Merapi Merbabu Trekking

Merapi Merbabu Trekking. Mount Merapi (altitude 2930 masl), also Merapi Vulcano is located in the region of Boyolali, Central Java. Mt Merapi is known as the most active volcano in Java. The last eruption in 2010 had a big impact om the local people and surroundings. For several weeks the mountain was coughing smoke 24 hours a day. Merapi Merbabu TrekkingAlthough the environment around the Merapi Mountain became green again after everything was burned down, you can still see the devastation the eruption left behind in 2010. The Merapi is the most popular mountain to climb in this district. Most people choose to start climbing this mountain in the evening as it is less warm, but mainly because after arriving on the top in the morning, you can enjoy an magnificent sunrise with an amazing panoramic view. Next to the Merapi you can find a mountain called Mount Merbabu  (altitude 3145 masl). Merbabu mountain is located just 10 kilometers from Mount Merapi. In opposite of the Merapi is the Mt Merbabu mountain inactive . This mountain has a very dense forests, this in combination with the soil makes it become a challenging track. The Merbabu is a great habitat for several animals like deers, monkeys and starlings. Come and join Pamitran Tours trekking and hiking Merapi Merbabu.

Tour Program Merapi Merbabu Trekking

During this 4 days trekking tour, we bring a visit to both mountains. The first two days we focus on the Merapi and the last two days on the Merbabu. On day one we start climbing the Merapi after administration in the basecamp. We will climb in the evening from the north side of the mountain, as this is the easiest and safest route. On the way up, you will pass tobacco plantations and before the last basecamp, you will enter a lush forest, which is a habitat for the starling bird. We arrive at the top of the Merapi in around 5 hours (depending on conditions). Here you can enjoy a beautiful sunrise with view on the Lawu mountain in the east, the beautiful  Merbabu  mountain in the northwest and the twin mountains known as Sindoro mountain and Sumbing mountain in the west. On the top at the crater  you can smell the sulphur. At the south side of the crater’s rim, you can see a big crack which appeared during the last eruption. The Merapi have spit out a huge amount of lava from this side of the crater. You can still see this big path of devastation which was left behind, till many kilometres inland. Walking around the Merapi gives a unique feeling as it is an impressive volcano to see. This makes climbing the Merapi an experience you will never forget. After enjoying the sunrise we will go back to the basecamp. On day three we start with exploring Merbabu mountain. This mountain is less steep then the Merapi but with its total track length of 6.2 km and an elevation gain of 1200 meter, still impressive to hike. Merbabu is surrounded by green spacious savannas and beautiful hills. This makes the Merbabu definately worth to climb, which more and more people start to realize as well. After a day hike, we build up our own camp where we can take some rest before we start in the evening for another sunrise climb. After arrival on the top, you will see again the Merapi volcano, Lawu, Sindoro, Sumbing mountain, but also Ungaran mountain and several small mountains such as Andong, Telomoyo and Gilipetung mountain. This mountain is relatively easy to climb. Come and enjoy us on these 4 days full of adventure, beautiful surroundings and conditional healthy challenge.

Tour Itinerary Merapi Merbabu Trekking

Day 1    22.00 : Meeting point at the hotel, airport or train station. (Time can be arrange based on request) 22.00-23.30 : Transfer to Merapi Basecamp 23.30-00.00 : Prepare for trekking Mount Merapi Day 2 (Snack,L,D) 00.00-05.00 : Hiking Mount Merapi 05.00-10.00 : Enjoying the sunrise from the top of Mount Merapi and trekking down 10.00-11.00 : Lunch 11.00-12.00 : Transfer to Homestay 12.00 – : Free program. Dinner provided. Day 3 (B,D) 08.00 : Breakfast at the basecamp 11.00-11.30 : Departures to Merbabu Basecamp 11.30-12.00 : Preparation 12.00-17.00 : Trekking Mount Merbabu 17.00-00.00 : Staying on a tent, free program. (Dinner will be served) Day 4 (Snack,B) 03.30-05.30 : Hiking up to the top of mount Merbabu 05.30-07.30 : Enjoying spectacular sunrise of Mount Merbabu and going down to tent 07.30-11.00 : Trekking down to base camp 11.00-13.00 : Back to Yogyakarta

Tour Price

Price per person:

IDR : – / person (Contact us for newest prices info)

Price Include :

  • Private Tour
  • Private Transport
  • Driver and his expenses
  • 1x night accommodation homestay
  • 1x night accommodation tent (including matras, sleeping bag)
  • 1x Breakfast
  • 3x Lunch
  • 2x Dinner
  • Trekking Guide
  • Entrance Fees and Donation
  • Mineral water, 2x snack and coffee tea
  • Gasoline and parking fee

Price Exclude :

  • Personal expenditures
Notes for merapi merbabu trekking :

  • Valid until 31 December 2018
  • Not valid during national holiday (christmas, idul fitri ramadhan, new year eve)
  • Departure everyday
  • Minimum 1 person
  • Good health condition is required
  • Good shoes
  • Warm clothes
  • Camera
  • Bring your good mood!

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