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Yogyakarta Day Tours
September 13, 2018
Sailing Komodo 3 Days 2 Nights
Sailing Komodo 3 Days 2 Nights Liveaboard
October 2, 2018

Raja Ampat Tour Package 4 Days 7 Days 10 Days

Raja Ampat Tour Package

Raja Ampat Tour Package

Raja Ampat Tour Package

Raja Ampat Tour Package, We are a tour operator company providing you guiding and organizing services for excursions, snorkeling and diving in the islands of Raja Ampat – West Papua Indonesia. Exploring the islands of South Waigeo in the Raja Ampat will offer you a spectacular view of the unique underwater nature and landscape.

Known to be the last frontier the Raja Ampat islands have been anounced to house the richest reefs in the world. With total fish and coral count which breaks the world record. It is our passion to live close with this nature and share you to feel its magnificent beauty.

Raja Ampat The Last Paradise on Earth

Located in the heart of the coral triangle, Raja Ampat islands had become one of the richest marine life destination. Here you can see a wide range of species in fish, corals and birds. For you who likes to go out with nature, this place is one spot you would not miss. We are offering our trip packages to discover and explore all of these places.

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Activities for Raja Ampat Tour Package :


As part of our main excursions program, we will explore by snorkeling a wide area of various snorkeling sites. To snorkel all of the nicest reef as we pass along while enjoying the excursion. Most of the snorkeling sites are shallow to moderate deep, typically the reefs is found on a slope ranging from 0 – 30 meters with good visibility and current. There are mangroves with crystal clear water and have corals growing, also walls and patch reefs. Snorkeling the area will offer you an unlimited exploration and discovery.


Raja Ampat has lots of world class dive sites, on our trip we will take you to dive and explore some of these dive sites. On our excursions as we pass this dive sites we give the opportunity for you who is interested to go diving. To organize the diving we are working with the local dive center which have experience and professional crew. The dive sites are manageable and good for all level of divers. The reefs are well protected, ranging from 0 – 30 meters deep. Housing plenty kinds of fish and creatures and also aircraft wrecks, these diving will take you to see one of the best reef wonders.

Land Tour

Along the coast we will visit villages and people with their traditional culture and craftman. Going culture and exploring the landscape filled with tropical forests and reefs is another type of excursion we offer.

Another program for Raja Ampat Tour Package is to spot several kinds of birds which is endemic in Papua. Spotting the birds in their habitat and going for an easy treking to the local waterfall.

Most of the trip we will be staying on the liveaboard for overnights, but occasionally we spend our night near villages and deserted islands, you will have the option to spend your overnight in these places.

  • Liveaboard
    The boat will be our main accommodations for overnights, there will be one main room with 8 beds to accommodate all guests. The boat have one toilet bathroom and supplied with fresh water. The room is spacy and you can have comfort sleeping. Meals is served on board three times per day with mostly healthy Indonesian food prepared by the chef. Sun deck is available with enough space and a deck canopy is also available.
  • Homestay
    On our trip we will be passing beautiful beaches with nice coral reefs, most of this beaches is close to a village and some of the villagers is running simple homestays nearby. If you are interested you can have the opportunity to spend the evening staying in these homestays for overnight. The homestays are traditional wooden bungalow with attached roofs  made traditionally from local material, they have a separate bathroom and main kitchen to serve the meals. The bungalow is built on top of the beach and its always cool during the day and breezy during the night.
  • Deserted-Island
    For you who just like to go out there and spend the night in the beaches on a deserted island, just pack your hammock and sleeping bag. As we park our boat near this beautiful deserted island we will have barbeque and campfire on the beach, and if  you like you can stay in the island for overnight.

During your whole travel, we will arrange the transportation and accomodation on different options, this depends on your interests.

We provide one main wooden boat to make the Raja Ampat Tour Package, it is a traditional wooden boat recently build in Sulawesi. It has one main room with beds for 8 passengers and a sundeck and a toilet room with freshwater shower. The boat is powered with 2 main 4 cylinders engine with one as back up and one 8kw generator. The  boat is towing one smaller fiberglass longboat, we use this boat for organizing daily excursions.

Accommodations for Raja Ampat Tour Package
For the whole trip you will be having your accommodations onboard, but we also provide possibilities for those who like to combine their stay in homestays or camping is several uninhabited islands. This option could be provide with early notification so we could arrange the itineraries. We always park our boat near beaches and villages for overnight, we will provide the boat for those who likes to get off board and spend the night locally.

Meals is served on board for 3 meals and it is included with our Raja Ampat Tour Package prices. We mostly serve healthy Indonesian food for our meals and we serve it as one table for everyone to share. Fish is served everyday with nice tropical fruits and mineral water is included. If you have special request for your meals please inform us so we could prepare from main town.

