Romantic Places in Yogyakarta

Romantic Places in Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is classic, artsy, and romantic. Everything in here is turned into beautiful attraction perfect for your family holiday or honeymoon trip. For honeymoon tour Jogja there are many romantic attractions you can get. Starting from the beaches, mountain, romantic hotel and restaurant, you can get the whole package in Yogyakarta. If you wish to have a memorable honeymoon time, just go to Yogyakarta where you will be spoiled by the beauty of the city and incomparable calm. Below are several inspirations of the best romantic places in Jogja.

Romantic Attraction in Yogyakarta Indonesia

Ratu Boko Temple

Ratu Boko Temple is not very far from Prambanan. It is a grand temple that will be very beautiful and romantic in the sunset. When sunset come into this place, the view around Ratu Boko is so magical. The perfect blending of an exotic skies and classic building can never be replaced. If you want to go here at sunset, there is Ratu Boko Sunset ticket which has different price than the regular one.

City Tour YogyakartaTamansari Watercastle

You must have often heard the name of Tamansari Water Castle. It is a royal garden located near Keraton Yogyakarta and Malioboro. The building of Tamansari is very unique, antique in its own way. This place can be perfect for your romantic journey as there are many spot to admire or taking lovely photos. There is nothing wrong to feel the classic but romantic trip.


Admiring Borobudur Temple is endless. Not only as a historical place for Indonesia, Borobudur in fact is a romantic place to spend your time with your mate. There are three tickets in Borobudur, Borobudur Sunrise ticket, regular ticket, and Sunset Borobudur ticket. Three of them are suitable for your honeymoon trip to Jogja. Well, the perfect one would be the sunrise Borobudur tour in which you can see the magical sunrise moment in Jogja that will never appear in other side of the world. But don’t forget the sunset is quite impressive too.

Pengilon Hill

This place is as new as you would never imagine it exists. Pengilon is a name of a hill that grows by the green grass naturally. Usually the one who knows about Pengilon Hill is the youngsters in Jogja. The place is very perfect to spend time together. Get selfie or photos with perfect natural background is very recommended. Pengilon has a beach down there that can also be visited. This is the beauty of Pengilon, where a green hill can be used as a place to see the open sea below.

Panguk Kediwung Hill

The name of Panguk Kediwung may sounds new to you, but not for the local. Jogjanese know this place as “Negeri di Atas Awan” (a land above the cloud). The reason why Panguk Kediwung Hill called as Negeri di Atas Awan is because the magical view of its sunrise. When sunrise comes, the sun would shine slowly to the hill and people will see the panorama of thick fog that enveloped the ravine in Panguk Kediwung, so when you were on this hill it felt like you were flying from wonderland. If you want to see this romantic and magical scenery quickly come in the dawn and you have to arrive before 5 a.m. Notice also the weather on that day. If it is cloudy then it is better not to come in this romantic attraction in Yogyakarta Indonesia.

Mangunan Pine Forest

Not very far from Panguk Kediwung, Mangunan is also has the best romantic attraction that is Mangunan Pine Forest. What you would see is thousands of pine trees and the fresh air. The sun rays that try to enter through the cracks of tree branches, the friction of branches that spoil the ears, and the wind that tries to make the tree dance will make you feel at home for a long time here.

Jogan Beach

Jogan beach is a well known tourist attraction in Yogyakarta where you can see waterfall and beach in the same place. Many activities can be done here from a romantic walk with the mate in the shore and adventure sport like canyoning. The most beautiful moment in Jogan is when the sunset. The sky will turn the color into purplish orange. The sun looks big with orange color, combined with the sound of water gurgling and crashing waves simultaneously.


A simple place can be also as romantic as you want. In this shopping center Jogja you can stroll around, shopping, and eating local culinary. Well, for many people that at least also brings beautiful memory for their honeymoon. You can spoil your partner and talk a lot about you two while taking a leisurely walk in Malioboro.

