Raja Ampat Travel Guide

Raja Ampat Travel Guide

Raja Ampat Travel Guide

Have you ever go to Raja Ampat, the lost paradise in Papua, Indonesia? If you have ever went there, you must be amazed after seeing the beauty of nature in other parts of the world. The scenery in this place can be so much different compared to other places in Indonesia. It is truly a hidden paradise that deserves to be visited.

But for those who have not and want to immediately go to Raja Ampat can read first information about this popular tourist spot. We provide all knowledge about the location of Raja Ampat, accommodation, ways to get to the location, and tour packages available in 2019.

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Places to visit in Raja Ampat

Anyone who’s heard of Raja Ampat, has surely heard of its beauty. Let’s explore this area and understand what it has to offer.

Raja Ampat is a district in West Papua Province, located at the northwest tip of the Bird’s Head Peninsula. The area encompasses 4.5 million hectares, most of it water, with four main islands : Salawati, Batanta, Waigeo and Misool. The capitol city is Waisai. There are 610 islands, large and small, inhabited and uninhabited. The north area is bordered by the Pacific Ocean, while the west borders the Seram Sea.

Raja Ampat is not only for divers, the above-water views are equally stunning. In Pyainemo, sometimes spelled Penemu, you can see incredible bird’s eye views from the top of its four hills, each offering different views of the islands interposed againstthe clear turqoise water. Misool, located at the southern-most area of Raja Ampat, also offers bird’s eye views from Harfat Jaya Dapunlol Hill as well as Jellyfish lake, where you can swim surrounded by hundreds of harmless jellyfish. The Balbulol islands are equally beautiful. These locations are great alternative to Wayag Hill, Raja Ampat’s most famous icon. For sure your eyes will be amazed at all the natural beauty abounding from every angel.

Even in the water, it is not necessary to dive to experience Raja Ampat’s impressive underwater beauty, as snorkling or free diving will suffice. One example is Manta Point, where you can snorkel with dozens of manta rays. Truly amazing!

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Things To Do In Raja Ampat

  • Scuba Diving
  • Snorkeling
  • Explore small islands
  • Enjoy bird’s eye views
  • Kayaking
  • Island hopping

How to get to Raja Ampat

Gateway to Raja Ampat :
Sorong, West Papua Province

Sorong Airport :
Domine Eduard Osok (DEO)

National Airlines Offering Jakarta – Sorong Routes :
Garuda Indonesia
Sriwijaya Air
Lion Air/Wings Air
Express Air

Flight Duration :
Express air direct 4 hours and 10 minutes.
With the other carriers, 2 hours from Jakarta to Makassar, varied transit times, another 2 hours from Makassar to Sorong.

From the airport to the harbor takes about 15 minutes :

  • Airport Taxi
  • Public Transportation
  • Motorcycle Taxi

Raja Ampat Tour

Pamitran Tours provide liveabord tour raja ampat and many more packages. Please check our tour raja ampat packages.

Raja Ampat Hotel

Raja Ampat accommodation is easy. As the popularity of the place rising, many Raja Ampat hotels and Raja Ampat resort you can found when you visit this island. Hotels and resorts are always available, but if you want to come here when holiday season, please make sure that you have booked the rooms before your visit.

Then where to stay in Raja Ampat? If you want to try to stay in Raja Ampat best resort, here are some options for you. First luxury resort is Misool Eco Resort. It is an exclusive lodge in the remote area of south Raja Ampat. The advantage to stay here is that it is situated in a private island and it has private area for diving. Since the guests who come only limited to a maximum of 40 people, then you must be hurry to book it before it’s too late. The room price is 6.3 million rupiahs per night.

Second best resort is Papua Paradise Eco-Resort. Its location that is not so far from the seaside of Birie island, makes it always recommended for tourists. Except for diving, this cool island has many kind of birds that live in the forest. The architecture is inspired by Papua traditional style. The 16th bungalow will be ready to welcome you with various kind of view. The price for one night is started from 4,5 million rupiahs per person. The third best resort is Kri Eco-Resort. You are recommended to stay here because it is also situated in the seaside of Kri island. You can also found unique thing such as if you want to take a bath, you need to share the use of Indonesian bathroom style located in the beach. This is to protect the seafrom pollution and contamination. The price per night is 3 million rupiahs per person.

For you who want to save a little bit your budget, Raja Ampat also has options for 5 star hotels. The best Raja Ampat 5 star hotel is Hamu Eco Raja Ampat. Same as the other lodge in Raja Ampat, Hamu Eco also situated in the seaside. This hotel is included as floating hotel that provide the guests breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can go swimming in the beach and the price is 1.800.000 rupiahs for one room.

