Karimunjawa Islands Travel Guide

Karimunjawa islands travel guide – Karimunjawa or is usually called Karimun Java, is islands in Java Sea that included in Jepara regency. It is the home for coral reef, mangrove forest, beach forest, and also 400 species of sea fauna. This island has been established by the government as a National Park. There are some extinct animals which are treated in special way such as hawksbill, green turtle, and white chest albatross. Karimunjawa is also a home for a unique plant called Dewadaru. It becomes the icon of the island and has other name such as Ceylon Ironwood and Indian Rose Chestnut.

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Karimunjawa Island Travel Map


Karimunjawa Travel Map

Where is Karimunjawa Islands?

Located northeast of Semarang or north Jepara regency, Central Java. People need to go by boat to cross the sea and arrive in Karimunjawa.

Things to Do in Karimunjawa Islands

Several Karimunjawa things to do can be seen below:

1. Snorkeling 

For you who like water activities, going to Karimunjawa is a good choice. You can satisfy your hobby such as snorkeling. The islands have a good coral and marine life. Some places best for snorkeling are:

  • Cilik island
  • Gosong Cemara island
  • Menjangan Kecil Island
  • Tanjung Gelam

2. Island hopping

Island hopping is a must activity here. If it not for this one activity, then why should go to Karimunjawa, right? There are some of the favorite island and the one who is secluded, good for snorkeling, having barbeque party, or just relax in its seashore. Some of them are:

  • Cemara Besar and Cemara Kecil island
  • Menjangan Besar and Menjangan Kecil Island
  • Cilik island
  • Geleang Island
  • Karimunjawa
  • Tengah island

3. Sea Shark Conservatory at Menjangan Besar Island

One pool with sharks? If you dare to try it, the Shark Conservatory at Menjangan Besar Island is for you. You can make friends with shark in the pool while relaxing your body. Although, it is best to stay calm (not touching the sharks) and let the experts guide you.

4. Diving

It is another water activity in Karimunjawa. Diving is perfect to do in:

  • Cemara Kecil Island
  • Menjangan Island
  • Tanjung Gelam Island
  • Tengah Island
  • Cilik Island

Explore the shipwreck by diving also in Kemujan island.

5. Visit Tiny Sand Islands

The Gosongs (sand islands that only come up when the sea tide low) are something you should experience here. You can go by boat to reach it. Walk around the little island made of white sand, dip your feet in the water, and the last take photos.

6. Watching Sunset and Sunrise in The Best Beach

If you wonder can you admire the beauty of Karimunjawa sunset or sunrise, and where can do it, actually almost all spot supporting you for that. But the two most popular is in Ujung Gelam Beach and Bukit Cinta Hills.

7. Mangrove Trekking

The last but not least is exploring the mangrove jungle. Karimunjawa has mangrove forest as the habitat for many unique flora and fauna. Do the trekking and if you have the chance, chase the sunset with all beautiful green and warm tone that can be catch from above the hill.

How to get to Karimunjawa Islands

Now you can have imagined what kind of holiday you can get in Karimunjawa. But, how to get to Karimunjawa?  There are few options to go to Karimunjawa island in Central Java. You can start either from Semarang or Jepara.

By Air :

Other flights to Karimunjawa is also provided. Airfast Indonesia provides flight from Surabaya to Karimunjawa. The ticket price is between 300.000 – 400.000 rupiahs. The flight schedule is Tuesday and Thursday at 12.25 a.m. That is the best way from Surabaya to Karimunjawa. But if you are from Bali you can still go to Karimunjawa by using airline in I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport and go to Achmad Yani International Airport in Semarang first. Bali to Karimunjawa cannot be taken directly, so you need to transit in Semarang and then continues to go to Semarang Port, Tanjung Mas. In Tanjung Mas you can use ferry boats to cross to Karimunjawa.

Flights to Karimunjawa from Semarang operate by Wings Air from Lion Air Group with flight schedule below:

  • Semarang Airport 11.20 – Karimunjawa Airport 11.50 (30 minute flight)
  • Karimunjawa Airport 12.10 – Semarang Airport 12.40 (30 minute flight)

By Boat :

Ferry slow boat Karimunjawa from Jepara (Kartini Harbour) operate by indonesiaferry (6 hours)

  • Route Jepara Karimunjawa
    Monday, Wednesday and Saturday leaving at 7 am
    Friday leaving at 6.30 am
  • Route Karimunjawa Jepara
    Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday leaving at 7 am
    Friday 1 pm

Fast boat Karimunjawa from Jepara (Kartini Harbour) operate by Express Bahari (1 hours 45 minutes)

