Yogyakarta beach (explore the hidden beach in jogja)

Yogyakarta Beach

One of the nature destinations that are usually visited when you go to some places is beach. Beach is indeed offers you different feeling and view. Yogyakarta as a famous city in Indonesia has dozens of beach that stretch in south area. Yes, it is the best city to find beaches, if that is one of your reasons to come here. Some of them are even fairly new and this is why they usually called as the city’s hidden paradise.

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Several popular beaches are in Bantul regency. But some other are in Gunung Kidul that is lately open new beaches in its area. If you have longer time to spend your trip, make sure you will come to these beautiful tourist destination. The panorama will bewitch you, make you do not want to go home. Also, stay overnight in the beach which you think is best and find Yogyakarta beach hotel near it. Nowadays, Jogja already has beach hotel with nice services and facilities. Some of them even has cheap price, and it is suitable for a backpacker. Now, let’s find out what are the hidden beach in Yogyakarta to complete your  “must visited place” in this city.

Hidden Beach in Yogyakarta

Jogan Beach

Jogan beach is a blend between waterfall and the beach itself. When you go here, you will be welcomed with an amazing view  of a waterfall that falling over and emptied into the seaside coast. Imagine the water that comes from the mountain and then goes down and get together with water in the sea. It will make you chills and feel amazed. Jogan is the only one along Gunung Kidul coastal area which has such a coastal appearance. It also reminds people with McWay Beach Waterfall in California.

This beach is located near Siung beach. If you want to come here, make sure you come in the right time, that is in rainy season. That is the best time ever to see the waterfall because the water discharge is rises. In Jogan you will get wonderful view of sea in front of your eyes, and the sound of water falling into the ground behind you. To enjoy such panorama, you need to get down from above the waterfall into the beach ground.

Wohkudu Beach

Want to feel the real hidden beach? Just come to Wohkudu. It is a small one in Nglaos village, Girikerto, Panggang, Gunung Kidul. Precisely, it is in the east of Kesirat beach. If you stay in the center of Yogyakarta city, it will take two hours to arrive here. From the parking lot near the beach, you need to walk for ten minutes to get into the hidden shore.

Wohkudu beach has small shore about only 20 until 25 metres. It is flanked by the two hills in the right and left side. You will find the sensation of walking accompanied by bushes that sometimes still cover the road, really a typical of hidden beach because it is also still fairly new. But you will be satisfied after finding the beach and enjoy the water that welcomes you. Feel also the comfortable moment when your feet stepping on the white sand.  There is alcove like a cave beneath the cliff that can be used for casual seating to avoid the scorching sun.

Depok Beach

The next recommended Yogyakarta beach is Depok. What can you found in here? In Depok beach you can not only see sea which expanses, but also the fisherman’s activity to catch fishes and other sea animals to be sold later. So, what you will see is the fisherman’s boats, fishing nets, rowing tools, and if you are lucky enough you will find boats and fishermen who have just returned from fishing. The fishes that still fresh and live are on their ship. You can buy them directly from the fisherman, or eat it in restaurants in Depok that is also has fresh fish, directly from the catch of the fishermen. All seafood serves deliciously.

The beach is located in Bantul regency, precisely at Pasir Putih Street. It is also near with Parangtritis Queen of The South Beach. The entrance ticket is only five thousand rupiahs. Enjoy your day here and have no doubt to stay overnight in beach resorts near Yogyakarta or near Depok beach.

Nglambor Beach

You may be thinking that the wave in the south beach is more violent than the one in north Java. Well, in some ways it is true, but if you visit Nglambor beach, you will get different thing. Nglambor has hidden seashore and does not open directly to the beach. In front of this alcove there are two large rocks called by local people as turtle cliffs. It is this cliff that keeps the beach alcove away from the big waves. This alcove eventually forms a pool that is not so deep with calm water. Coral reefs live and fishes often play here. That is why snorkeling becomes mandatory activity in Nglambor.

Nglambor is one of the beaches in Yogyakarta which is preserved by the government. Visitors are asked not to litter and do things that will damage the life of marine biota in Nglambor. Let the wonderful view of Nglambor with the two guards of turtle cliff (Watu Kalong and Watu Kuntul) stays forever.

Wediombo Beach

If you get bored with usual beach activities such as walking along while playing with the sand, and drinking young coconut in the shore, just visits Wediombo. Why? It is because in this beach you can do surfing. Lately, Wediombo is known as the best place to surf in Yogyakarta. Not only Bali, Wediombo in Jogja also has the best stable wave.

Other than surfing, waiting for the sunset is the thing you can do. Wediombo beach has a spectacular sunset panorama because it headed to the west, precisely in the place where the sun is getting down. You can prepare your camera and take photos as much as you want when the time comes. For lucky visitors, they can see a local ritual too as an embodiment of gratitude and also prayer to God to give the locals much fortune in the future.  Other activity is snorkeling, swimming in the lagoon, camping, hammocking, and fishing.

Ngrenehan Beach

Yogyakarta beach

Ngerenehan beach

Gunung Kidul always identical with drought in summer and its Karst mountain. But in fact this regency has the most beaches among other area in Yogyakarta. In this regency you can found the lovely Ngrenehan beach. What will you get here is  white sand, green cliffs, and the fishermen’s boat anchored after going into the sea. If you want to swim, this area saves for those who want to taste the freshness of the water. Ngerenehan seashore shaped like a bay. The wave is not directly come into the seashore because it has been broken by the cliffs around the beach. Like in Depok beach, you can buy fishes directly from the fishermen to get cheaper price.

Timang Beach

Timang beach first time known not because the beauty of the beach itself, but because the simple gondola used for hunting seafood, mainly lobster. Local fishermen have to risk their life to find fishes that can be sold by crossing one coral reef  in Timang beach into another coral reef called Timang Island. This Timang Island is the best place to fish several kind of seafood. The slide distance is about 50-100 meters towards the west from Timang Beach. Because of the uniqueness that these fishermen have, the visitors then also want to feel the excitement of flying over the sea using this risky simple gondola made by woods and plastic straps. Prepare your adrenaline to drive this gondola alone above the pounding wave right under your legs. Beautiful and unique view of Timang beach can also be enjoyed when you drive this gondola.

Timang beach is located in Purwodadi village, Tepus, Gunung Kidul, Jogja.  The trip from Yogyakarta to Timang beach needs 2 hours to go. But right after you come here, you will be satisfied with the beach panorama.

That is several beaches in Yogyakarta that is famous for its own beauty. Dan pantai lain-lainnya in Jogja is no less than those described above. You can come to these amazing beaches with Pamitran Tours. We will be your best guide that accompany you wherever you go in this city.

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