Bromo Tour From Surabaya

Bromo Tour From Surabaya

Bromo Tour From Surabaya

Bromo Tour From Surabaya | 2 Days 1 Night Bromo Tour Package

Bromo Tour From Surabaya 2 Days 1 Night. Cold yet fresh climate and beautifully radiating sunrise are special fascination of Bromo mountain, which attract hundreds of people in daily. The mountain situated near the city of Malang, East Java and reach the height of 2.932 meter above sea level. You can climb up about 250 ladder-steps to get a closer look on the Bromo volcanic crater. Surabaya is starting point if you wanna visit East java tour.  This provincial capital of East Java is second in size, population and commercial wealth only to Jakarta.

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Bromo Tour From Surabaya Itinerary

Travel schedule
Day 1 : Arrival Surabaya – transfer Bromo
Day 2 : Bromo – Surabaya

Day 1: Arrival Surabaya – Transfer Bromo

Pick up in Surabaya (+/- 22.30), you will meet our driver who brings you to Bromo area (around 4 hour driver). Check in homestay / hotel.

Day 2: Bromo Tour – Surabaya (B)

Early in the morning we will go to make an excursion to the MT. Bromo. We will drive first to the Mountain Pananjakan which has an excellent view for making pictures of the sunrise. After the sunrise we will drive to the Mountain Bromo through the sea of sand. This will be done by jeep. We will stop to at the foot of the Bromo. Visit Pura Luhur temple. After a little climb and 246 steps you will reach the rim of the mountain which gives you a great view (this will be depending on the activity of the Volcano). When you are finished we will go back to your hotel for breakfast. After checking out we will drive back to Surabaya. Possible to visit Madakaripura Waterfall in the way (optional activity). End of tour.

Accommodation: based on 1 private room double/ twin bed. The hotels (depending on availability) will be just like the hotels mentioned below (similar). Note: Please keep in mind that accommodation in Bromo is from lower quality than in other cities.

Bromo Tour From Surabaya Price:

Price based on per person in Rupiah (Rp)

IDR : – / person (Contact us for newest prices info)

Price Inclusive

Pick up from Surabaya and return, private AC car (fuel, car), fully licensed driver, Accommodation, Entrance ticket Bromo, Jeep for Sunrise.

Price Exclusive

Travel insurance, Personal expense, Optional tour/ activity, Airport tax, Flight, tipping, lunch / dinner.

Notes 2D1N Bromo Tour :

The price which need to be paid is showed in Rupiah’s. Price is valid outside High season / national holidays.
You can also start the trip from Yogyakarta. Please contact us for more information. Keep in mind that accommodation in Bromo area is from lower quality and more basic. Contact us if you would like to ad Madakaripura Waterfall during this tour or for transport / drop off opportunities to Malang / Ketapang / Yogyakarta or Bali. Please contact us for more information about Bromo Tour From Surabaya or custom tour. We are happy to assist you.


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    Bromo Ijen Tour From Surabaya

    Bromo Ijen Tour From Surabaya

    Best Food in Surabaya

    Best Food in Surabaya

    If you see on Surabaya food blog, the city has plenty culinary to discus. As a culinary city, it provides the visitors the unique and at the same time delicious food. Below are some foods what to eat in Surabaya that we think are worth to try.

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    Top 7 Surabaya Culinary

    1. Jancuk Fried Rice

    Holiday to Indonesia must be familiar with Nasi Goreng or Fried Rice which became its special culinary. In Surabaya itself, there is the authentic Surabaya fried rice menu named Jancuk Fried Rice. The food portion is very large and tastes spicy, can be eaten with about 3 or 4 people. The price reaches 100,000 only.

    1. Klopo Satay

    If you want to try to eat meat with the taste of Indonesia, try eating Klopo Satay Surabaya. The satay is made from beef and offal and fat. What makes this one different from other satay is how to cook it with grated coconut before it is roasted to make it more delicious.

    1. Rujak Cingur

    For those who like with unique and strange culinary, just try Rujak Cingur which is famous throughout Indonesia. This typical food is made from buffalo nose mixed with various vegetables and some fruits and then doused with peanut paste and petis (sauce made from fish stew). How is it? Sounds odd enough?

    1. Tahu Tek

    The appearance of Tahu Tek is very simple, but because of the delicious taste this food become one of the most sought after in Surabaya. Consisting of fried tofu, lontong (steamed rice using banana leaves), potatoes, sprinkling of sprouts and celery, and doused with petis sauce will make the tongue of anyone who tries to sway. You also just have to pay 8000 rupiah to enjoy the sensation of eating Tahu Tek.

    1. Rawon Setan

    Rawon Satan is the next meal to try. This food is made from cuts of beef mixed with dark black sauce, often added with beef offal and kikil or cow legs. But unlike the rawon in other areas that has smaller slice of meat, the beef in Rawon Setan is large so that the price of this food was quite expensive, but still affordable.