  • Route Jepara Karimunjawa
    Monday, Tuesday, Friday leaving at 9 am
    Saturday leaving at 10 am
  • Route Karimunjawa Jepara
    Saturday leaving at 7 am
    Wednesday, Sunday leaving at 11.00 am
    Monday leaving at 12 pm

Fast boat from Semarang (Tanjung Mas Harbour) operate by Express Bahari (3 hours)

  • Route Semarang Karimunjawa
    Friday leaving at 8.30 am
  • Route Karimunjawa Semarang
    Sunday leaving at 1 pm

Karimunjawa From Singapore

If you are travelling from Singapore you may catch flight to Semarang airport then continue by boat to Karimunjawa Island.

Karimunjawa Boat

Karimunjawa Boat Express Bahari

Nearby Attractions

Semarang – the capitol of Central Java province. Offers some heritage building and old town.

Borobudur Temple – the biggest budhist temple in Indonesia located in Magelang, Central Java.

Yogyakarta – Lots of attractions in this heart of java, famous for culture, art, nature and temples.

Dieng Plateau – the highest hindu temple in Java, beautiful panorama surroundings, plantations and crater.

Bromo – the best sunrise view in the world. Located in East Java, Mount bromo is the most popular tourist destination.

Travel Yogyakarta to Jepara

We provide travel from Yogyakarta to Jepara leaving everyday. And also return, Jepara to Yogyakarta. For you who would like to go Karimunjawa Island, feel free to contact us for more information about boat schedule to Karimunjawa and the newest price.


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Top Karimunjawa Islands Trip Deals



Karimunjawa Regular Trip 3 Days 2 Nights, Snorkeling & Island hopping.



Karimunjawa Island Classic Tour 4 Days 3 Nights, Snorkeling & Island hopping.



Karimunjawa Island Adventure Tour 4 Days 3 Nights, Snorkeling & Island hopping.



Visiting Karimunjawa Island National Park and the splendid Mount Bromo Tour.

Accommodation in Karimunjawa

There are many good qualities Karimunjawa accomodation such as hotels and resorts in the islands that make your trip more comfortable. You can choose starting from the cheapest until the best resort which availaible there. Though some hotels centered around the port, others may be spread to other area and islands. Some even are expensive resorts located in private island.

Karimunjawa Hotels

We can give you some of the best and favorite Karimunjawa hotels. But, surely, we are open to your choices about where to stay if that’s what you want.

  • Ayu Hotel
  • Asri Karimunjawa
  • The Happinezz Karimunjawa
  • Bunga Jabe

Karimunjawa Resort

If you have more budget for your trip, you can try to stay at Karimunjawa resort. They are:

  • Breeve Azurine Lagoon
  • Kura-Kura Resort
  • Menjangan Kecil Resort
  • Karimun Lumbung.

The resorts and hotels recommended are usually have facilities such as meals, wifi, hammock, snorkeling or diving spot, and located near Karimunjawa top attractions or in the seashore. Some even in a private island.

You can use Pamitran Tours services to get the best facilities and good price too. We can also help you to design a nice holiday in Karimunjawa which we put into Karimunjawa Tour Package 4 days 3 nights and Karimunjawa Tour Package 3 days 2 nights. To see all the prices you can check at our website. You can find the example itinerary karimunjawa 3D2N

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Other Destination in Java Island

Location and Diving Spot in Karimunjawa

With a population of about 10,000, Karimunjawa islands is the best choice to spend a holiday in solitude. The two main islands, Karimunjawa and Kemujan, are located side by side and are the largest island cluster compare to the other.

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Karimunjawa has many special tourist destinations that is located in some island such as Hiu Pool in Menjangan Besar island, Mangrove forest and Barakuda beach in Kemujan island, Love Hills, Ujung Gelam beach, and Batu Karang Pengantin beach in Karimunjawa, and many more. For Karimunjawa map is located in the northwest of Jepara, Central Java. To get here you can use ferry boat from Jepara’s Kartini port.

Except for the wonderful tourist destinations situated in some islands, Karimunjawa diving spots are another famous thing among the tourists. There are five most popular spot to dive. The first most famous diving spot is Menjangan Kecil, in which if you are lucky enough you can meet turtle and stingray. In this island you can also go to shark breeding and play with them. The second spot is Cemara island which has beautiful coral reef under the water. Next is Cilik island. It has the big and healthiest coral reef in Karimunjawa islands. The underwater scenery is also still beautiful and that is why tourist usually goes here. Other two islands that are usually used to dive are Tengah island and Tanjung Gelam.