Another Raja Ampat best hotel is Marley Beach Bungalow. Located in Tapokreng, it is the perfect lodge for you who want to be surrounded with forest. The facilities are private bathroom, free toiletries, and also a park. You can get room from 1.200.000 rupiahs per night. The last is Kamar Raja Guest House which is located in Selpele. The price to stay here is 1.200.000 rupiahs per night. It has facilities such as barbeque, bar, and chairs near the room. You can spend your time with snorkeling, diving, and fishing.

Raja Ampat Flights

Raja Ampat Travel GuideThe next question after accommodation is then how to get to Raja Ampat? This place can be reached by airline or ship. There are several routes that usually chosen by tourist such as via Makassar, via Jakarta, and via Manado. All of them will need to transit in Sorong. There are many airlines that provide direct flights to Sorong. If you are from Jakarta, then you just need to fly to Sorong. Airlines that provide flight from Jakarta to Sorong are Sriwijaya, Batik Air, and Xpress. From Sorong to Raja Ampat you can use boats to cross Sorong and go to Raja Ampat. Use taxi to go to the harbor, and choose whether you want to use Bahari Express Marina Express, or Fajar Mulia. The different is that Bahari and Marina are faster than Fajar Mulia.

Then how about via Makassar and Manado? It’s just the same. Makassar and Manado has direct access to Sorong. In Makassar you can use Garuda, Xpress, Sriwijaya, and Batik Air, while for Manado you can only use Lion Air to directly go to Sorong. From Sorong you go to Raja Ampat via Waisai. Not only by boat, Waisai can be reached by airlines. If using airlines you will be take off in Marinda Airport.

Bali to Raja Ampat by boat is another way you can use if you are coming from Bali. There are several ships that can take you to Sorong. But still, the simplest way is by using airlines since Bali to Raja Ampat distance is 2 hours 18 minutes by flying. You can imagine how long if you take boat. But there is no direct flight from Bali to Sorong, so you need to again transit in Makassar, Manado, or even Ambon for the best option, and then fly to Sorong.

That is some ways to get to Raja Ampat. There are no direct flights from outside of the country to Raja Ampat also. So for example, how to get to Raja Ampat from Malaysia, is that you have to fly to Jakarta first from Malaysia. After arrived in Jakarta, fly again to Sorong. Only then can you take a boat or to shorten the time once again use airlines and get off at Waisai airport. It is also the same as how to get to Raja Ampat from Singapore. There is no direct flight from Singapore to Sorong or even Waisai, so you need to transit first in whether Jakarta, Makassar, or Manado. Then continue again with the route to Sorong and then Waisai. In Waisai, if you need to go to other island, you need to use local ferry boat.

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Raja Ampat Tour Package

Now after you get information Raja Ampat Travel Guide started from location, accommodation, and flights, you may want to hurry to Raja Ampat. We, in Pamitran, also have our Paket tour Raja Ampat 2017 which can be a good option for you to go to the beautiful islands without any bother. Joining our packages such as Paket wisata Raja Ampat 3 hari 2 malam will give you great memory and adventure. All comfort and whatever you need there is guaranteed, so pick us as your Raja Ampat tour travel and it will not make any regret to you.

Our open trip Raja Ampat 2018 is divided into many packages such as 10 days 9 nights Northern / Southern Raja Ampat and 7 days 6 nights Northern / Southern Raja Ampat. This tour is a Raja Ampat liveaboard snorkeling, in which you will stay in luxury boat and snorkeling will be your main theme of visiting the islands. Other packages will be Misool Raja Ampat Tour Package 5 days 4 nights, Wayag Raja Ampat Tour Package 4 days 3 nights and still many more. You can check it on our website.

Our Raja Ampat tour 2017 offers you various prices as there are different kind of packages too. Like for example, if you take the live on board tour, the price will be about 1100 USD. But if you choose regular packages such as those 4 days 3 nights and so on, you will get Raja Ampat tour price at 625 USD. Another Raja Ampat tour harga can be check directly on the website.

You can choose one of the packages above to feel the excitement of holiday in Raja Ampat. Here, you can not only spend time for snorkeling or fishing, but also diving. The Raja Ampat diving spot is well known worldwide. It would be a loss if you are not diving. Some of the popular diving spots are Manta Point, Kri cape, Cross Wreck, Mike’s point, Waigeo, Fam island, and Farondi island.

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