Bogor Travel Guide

Bogor Travel Guide

Bogor is a city that famous for its national parks and forests with frequent rainy weather that makes it called the City of Rain. Even in dry season, rain is always down in the city. In here the development of economy, science, and culture is quite rapid. Endowed with the geographical conditions of the mountains in Puncak area, making it has many resorts in the place that became the main economy of this region.

According to Bogor Wikipedia, the city was the capital of Sunda Galuh Kingdom. At that time it was named as Dayeuh Pakuan or Pakuan Pajajaran.  It was also become the summer residence for Dutch governor and named as ‘Buitenzorg’. Bogor Indonesia map is located on the West Java province, precisely 60 km from the south of Jakarta. Bogor to Jakarta distance is 55 minutes by car. It is close enough, so it is recommended for you who are having holiday from Jakarta to continue to Bogor city.

Why go

Bogor Botanical Garden is a huge botanical garden located in the city of rain, Bogor, West Java. This garden extends in a 87-hectare plot of land and boasts some 15,000 trees and plants collection. Today, Bogor Botanical Garden is packed both with local and foreign tourists, mostly on Saturdays and Sundays. Around the garden tourists can find agriculture-related scientific centers such as Herbarium Bogoriense, Bogor Zoological Museum and so on.

One of the main attractions of Bogor Botanical Garden is the widely known Amorphophallus titanium with its notorious awful smell. This plant can reach two meters height and is the biggest kind of the inflorescent plant. You can also find this oldest palm tree in Southeast Asia that still stand in this huge botanical garden. Bogor Botanical Garden is so easy to access. It only takes about an hour or two with a car from Jakarta. This garden opens daily from 8 am to 5 pm

Places to visit in Bogor

Bogor Botanical Garden – the great garden

Where Nearby

  • Bandung
  • Jakarta
  • Taman Safari
  • Puncak Bogor

How to go to Bogor

Bogor actually lies closer to Jakarta (50 km) than it does to Bandung (120 km). You can take shuttle bus from Jakarta or Bandung easily.

Bogor Hotels and Resorts

Don’t forget to choose your hotels and resorts. If you still confuse where to stay in Bogor, here are some lists for you.

  1. Highland Park Resort

The first recommended best hotels in Bogor is a resort that is quite famous recently because of its design and its location which is in Puncak, one of the phenomenal tourist areas in Bogor. Rooms at Highland Park Resort shaped Indian tents. But do not imagine these tents have minimal facilities. Called as glamping or glamourous camping because the facilities inside the tent and even outside it is complete and luxurious. Here you can feel the sensation of staying in the tent of Apache with unrivaled luxury. The price for each room started from $144.

  1. Safari Lodge Puncak

Another option for you to stay is Safari Lodge Puncak. Here you can stay together with the animals that are in Safari Park. The main point is this hotel located near to Safari Park so you can see the animals directly from the park. There are 3 unique rooms for rent that is hotel room, bungalow, and the most unique is the caravan. In addition to feeling the uniqueness of the rooms and the furnishings, you can also take a walk in the evenings in Safari Park and get free rides. Price per room for one night starts from $99.

  1. Pinewood Lodge and Organic Farm

Luxury hotels in Bogor that is suitable for a family adventure is this Pinewood Lodge and Organic Farm. Price to stay per night is 700.000 rupiah. In this hotel you can find many activities for kids in the outbound park. As for the adults, enjoying the nature view around it, listening to some romantic songs while having dinner with spouse, and soak in the clean pool can be option.

  1. Amaroossa Royal Bogor

Want a hotel located close to popular Bogor tourist attractions such as Bogor Park and Bogor Palace? Just come and stay at Amaroossa Royal Bogor. Luxury facilities such as clean pool, gym, meeting room, and also the restaurant can be used as much as you want. Access to this Bogor hotels is easy and the price is also quite affordable starting from 700.000 rupiah.

  1. Aston Sentul Lake Resort

One more hotel located in the city of Bogor and located close to the highway that combines Bogor and Jakarta is Aston Sentul Lake Resort. Complete room amenities include free toiletries and the design is very elegant and luxurious. There is a mini bar, spa, pool, lounge, restaurant and conference room. To get the comfortable facility you just pay 700,000 rupiah per night.



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