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March 16, 2016
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Adventure Paralayang Paragliding Experience

Adventure Paralayang / Paragliding Jogja

Adventure paralayang

adventure paralayang

Want to feel the adventure in Jogja? Or want a holiday in a different way and give a special gift to your family? Now present in Jogja tandem paragliding package that will certainly give you a unforgettable and wonderful memory.

What is paralayang? Paralayang (English: paragliding) is a free flying sport using the cloth wing (parachute), which took off with a foot for recreational or competition purposes.

In this adventure package you will be invited to see the thrill of parangtritis beach and beauty of the view around. The ideal time to do paragliding in Jogja is December until March due to the westward wind. It’s ideal to have the wind blowing west because of Parangtritis’ geography and it’s what makes you able to fly high.

Paralayang Package Price: 

Rp 560.000-/person

Transportation :

Rp.375.000 – (max 6 persons, if over 6, contact Pamitran).


Duration : 

Total of 1 hour, including preparation and flying for approximately 10-25 mins.

Location : 

Cliffs of Gupit Parangndog hill, Parangtritis Beach

 Open : 

08.00 – 17.00

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  1. Amin Rahman says:

    (1) What is price per person for paragliding? Is there a hotel pick up service from Eastparc in Yogyakarta? (2) Is it on during mid July?

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