    1. Lontong Balap

    Lontong Balap is the iconic food of Surabaya. This food consists of lontong, fried tofu, bean sprouts, and lentho. These ingredients will be doused with typical sauce that makes this culinary delicious.

    1. Zangrandi Ice Cream

    As a dessert, Zangrandi Ice Cream is what we recommend for you. This ice cream is already legendary in Surabaya. The place is still clean and classic although built since 1933, so coming here is highly recommended. Zangrandi was once a gathering place for Dutch socialites. This culinary is timeless because the taste of the ice cream itself is very delicious then. In addition to selling ice cream, Zangrandi offers you snack.

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    Surabaya East Java

    Surabaya East Java

    Surabaya is a city that becomes the capital of East Java province in Indonesia. It is the biggest metropolitan city in the province. As the second largest town in Indonesia after Jakarta, Surabaya population is reaching 2.765.487. If you want to have holiday in Indonesia, this city can be your option too. We will escort you to the best museum, buildings, beach, and natural attractions, and will choose the best hotel for you to stay.

    Surabaya Wikipedia has International Airport Juanda and two harbors that are Tanjung Perak harbor, the most famous one, and Ujung harbor. Another name for the city is City of Heroes. Surabaya always counted in the history of Indonesian struggle to fight Dutch colonization. And not only for the history Surabaya tourism are also popular among visitor. Let’s say Red Bridge, Heroes Monument, religion buildings, and parks are just several tourist attractions in the city.

    Surabaya also gateway to many destination in Java, such as Yogyakarta, Bromo, Malang, Ijen Plateau and Banyuwangi.

    Places to visit in Surabaya

    • House of Sampoerna
    • Suramadu Bridge

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    Where to go nearby

    • Mount Bromo – watching the sun rise from the crest of the Bromo volcano
    • Yogyakarta – famous destination in Java, the centre of art, temples, heritage and java culture.
    • Malang – one of the most attractive hill towns on Java.
    • Batu – Batu is famous for its apples gardens, theme park and waterfall.
    • Ijen Plateau – a spectacular turquoise blue lake
    • Banyuwangi – Famous for plantations, nature and national park
    • Sukamade Turtle Beach – the beach is known for its deep turquoise waters and 250 kg sea turtles which come to lay their eggs here
    • Bali – the most favourite destination in Indonesia

    Surabaya Culinary

    • Rujak Cingur
    • Lontong Balap
    • Rawon
    • Tahu Tek

    Best Hotels in Surabaya

    Because Surabaya is a metropolitan city beside the capital of Jakarta, to find 5 star hotel is easy. We in Pamitran has list for popular luxurious hotel for your stay. You can choose one of your favorite if you use our travel packages.

    1. Shangri-La Hotel

    The most reliable 5 star hotels in Surabaya that has served million guests is Shangri-La Hotel Surabaya. From quality, service, and facility, everything is number one here. Free internet on each room, newspaper, pool, gym, and 24 hours room service are just few facilities you can get. Price per night is up to 1 million rupiah.

    1. Majapahit Surabaya Hotel

    The next luxury hotels in Surabaya is Majapahit Surabaya Hotel. This is a famous lodging which before named Oranje Hotel or Yamato Hotel. Tourists usually want to stay here because of the history of this hotel. It used to be a place where incidents of tearing the Republic of the Netherlands East Indies flag as a sign of resistance of the Surabaya people occurred. But in addition, the design of this hotel building itself is very classy, unique because it takes the Dutch-style building, and of course very artistic. With a qualified service your stay here will not be forgotten. Price started from 1 million rupiah per night.

    1. Ciputra World Surabaya

    Ciputra World Surabaya is a five star hotel that is located near with Ciputra World Mall. The mall is the shopping centre for people in the city. Take a few walk from the hotel and you will arrive in the mall. The facilities that it offers are pool, Jacuzzi, 24 hours room service, gym, spa and sauna, and restaurant. The price is up to 950.000 rupiah.

    1. JW Marriot Surabaya

    Best place where to stay in Surabaya next is JW Marriot Surabaya which is a friendly place for people with disabilities. It has pool, spa, Jacuzzi, sauna, beauty salon, and many more. If you want to go shopping, you can visit BG Junction Surabaya shopping center near JW Marriot. The price to stay per night is 900.000 rupiah.

    1. Grand Darmo Suite

    Located in downtown Surabaya is a distinct advantage for this hotel. Grand Darmo Suite, offers you indoor and outdoor pool, fitness center, private parking free, bar, and 24 hours room service. Because it is situated in the urban area, there are nearest destination you can have such as Surabaya Zoo, Bungkul Park, Sura and Baya Statue, Wonokromo Station, Juanda International Airport. The price ranges from 500.000 rupiah until 1 million rupiah.