Most Top Extreme Tour Yogyakarta

Most Top Extreme Tour Yogyakarta

Most Top Extreme Tour Yogyakarta

Have you ever imagine spending the trip in Yogyakarta with challenging activities? Yes, though Yogya or Jogja is an education city, its title as a city of tourism also made it grow rapidly especially in creating tourist objects that test your nerve. The adventure will make you scream in fun or fear. But everything is safe. You can try the famous sandboarding, paragliding, cave tubing and many more. Do you want to know extreme tour Yogyakarta? Check Most Top Extreme Tour Yogyakarta below.

Outdoor Activities in Yogyakarta

cavetubing pindul caveCave Tubing (Goa Pindul)

The very famous cave tubing is one thing to do in Yogyakarta extreme tourism. Cave tubing is where you will down the river in the cave using the inner wheel. The location is in Pindul Cave and the newer one is Kalisuci Cave. These two objects have been popular in Indonesia and even in the world. Very unfortunate if you should pass it while you are in Yogyakarta.

Rock Climbing (Siung Beach)

It is quite new in Yogyakarta and still few tourist objects offer you this challenging activity. Rock Climbing is an extreme trip you can try in Siung Beach. You will climb the coral cliff near Siung Beach in Gunungkidul. Actually it is not difficult to find hills to climb in Yogyakarta as there are many of them. But because the equipment is still limited, as well as the local who like it is still very few so that new other places for rock climbing hasn’t been opened yet.

Sandboarding (Parangkusumo Coast)

Have you ever heard of the sand dune in the south of Jogja? This Parangkusumo sand dune is now the place for sandboarding Jogja. Wow! People will slide down using the special board while trying to conquer the wind and body movement. Don’t be afraid to fall. It’s just smooth sand after all and you will be so addicted to play sandboarding again and again.

Merapi Jeep Lava Tour (Mount Merapi)

Other popular extreme activity in Yogyakarta is riding Merapi Jeep Lava Tours. This is the very unique tour that is only in Yogyakarta. In Merapi Jeep Lava Tour you will be invited to ride the 4WD jeep and explore Merapi downhill. Very challenging since you will go through the small and rocky uphill street, river, and cliff that you have never imagined before.

Paralayang / Paragliding (Bukit Gupit Parangtritis)

Paragliding or the local usually said as Paralayang is also a new extreme tour in Jogja. The only place that provides paragliding is Bukit Gupit or Gupit hill in Parangtritis. Though paragliding is a new tourism in Jogja, when holiday come you will see many tourist visiting this place to try paragliding. You can go tandem if this is the first time for you. And if you don’t have any friends the expert guide wants to accompany you to fly high above Jogjakarta’s skies.

Rafting (Elo River)

Is there any place to do rafting in Yogyakarta? Really? Of course there is. In Elo River you will see this rafting activity. Because rafting is very challenging, not many local or Indonesia tourist try this. Well, it’s great for you. At least you don’t need to get in line to get this experience. You will be accompanied by the expert guide and the safety tools are available. So just come here right away.

Death Gondola (Timang Beach)

Hmm, you must be very curious what is meant by the Death Gondola? Like any other strange and challenging outdoor activities in Yogyakarta, this gondola in Timang Beach is one of a kind in Jogja and even in Indonesia. It offers you fun and fear at the same time. How is it possible? Now you imagine, you are in a gondola, alone, and the gondola is made of wood and simple rigging which later will be drawn by the local. You will across from one coral cliff to other coral cliff located in the middle of the sea. Below you are the waves that continue to pound. Scared enough? Don’t be. Try this Timang gondola to feel unique trip you won’t get in any other place in the world.

Canyoning (Jogan Beach)

Yogyakarta is blessed by the exotic nature where waterfall empties straight into the beach. Jogan Beach is a beauty of Jogja in which you cannot only admire its uniqueness but also try its extreme activity. Prove how big your bravery is with canyoning the Jogan waterfall. You will be invited to climb down the waterfall using rope.

Rapelling (Jomblang Cave)

The activity where you go down the hill, or cliff, or even the depth of a cave is what rapelling in Jomblang Cave offers you. Jomblang is not like Pindul where it is filled with river. This cave is dry and its depth is deep enough. So that’s why rapelling is the the best trip you should try. You will enter the cave using a rope and go down from the mouth of the cave which is at the surface of the ground. After you reach the base, the guide will escort you to explore Jomblang and see the beautiful natural phenomena called Heaven’s Light.

Hiking / Trekking

Hiking can be simple but can also be challenging depend on the situation of the hill or mountain you climb. In Yogyakarta you can also do hiking as there are several mountain and hill. Mount Merapi for example is the most extreme hiking place in Jogja as you know that its weather and condition continuously change over. As the most active volcano in Java, Merapi has quite difficult tracking moreover for beginners. So there is nothing wrong if you be careful and prepare all the best to come here. But if you want to hike hills or mountains easier than Merapi, there are other alternative such as trekking Nglanggeran Ancient Volcano in Gunungkidul, Kalibiru, or Puncak Becici.

How is Most Top Extreme Tour Yogyakarta? Stunning enough that you can find the 10 adventure activities in Jogja? Well, there is still fun fact of Yogyakarta extreme tour. You can do those extreme activities with Yogyakarta tour package in Pamitran Tours. We have Jogja extreme tour package where you can find it very simple to go to that places, with affordable costs, and comfort guaranteed. Call us and order it right now to make your journey in Yogyakarta memorable and practice.


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