Best Hotel in Jogja

List of Best Hotel in Jogja Indonesia

List of Best Hotel in Jogja Indonesia

Best Hotel in Jogja

We cannot argue that if we go to some places must need place to stay. Don’t worry, there are dozens list of best hotel in Jogja Indonesia. Some of them have romantic view, some have classic but elegant nuance. Some hotels suitable also for family trip and some are highly recommended for backpackers. If you don’t believe, just check out best hotel in Jogja below.

Budget Hotel in Jogja

Greenhost Boutique Hotel

Interesting and unique are what made many tourist comfortable staying in Greenhost Boutique Hotel. The minimalist industrial design is accompany with the unique swimming pool. This best boutique hotel in Yogyakarta swimming pool is on the ground floor with open space above. There is also exhibition space where artists or designers held exhibition event. Price: $ 46.

Kampoeng Djawa

Kampoeng Djawa is very famous among backpacker. This boutique hotel has 9 rooms with small garden in front and all things here are furnished with traditional Javanese furniture. Though it is very cheap, this unique hotel in Jogja is very convenient. Price: $ 15.


Adhistana Hotel is very unique. The interior design and furniture adapting today’s young style. The boutique hotel has blue and white color scheme plus wooden furniture and copper fittings. Adhistana is very convenient for you who want to stay longer in Jogjakarta. Price: $ 25.

Lokal Indonesia

This hotel is pretty famous for local and foreign tourist. A colorful hotel with wall painted in splashes of color and geometric tiles is what Lokal Indonesia shows you. The furniture in the room is very functional. You can even found room with two levels. Lokal Indonesia will make you look great on Instagram too. Price: $ 46.

Yats Colony

Quite different than any hotels in Jogja, Yats Colony takes the concept of tropical view of Yogyakarta. Though Yats Colony is newcomers, but thanks to its homey eco-friendly nuance, many people like to stay here. The outdoor pool that surrounded by plants and trees facing into the rooms.

List of 5 Star Hotel in Jogja

Phoenix Hotel Yogyakarta

Phoenix Hotel Yogyakarta is the first recommended 5 star hotel in Jogja. Taking the nuance of colonial era, the interior decoration is very classical. Added with the fusion of traditional Javanese in some part makes this hotel is as luxury as eyes can see. The rooms are elegantly furnished and suites have separate living room. Phoenix is located near Malioboro. The price to stay one night is around $78.

Jambuluwuk Hotel

The name is very Javanese, but it is a modern 5 star hotel that is usually recommended by many tourist. The friendly staff is only one reason of many reasons like the artistic design of the hotel which using earth colors, spacious rooms, and the mixing of Java architecture in it. Jambuluwuk is 1 km away from Malioboro. Price: $ 40.

Melia Purosani

If you want to reach Malioboro and Keraton, staying in Melia Purosani is the best option. This 5 star hotel located between those two destinations. You can choose one of five room types and get all the best facilities it offers. Price: $ 93.

Eastparc Yogyakarta

The Eastparc is a luxury hotel near Jogjakarta Adisucipto International Airport. The nuance of modern style can be seen in Eastparc. Hotel facilities are such as spa, restaurant, swimming pool, fitness center, and free shuttle service to and from the Jogja airport. Price: $ 53.

Sheraton Yogyakarta

So far this is the closest best 5 star hotel near Jogja airport. The 110 rooms in Sheraton Yogyakarta will accommodate your luxury stay in Jogjakarta. Facilities include are fitness center, tennis courts, spa and sauna, swimming pool, and many other. Javanese influences can be seen in Sheraton interior decorations. Price: $ 61.

Royal Ambarukmo

Next best hotel in Jogja is Royal Ambarukmo which situated near the famous plaza Ambarukmo. As the name implies, Royal Ambarrukmo is a five star hotel with Javanese style. Besides close to Ambarrukmo Plaza, the hotel is close to Museum Ambarrukmo in which keeping the history and culture of Jogja. The five types room offers you a deluxe modern-javanese fusion. Price: $ 88.

Hyatt Regency

If you like to stay in a peaceful fresh hotel, you should come to Hyatt Regency. The luxurious hotel set in 22 hectares gardens makes it very spacious. The facilities are quite complete and include golf course, swimming pool, fitness center, tennis courts, restaurants, and spa. The location is in the north Jogja before you reach Kaliurang so that’s why the air is quite fresh. Price: $ 92.

Hotel Tentrem

The most luxury of all is Hotel Tentrem. The rooms in Hotel Tentrem are spacious and tastefully decorated. This is the hotel where Barack Obama ever stayed when he came to Jogjakarta. The very grand hotel has price starting from $ 102 per night.

Best View Hotel in Jogja

Sambi Resort and Spa

One of the famous resorts with best view hotel in Jogja is Sambi Resort and Spa. Many people have tried this place and find it very satisfying. Not only its luxury but also the beautiful scenery of green paddy field and trees and Mount Merapi that become its mainstay. The location that lies near Merapi makes it free from pollution and city’s hustle. In the morning you can cycling around the area or try playing golf. Prices: Rp 500.000.

Sumber Watu Heritage

If you want to stay near Prambanan or Ratu Boko temple, Sumber Watu Heritage should on your list. This magnificent hotel is beautifully located in Boko Hills near Ratu Boko Temple, which you can reach Prambanan only by 15 minutes from here. This Javanese style hotel will make your holiday more and more interesting. Location: Dusun Sumberwatu, Desa Sambirejo, Kabupaten Sleman, Yogyakarta.

Dusun Jogja Village Inn

Romantic and classic, is what Dusun Jogja Village Inn brings to you. The style of 1950ers will be seen here. The bed is very classic and some fitted with vintage mosquito nets. It also combine modern style so you will still find restaurant, movie room, spa, and swimming pool. Prices: Rp 736.000.

Gallery Prawirotaman Hotel

The 4 stars hotel is well known for the newlywed. Gallery Prawirotaman Hotel looks so clean with the white paint color and fresh because the tropical view that is highlighted from plants and trees that grow around the hotel. The romantic hotel in Jogja also has quite surrounding.

Here are some of the best hotels in Yogyakarta that can be included in your planning list. If you come here don’t forget to use Jogja tour services, Pamitran Tours, so that your trip will be very fun and simple. You can order our many Jogja tour packages. To find unique hotel in Jogja is also not difficult. We will find it according to your wishes and requests.


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