Raja Ampat Tour Package

4 Days 3 Nights – Northern Raja Ampat

Day 0 – Arrival and overnights in local homestay/resorts or Waisai town

Day 1 – Dampier Strait – Batangpelle island

Snorkeling : Kabuy bay, Batangpelle island

Day 2 – Batangpelle island – Wayag islands

Snorkeling / Trekking : Balakbalak island, Jetty CI Station

Day 3 – Wayag islands – Batangpelle island

Snorkeling : Batangpelle island

Day 4 – Batangpelle island – Gam island – Manswar island – Waisai town ( trip finished )

4 Days 3 Nights @ US$ 650.-/person (minimum 4 persons)

Price Include :

  • Ship
  • Speedboat
  • Meals BLD
  • Mineral water
  • Airport taxi transfers

Price Exclude :

  • Marine Park Entrance Fee,
  • Snorkeling & Dive gears,
  • Hotel Sorong

This package is organised for tourist which plan or already been staying in homestays and resorts around Dampier strait and Waisai town. We will pick you and drop you back to your chosen homestays/resorts.

7 Days 6 Nights – Northern/Southern Raja Ampat

Day 0 – Arrive in Sorong, stay overnight in a hotel and prepare for departure early the next morning.

Day 1 – Sorong – Kabuy Bay

Snorkeling : Friwenbonda island and Batu Lima island

Day 2 –  Kabuy Bay- Bat island / Batang Pele island

Snorkeling : Passage / Cave, Hidden Bay and Bat Island

Day 3 – Bat Island / Batangpelle island – Bala-bala island – CI station (Wayag island)

Snorkeling / Trekking : Balakbalak island, Jetty CI station

Day 4 – Fullday Wayag island

Snorkeling and trekking

Day 5 – Wayag island – Fam/Pyanemo island

Snorkeling : Melissas Garden, Anitas Garden, Arborek Jetty

Day 6 – Pyanemo – Gam island

Snorkeling : Island Kri, Manta Point, Cape Kri, Koh island/pasir timbul, West Mansuar

Day 7 – Kri – Sorong (trip is finished)

7 Days 6 Nights @ US$. 800,-/person (minimum 4 persons)

Price include :

  • Ship,
  • Speedboat,
  • Meals BLD,
  • Mineral water,
  • Airport taxi transfers

Price exclude :

  • Marine Park Entrance Fee,
  • Snorkeling & Dive gears,
  • Hotel Sorong

10 Days 9 Nights – Northern/Southern Raja Ampat

Day 0 – Arrive in Sorong, stay overnight in a hotel and prepare for departure early the next morning

Day 1 – Sorong – Kabuy bay

Snorkeling : Friwenbonda island and Batu lima island

Day 2 – Kabuy bay – Bat island / Batangpelle island

Snorkeling : Passage / Cave, Hidden bay and Bat island

Day 3 – Bat island / Batangpelle island – Balakbalak island – CI Station (Wayag island)

Snorkeling / Trekking : Balakbalak island, Jetty CI station

Day 4 – Fullday Wayag island

Snorkeling and trekking

Day 5 – Wayag island – Mayafun island – Fam island

Snorkeling : Mayafun island and Fam island

Day 6 – Pyanemo – Fam island

Snorkeling and trekking : trekking Pyanemo island and snorkeling Melisa garden, Anita garden and Jetty Arborek ( visiting village )

Day 7 – Gam Island

Snorkeling : Yenbraimuk, Yeben island, Mikes point

Day 8 – Gam Island – Manswar island

Snorkeling : Manta point/Manta sandy,Cape Manswar, Jetty Sawandarek

Day 9 – Manswar island – Kri Island

Snorkeling : Agusta island, Merpati Island, Cape Kri, Koh island, Jetty Yenbuba

Day 10 – Kri Island – Sorong ( leave in the early morning / trip finished at Sorong )

10 Days 9 Nights @ US$. 1,050.-/person (minimum 4 persons)

Price include :

  • Ship,
  • Speedboat,
  • Meals BLD,
  • Mineral water,
  • Airport taxi transfers

Price exclude :

  • Marine Park Entrance Fee,
  • Snorkeling & Dive gears,
  • Hotel Sorong


  1. Apple says:

    Hi.. I m Apple from Malaysia, planing to visit raja empat. I hv 6 person need 3 room . Can I know the price for 5day 4 night in a full board and included tour to how much you charge ?

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    Hello I am a solo traveller. Do you ever let a solo go with a group? I don’t mind travelling with people I don’t know.

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    My wife and I are interested in a 10 day tour in raja ampat. We are keen snorkelers. She is 62 years old and I am 66. We are looking for pristine snorkeling and would also like to swim with mantas / whale sharks etc if possible. We live in Spain but would probably need to fly from and back to the UK. We have time available in the first three weeks in June 2018. Do you organize travel or just provide the tour? I would be very grateful for any advice / information you could give us, particularly about the possibility of swimming with the mantas.

  7. Peterus Thajeb says:

    Any space for one adult to join your group on 4 days 3 night North Raja Ampat Tour Package from February 15 to Feb 20 Thank you for prompt response

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    Aku mau booking package 4 Hari 3 malam wagya Dan pianemo island tour until Aku Dan suamiku until bulan September. Kami akan sampai agak agak 12 September. Ada Tak ruang untuk kami.

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