Yogyakarta Map

Yogyakarta Map

Yogyakarta map is a city that depend every direction inside the town on wind direction. Local people usually gives direction with go to north, south, west, or east and not with left, right, straight, etc. To understand where north, south, west, and east are, people here has given its own mark. This city has five regencies and those regencies occupy their own place. Sleman regency and Yogyakarta city is in north, Bantul regency is in South, Gunung Kidul is in the east, and Kulon Progo in the west. Every area that is separated by this wind direction has its own unique characteristic.

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Yogyakarta Map

1.      North of Yogyakarta

Mount Merapi

Mount Merapi is the easiest mark for north. Has a tapered shape like other stratovulcanic type mountain, the peak of it can be seen towering from the middle of the city, and this is a marker for the north, because this mountain is in the north. This area has its own geographical features. Here in the north mainly in Merapi, the air is cold and have abundant amount of water. Lack of water is almost never happened since there are springs from Merapi Mountain. The land is also fertile, so people can found many agro-tourism in this area. The mountain slope becomes forest area for water catchment that is useful for the subordinate mainland. Yogyakarta city and Sleman regencies are included in the north of Yogyakarta.

Popular Tour Destinations North of Yogyakarta

  • Merapi Lava tour
  • Museum Sisa Hartaku
  • Kaliurang
  • Gunung Merapi Museum
  • Ullen Sentalu Museum
  • Up Side Down
  • Merapi Landmark
  • The Lost Castle
  • Merapi Offroad Motorbike

Getting into the center of Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta city began to have characteristics like lowland in general. Here the air is not cold. It also has some river such as Gajah Wong river and Code river, that if Merapi erupts, the cold lava will get carried in this river.

Popular Tour Destinations Centre of Yogyakarta

  • Affandi Museum
  • Kraton Sultan Palace
  • Tugu Statue
  • Malioboro Street
  • Tamansari watercastle
  • Sonobudoyo Museum

2.      South of Yogyakarta

From north, now head to south. If Sleman and Yogyakarta city are in north, Bantul regency become area that stretch in the south mainland. Bantul region is included into the lowland area so that it has the geographical features as flat plains due to the erosion of hinterland and sedimentation that occurs in the coastal alluvial plains. At the very southern end, Bantul regency has unique geographical feature that is now used for research. It is the sand dunes in Parangtritis and in other seaside in Bantul.

Popular Tour Destinations South of Yogyakarta

  • Parangtritis Beach
  • Parangkusumo Beach
  • Depok Sand dunes
  • Depok Fish Market
  • Pandansari Beach
  • Kuwaru beach
  • Imogiri Royal Tombstone
  • Pines Forest
  • Parangndog Hill

3.      East of Yogyakarta

Jomblang Cave at Wonosari

In the east side, Jogja has Gunung Kidul regency. This regency is the only area that is always affected by drought if dry season arrives. This is because Gunung kidul mainland has geographical features of limestone rock and rugged karst mountains. Limestone causes water reserves stored deep enough in the ground. Some ways to pump it out are already done but not yet effective, so building the lake in some places is considered as the best solution at the moment. But some lake and river become dry in the dry season. Seribu Mountains (karst mountains) will become molt and dry.

Popular Tour Destinations East of Yogyakarta

  • Pindul Cave
  • Kalisuci Cave
  • jomblang Cave
  • Timang Beach
  • Krakal Beach
  • Pok Tunggal Beach
  • Bukit Bintang
  • Nglambor beach
  • Prehistoric Volcano Nglanggeran

4.      West of Yogyakarta

The west side of Yogyakarta is Kulon Progo regency. ‘Kulon’ means west and ‘Progo’ is a name of river that bent in the area and separated Kulon Progo regency with Bantul regency. Kulon Progo has Menoreh Mountains in its northwest area, and has geographical features as a mountain that has a fairly steep land. Karst plains are exist in Kulon Progo also, but even if this area affected by the drought, it will not be as horrific as in Gunung Kidul. It is just that Kulon Progo has unstable soil characteristic so landslide could happen.

Popular Tour Destinations West of Yogyakarta

  • Kalibiru National Park
  • Suroloyo Peak
  • Sidoharjo waterfall
  • Nglinggo Tea Field
  • Kiskendo Cave
  • Glagah Beach
  • Mangrove Forest




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