • Banten. Popular for Ujung Kulon National Park (UNESCO heritage). The park keeps Javan Rhino and many rare animals. It also favorite for natural beaches such as Tanjung Lesung, Tanjung Layar, Anyer, and more. See also the Baduy tribe.
  • West Java. It is time for java tour Bandung. The city is the capital and our main atrraction in West Java Tour Package. Mainly known as highland, Bandung west java tour is where you will enjoy cooler air, plantations, and flowers. Tangkuban Perahu and White Crater is the most popular. Other than Bandung you can visit Bogor to see Puncak and Bogor Botanical Garden.
  • Jakarta. Indonesia capital city. It is where you can enjoy modern life. Visiting bar, cafes, hotels can be activities you can do. Don’t forget to see National Monument, Old Town, and the most interesting is Thousand Island.
  • Yogyakarta. The city is the one you should not forget. It is the heart of Java where java Borobudur Tour, Prambanan Temple, Mount Merapi (merapi lava tour), Taman Sari Water Castle, Malioboro Street, and others are located.
  • Central Java. It has Surakarta (the sister of Yogyakarta), Sangiran Museum (Ancient Human Museum, one of Indonesia UNESCO sites), Dieng Tour Package (well known highland for Golden Sunrise Sikunir), Cetho and Sukuh Temple, and Karimunjawa Tour (known for snorkeling, diving, and island hopping). Join Java Central Tour.
  • East Java. The home for famous destination like east java tour Bromo and Ijen Crater. People usually combine the two in their east java tour package. Other than that Malang City, Sukamade Tour (a beach in Meru Betiri National Park, a place for turtle laying eggs), and Banyuwangi.

Main Destinations in Java Island

  • Borobudur Temple
  • Prambanan Temple
  • Malioboro Street
  • Merapi Lava Tour
  • Krakatau
  • Banten
  • Jakarta and Thousand Island
  • Karimunjawa Island
  • Dieng Plateau
  • Bromo Tengger Semeru
  • Ijen Crater
  • Sukuh and Cetho Temple
  • Ujung Kulon National Park
  • Sukamade
  • Meru Betiri and Baluran National Park
  • Bandung and Bogor
  • Madura Island
  • Bawean Island
  • etc

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Our Java Trip Destination

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