Romantic Places in YogyakartaMudal River Park

Mudal River Park is located in Kulonprogo, one of the regions in Yogyakarta. Though it is not a popular attraction in Jogja, Mudal River has hidden beauty to explore. The atmosphere is cool. Mudal River Park not only has a clear river flow but also waterfall that divided into many levels. Some of the waterfall has natural pool with different depths and can be used to swim. But as advice, try to come here not in holiday season where the local tourist will fill this whole place. And if you are not enough with visiting only one exotic waterfall, you can visit also to other waterfalls near Mudal River Park that is Kembang Soka Waterfall and Kedung Pedhut Waterfall which is more hidden.

Kedung Kandang Waterfall

An exotic new waterfall in Yogyakarta is Kedung Kandang. Because it is still new not many people know its existence even the local tourist. But yes, to some foreign tourist maybe they have been here before. Kedung Kandang waterfall can be found near the area of Nglanggeran Ancient Volcano which was first famous. The best time to come in this romantic destination in Yogyakarta is when entering the rain season where torrential water and the air is not too hot and dry so the water will be clearer. You can soak and play water in its natural pools. Kedung Kandang waterfall has a level so that it looks like dangling curtains. Each level has natural pool. The black stones same as those in Nglanggeran Ancient Volcano plus a beautiful view of the surrounding rice fields makes you forget to go home.

Ngobaran Beach

Located in Gunungkidul Jogja, Ngobaran Beach is an exotic natural view you should visit. Sunset in this beach is very wonderful and peaceful. Ngobaran is similar with Uluwatu Bali where there is Pura (hindu temple) in the edge of cliff in the sea shore and this is the only one panorama in Jogja. Though the Pura in Ngobaran is not as big as in Bali, the beauty of the beach and the unique attraction of Pura is a wonderful thing to admire in Yogyakarta.

Wediombo Beach

Different with Ngobaran, Wediombo Beach is well known for its giant natural pool in the sea shore. In the edge of the beach, Wediombo gives you a magnificent pool that the water is coming from the sea behind it. Many people like to swim and soak in this pool. You can also do that in your romantic honeymoon trip. But don’t forget to come here in weekdays and in summer to get the best weather and condition.

Merapi VolcanoMount Merapi

If you and your mate like a little adventure in your honeymoon, try to come to Mount Merapi. Stay one night at Merapi slope and when the morning comes you can admire the beauty of the most active mountain in Java. Enjoy the time where you can see the mountain shrouded in fog until the sun shining brightly and hit the body of the mountain. You can have a glass of coffee and warm local snack, or explore the area with cycling or walking. After that try to have Merapi Jeep Lava Tour. Stop by to Plunyon, the yellow bridge area where you can find a quitter and fresher nuance of the green valley. This place is also popular for a prewedding photo.

Most Romantic Hotel Yogyakarta

Not only the best romantic attraction in Yogyakarta that we give you. We also has list of some romantic hotel for honeymoon Jogja. Here is the list of most romantic hotel Yogyakarta:

The Riverside Jogja hotel

When you want to have a perfect honeymoon, you won’t choose hotel with a crowded surrounding right? Rather you will pick the one with comfortable, fresh, and quite nuance. If you want this kind of hotel, you should go to The Riverside Jogja Hotel. The room in Riverside is simple and perfectly blends with nature around. The classic traditional rooms deliberately made in the midst of thick trees. The air is fresh because it is located in Turi, Kaliurang, near with Mount Merapi. Free of pollution. Huts are made of wood to make it more natural and warm in the night. Prices: starting from Rp 420.000 / night.

The Phoenix

A five star romantic hotel located near Malioboro is The Phoenix. Phoenix is royal, luxury, beautiful, and stylish. Carrying colonial theme the decoration in this hotel is very detail and can bring you back to the immemorial time. The outdoor pool is instagenic moreover when the night is come. The view of the outdoor pool accompanied by the dim lights can conjure eyes. The exclusive room offers you view from the balkon. Prices: starting from Rp 750.000 / night.

Sumberwatu Heritage Resort

If you want to know what traditional village and houses in Jogja look like, Sumberwatu Heritage Resort will give you an inspiration. The traditional ethnique Jogja style presented here. Sumberwatu is located near Prambanan Temple and Ratu Boko. You can dine with your beloved here. But don’t forget to see the beautiful Ramayana Ballet in the night also. Other attraction near the resort is Ratu Boko temple, Plaosan temple, and other temple near Prambanan. Prices: starting form Rp 1.200.000.

