Yogyakarta Trip Attractions

Yogyakarta Trip Attractions

Yogyakarta Trip Attractions

Yogyakarta trip attractions. Lot of surprise, is one thing that can describe Yogyakarta. This city has changed its face from a traditional town many years ago and takes the modern look as its part nowadays. Yogyakarta is one of the popular cities in Indonesia because of its destination. Located in south part of Java island, Yogyakarta has so many beaches that can draw your attention. Not only beaches, when you go to Yogyakarta, you can visit other natural attractions such as mountains, caves, and rivers. This is why Yogyakarta is known as the hometown for natural tourist attractions that amaze the eyes of the visitors. Admiring the city’s nature is one thing, but you can also learn its traditional culture and everyday life when you stay here and do many activities in the tourist villages.

Trip to Yogyakarta

Since there are many things you can do and visit in Yogyakarta, you may be need Yogyakarta travel itinerary to plan your visit in this city. This itinerary is very important so that your travel can be well planned and nothing misses on the lists. Pamitran in this way as your travel agent will help you to decide which places you will visit or what activities you will do. You can ask us about itinerary Yogyakarta 2016 for example, and we will guide you for the best choice you have to make.

Many variations of packages are made to satisfy our customer desires that are also different one another. Pamitran have Yogyakarta 4 days 3 night itinerary packages for example, and this itinerary already contains a sequence of tourist attractions that can be visited from Day 1 until Day 4. Of course, we also have other packages like 3 days 2 nights tour, 2 days 1 night tour, Borobudur sunrise tour, etc. So don’t worry, where you want to go, how long you will be stay, what will you want to do can be planned rightly in Pamitran.

Well, if you want to know at glance the places you can go to give you the idea in planning your trip to this beautiful city, here is the list of must see places Yogyakarta trip attractions :

  1. Borobudur Temple.
  2. Prambanan Temple.
  3. Malioboro Street.
  4. Keraton Ngayogyakarta.
  5. Tamansari Water Castle.
  6. Tugu Yogyakarta.
  7. Mount Merapi.
  8. Parangtritis Beach.

Yogyakarta is also a city that is friendly for backpackers. So if you wish to go to Yogyakarta with less money, you can try pengalaman backpacker ke jogja. It must be very interesting and you will get another feeling for your trip. By becoming a backpacker you can find more local food such as in Angkringan with cheaper price, go to destination that is not yet booming, and go shopping in the traditional market such as Beringharjo that offers you lot of benefit. For all of this info about backpacker, you can visit some of Yogyakarta backpacker blog on the internet.

Spending the time in Yogyakarta not only can be done in daylight. Even as a small city, Yogyakarta trip attractions has a unique nightlife. Seeing the nightlife in Yogyakarta will give you wonderful moment. Night day in Yogyakarta can be spent to visit the South square. There is a pedal car decorated with sparkling lights that can be used to surround the square. By sculling this ornamental car you will also feel the sensation of sports at night. Or, try the sensation of Masangin, in which you have to pass through the gap of two banyan trees by using a blindfold. Once said, if you can pass that gap with your eyes closed, then your wish will come true. Aside from the city, you can go to Bukit Bintang to see the sparkle of city lights from above Gunungkidul while having dinner in the restaurant. And still many more to do.

Shopping in Yogyakarta

In Yogyakarta you can also go shopping as much as you want. It has many shopping destinations start from traditional market until factory outlet in Yogyakarta. Usually you will be drawn to go to Malioboro Street. Here, you can see many factory outlet lined up and offer you variety of goods such as Batik, modern clothes, shoes, traditional souvenir, etc.

If you want to buy Batik, there are some places where to buy Batik in Yogyakarta. Usually you will be drawn to Mirota Batik outlet or Hamzah Batik in Malioboro, because it has many choices of model and size of Batik with good quality. This outlet always crowd everyday moreover if holiday seasons come. But if you want to buy Batik with cheaper price while trying to bargain with the local seller, you can buy Batik in street vendors along the Malioboro Street or in Beringharjo Market. Other recommendation to shop can be seen from Yogyakarta shopping blog.

As a modern city, Yogyakarta also has malls almost in all parts of its main region. This Yogyakarta city mall marking the modernity and is the part of nightlife in Yogyakarta. What can you do by visiting the malls? Of course, in the mall you can check and buy Yogyakarta souvenir such as traditional craft or traditional food that you will bring back to home. Besides giving you souvenir, going into biggest shopping mall in Yogyakarta, such as Jogja City Mall, Ambarukmo Plaza, or Hartono Mall will relaxing your eyes by seeing local people who walk around the mall. Other than the malls, you can visit Kotagede for buying silver craft, factory outlet of Chocolate Monggo, Bakpia, Dagadu, etc, for your souvenir shop Yogyakarta.

That is not the only fascinating thing about Yogyakarta trip attractions. Nicknamed as an education city, Yogyakarta is one of the best cities in Indonesia that cares about education world. So it is not surprising that here are many bookstores to be visited. If you want to buy book in Yogyakarta, you can just go to shopping buku Yogyakarta. It is a shopping center for many kinds of book that is popular for its completeness. Shopping book center located in Sriwedani Street and is the biggest shopping book center in Yogyakarta. Other than Shopping Book Center, you can go to ranks of a small book stall in Terban, Gramedia outlet, Toga Mas outlet, or even you can find books inside of the malls in Periplus or Books and Beyond outlet.


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