10 Best Attractions in Bogor

Bogor Attractions

As another destination after Jakarta, Bogor is a candidate that cannot be missed too. The city is very exotic, unique in its own culture and even culinary. There are top 10 things to do in Bogor to fill your trip with wonderful memories. Here are some Bogor Indonesia points of interest you must know.

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Top 10 Best Attractions in Bogor

  1. Bogor Botanical Garden

Kebun Raya Bogor or Bogor Botanical Garden is one of the most recommended Bogor attractions. In this botanical garden you can enjoy the cool air of the city while looking at the various landscapes of trees and plants. The total of them is 15,000, so you can expand the knowledge of the plants in Indonesia. As the oldest botanical garden in Asia this sights should not be missed if you go to Bogor. The opening hours is from 7.30 a.m untill 5 p.m and the entrance fee is 25.000 rupiah.

  1. Bogor Safari Park

This safari park is the first one in Indonesia. If in Bogor Botanical garden you can see many kinds of plants and flora, in Bogor Safari Park you can see various kinds of fauna. Located in Jalan Raya Puncak no. 160, Cibeureum, Cisarua, the place is a home for tame animals. With total of 2500 species, it is the right location to introduce your kids with the animal world. Price is quite expensive, 300.000 rupiah. But you can get complete facilities and try many things here. There is Baby Zoo, area where your kids can get photo with some tame animals.

  1. Situ Gede

One of nature tourism that often used for shooting movie in Indonesia is Situ Gede or Lake Gede. The location is very fresh and clean. Enjoy the atmosphere of Dramaga forest near the lake protected by the Ministry of Forestry Republic Indonesia. You can fish in this area, or also row a boat made of bamboo. The distance from the downtown is 10 km. The place can be an alternative destination since the entrance ticket is very cheap, 4000 rupiah per person.

  1. Mekarsari Park

One more Bogor tourism that brought the theme of conservation and education, Mekarsari Park. Again and again this is the biggest fruits park in Indonesia. Blessed with high rainfall, makes Bogor a perfect place to keep the life of animals and plantations. Give education to your children here and let them play around the outbound center. If you tired to walk around the park which has area of 264 hectare, you can ride mini train.

  1. Tirta Sanita Hot Spring

Unique Bogor travel that you can try next is hot spring in Ciseeng area. Here you can relax yourself while seeing the exotic view of Indonesia nature. The hot spring can treat fatigue and even skin diseases. The Tirta Sanita Hot Spring water comes from limestone mountain in Ciseeng. The water contains salt, sulfur, and lime, makes it color bluish green.

  1. Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park

It is surely, many of you who love hiking. If yes, then going into Gede Pangrango Mountain National Park is a perfect plan. This area is a place of forest conservation, wildlife, and original flora of Indonesia. It is named Gede Pangrango National Park because its territory covers the summit of Mount Gede and the peak of Mount Pangrango. There are 200 species of orchids and a total of 870 species of flower plants. The icon of this place is Edelweiss. Endangered animals are also protected here, such as the Javanese Owa, leopards, ajag dogs, langur surili.

  1. Cibodas Botanical Garden

Located in the Pangrango mountain forest complex, Cibodas botanical garden is one of the parks to be visited for its uniqueness. There is a river that has very clear water, so you can relax here for a moment. In addition, the park is famous for the moss species that are preserved in the Moss Garden section. This special room holds 216 species of moss that exist throughout Indonesia and even the world. With the entrance fee only 9.500 rupiah, it is a must visit place to add your knowledge about Indonesia plantations.

  1. Sindang Barang Village

Sindang Barang village is a village full of traditional Sundanese treats. It was once the residence of one of the wives of King Siliwangi. There are traditional Sundanese house buildings and traditional art performances such as calung and angklung music are often held here.

  1. Pura Parahyangan Agung Jagattkarta

Pura Parahyangan Jagatkarrta is another great temple in Indonesia after Pura Besakih. If you come here you can see the three-door building to enter the inner area for prayer. The three doors are built like a towering temple, but are usually closed except for prayer. Visitors may not enter the main area but can look around and take pictures with the background of the gate. Guards will usually guide your tour.

  1. Curug 7

Curug 7 or The Seven Waterfall is may be not really often heard in tourism. But, certainly this is one of the wonderful things in Bogor Indonesia tourism. If during this time Bogor always synonymous with reservation center and botanical garden, this waterfall offers something different from the center of the city crowd and other educational activities. The city has several waterfalls, but the best is this Seven Waterfall. This place is always associated with the story of Javanese legend that mentions seven nymphs bathing in the waterfall. Release from that, there are indeed seven waterfalls in this area with a beautiful panorama around. And imagine, entrance ticket is only 6000 rupiah!

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