Rumah Paris Bed & Breakfast

Like sweet things? Or maybe you want to surprise your mate with sweet things in honeymoon? Go to Parangtritis and stay in Rumah Paris Bed & Breakfast. Rumah Paris is usually visited by them who like unique design and vintage furniture. The old and classic European furniture fill the whole side and room in the lodge. It is very instagrammable and romantic because not many local know Rumah Paris Bed & Breakfast. The location is near Parangtritis Beach, the one that is famous for its mystical south beach of Jogja. Prices: Rp 405.000.

Villa Blue Steps

Sometimes you want to get private holiday with your mate. Villa Blue Steps can accommodate your wish. This villa has Java classic architecture called Rumah Limasan and blend with modern furniture, doors, and glass wall. Your relaxation will be perfect when you come to the outdoor pool that faces straight to the paddy field around the villa. Prices: starting from Rp 1.950.000.

Adhistana Hotel

If you like simple thing you need to stay overnight at Adhistana Hotel. This hotel is simple and modern. The attraction is its calm and clean nuance. Adhistana is located in Prawirotaman, a place known as tourist village. The distance to Malioboro is between 15 to 20 minutes. Its Lawas Kafe is popular among the youngsters.

Romantic Restaurant Yogyakarta

Dinner is a perfect quality time for your honeymoon trip. So don’t forget to dine romantically in some of these restaurants to get the best memory in your Jogja trip. We have several recommendations for romantic restaurant in Jogja.

Canting Restaurant

One of favorite elegant restaurants in Jogja is Canting Restaurant. The location is in the rooftop of Galeria Mall. Canting is very impressive and luxurious. If you want to get dinner while chatter with the beloved one in the rooftop, Canting Restaurant is the best place so far. The western and Indonesia food can be found here. You can choose one of the three rooms; indoor, semi indoor, or rooftop.

Gadjah Wong Restaurant

A classy restaurant in Jogja suitable for your romantic dinner is Gadjah Wong Restaurant. This restaurant is located in the side of Gajah Wong River Jogja. When the night comes, Gadjah Wong can be so beautiful with the dim lights and also its mainstay menu. The contemporary and traditional fusion will get you another excitement.

Warung Kepik Sawah

Paddy field is a usual view in Yogyakarta. But some of you may have never seen what paddy fields look like. You can get acquainted with the fresh panorama of paddy field and romanticize with your partner in Warung Kepik Sawah. This restaurant is simple and made as closely as possible with a house that is usually found in the middle of the Jogja rice field. The menu that is served to the visitors is very unique because it is Javanese food, snacks,and drinks. Eating here also becomes more fun when accompanied by Java music like gamelan that sounds relaxing enough.

Sawa Steak n Grill

Sawa Steak n Grill highlighting the rural atmosphere of Java and Bali. It sells menu varies from Indonesian food to western and japan food. The mainstay menu is of course steak with premium meat. The river sound that flows near the place will make everything complete. You don’t need to prepare because nature in Sawa Steak n Grill will help you to make romantic unforgettable dinner.

Secret Garden Café

Secret Garden Café is a famous café in Jogja for youngsters. The outdoor garden is the top romantic place in Jogja. Many tourist and local take dinner in this outdoor garden where lights and dark skies become the witness. The menu is hip so it is suitable for you who have young soul.

The Manglung Café

The Manglung Café is designed with modern style. It is located in Patuk, Gunungkidul. The Manglung is quite popular in Bukit Bintang (one of Jogja’s popular attraction). In this café you can dine while enjoying the magnificent view from above the hill. Bukit Bintang or in English star hills, is a place where you can see the sparkling of city’s lamp from the hill when the night starts to come.

We have given you the Romantic Places in Yogyakarta, romantic tourist object in Jogja, hotel for honeymoon Jogja, and romantic restaurant Jogja. Now is the time for you to take our Jogja honeymoon package in Pamitran Tours. What we offer to you is the best one. You will get the best offers about romantic tourist attractions that can be visited, hotel to stay, and restaurant to dine with. You can also request to us to get the best choice. So what are you waiting for? Contact Pamitran Tours right away.

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