7D6N Nothern Southern Raja Ampat Tour
7D6N Northern / Southern Raja Ampat Tour
January 13, 2017
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Yogya Culinary Tours
April 21, 2017

10D9N Northern / Southern Raja Ampat Tour

10D9N Northern Southern Raja Ampat Tour

This is the final frontier, the Planets heart of marine Bio diversity with the most stunning topside scenery at the eastern end of Indonesia. This archipelago containcs over 540 species of hard coral and 1320 reef fish species, far surpassing any other tropical reef system. Raja Ampat offers dazzling sites due to unparallelled array of marine habitats, from current -swept reef points to sheltered black sand bays to blue water mangroves. Pamitran Tours offers an amazing live on board Raja Ampat Tour for you!

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Itinerary 10D9N Northern Southern Raja Ampat Tour Live on Board :

D0. Arrive in Sorong, stay overnight in a hotel and prepare for departure early the next morning.

D1. Sorong – Kabuy Bay:

We will visit the most beautiful bay in Raja Ampat, Kabuy Bay. This calm bay is full of small limestone islands in various shapes. The most unique is Pencil Rock. Snorkeling : Friwenbonda island and Batu Lima island

D2. Kabuy Bay- Bat island / Batang Pele island

Today we will leave Kabuy Bay and head toward the Passage. The atmosphere is similar to Kabuy Bay. At the end of The Passage you can find hidden Bay. It is a wonderful to snorkel and bring a visit to Bat Islabnd. Snorkeling : Passage / Cave, Hidden Bay and Bat Island

10D9N Northern Southern Raja Ampat TourD3. Bat Island / Batangpelle island – Bala-bala island – CI station (Wayag island)

As we will leave Bat Island behind today, we continue for Bala-Bala island and end destination Wayag. Snorkeling / Trekking : Balakbalak island, Jetty CI station

D4.Fullday Wayag island

Wayag Island is one of the most famous sport of Raja Ampat and most be visited. Here we will spend a full day snorkeling and trekking. Join the amazing view on its typical little island.

D5. Wayag island – Mayafun Island Fam island

From Wayag we leave to Mayafun Island and Fam Island.  Snorkeling : Mayafun island and Fam island

D6. Pyanemo – Fam Island

Today we explore an other spot in Raja Ampat which is amazing to visit, for a spectacular view under and above water at Pyanemo Island.  Snorkeling and trekking : trekking Pyanemo island and snorkeling Melisa garden, Anita garden and Jetty Arborek ( visiting village ).

D7. Gam Island

We departure today to Gam Island. A beautiful island with its white sandy beach. Snorkeling : Yenbraimuk, Yeben island, Mikes point

D8. Gam Island – Manswar island

On our way to Manswar Island, we visit some other nice spots such as the amazing Manta Point, where you can see the big giants swimming around. Snorkeling : Manta point/Manta sandy,Cape Manswar, Jetty Sawandarek

D9. Manswar island – Kri Island

Again today we are surrounded by many beautiful scenery on our way from Manswar Island to Kri. Snorkeling : Agusta island, Merpati Island, Cape Kri, Koh island, Jetty Yenbuba

D10. Kri – Sorong (trip is finished)

Unfortunately the last day of our Raja Ampat tour is here and we will bring you back to Sorong in the early morning.

1.175 USD/person

minimum 4 participants

Price Include :

  • Accommodation living on board.
  • Speedboat for excursions
  • Meals (BLD) / mineral water
  • Airport taxi transfers
  • Local tour guide

Price exclude :

  • Flight ticket (We can help you arranging flight to Sorong)
  • Entrance Marine Park (additional charge of Rp.500.000 – 1.000.000 for foreigners)
  • Snorkeling equipment (possible to rent for Rp.75.000 a day), but advised to take a dive masker by yourself for the right size, fins are available. Diving not include
  • Personal expenses.
  • Tips

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