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Yogyakarta also called Yogya / Jogja / Jogjakarta / Djogjakarta, is a “special region” on Java. They also say it is the cultural capital of Java. Yogyakarta is build in the 18th century by independent princes / Sultans. During the construction of the city the Sultans were being guided by traditional Javanese beliefs about urban design and architecture. Although they were later subjected during the colonial period, the rulers managed to preserve a certain degree of independence until the end of the colonial period.

In the interaction of Javanese and Western traditions, the Sultans continued to leave their mark on public life , the administration and organization of Yogyakarta. Although there where councils established after the Indonesian Independence, which took over the daily management . The influence of the Sultan has so far remained. Therefore, this city has a unique atmosphere and distinct itself from all the other cities in Indonesia.

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Yogyakarta Places of Interest

Top 5 architectural sights

Yogyakarta is cultural city, visit Borobudur temple the biggest budhist temple and Prambanan temple the biggest hindu temple. Kotagede is ancient area with a lots of history. Since Yogyakarta ruled by the king you should visit the Sultan palace and water castle. And last take a strool the famous Malioboro street.

Top 5 Natural sights

Top 5 Adventure Activity

Are you visiting Yogyakarta just for one day, a few days, a whole week or even longer… We are able to help you with making a program which fits to your needs. Transport only, hotel or even all in. Culture, temples, hiking, offroad, cycling, walking… You name it we arrange it. But keep in mind, we can do more then just the classic tours.

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Yogyakarta Main Highlights

– Borobudur temple
– Mendut temple
– Pawon temple
– Chicken Church
– Mount Merapi
– Museum Ullen Sentalu
– Parangtritis beach

– Prambanan / Sewu Temple
– Ploasan Temple
– Sambisari Temple
– Ratu Boko Temple
– Keraton
– Tugu statue

– Malioboro Street
– Bringharjo Market
– Taman Sari Waterpalace
– Benteng Vredeburg
– Kotagede
– Sultans Graveyard in Imogiri

– Kasongan
– Sri Gethuk Waterfall
– Jomblang Cave
– Pindul Cave
– Kalisuci Cave
– Beaches of Wonosari
– Kalibiru
– Pinus Pengger
– Timang Beach

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