Java Overland Tour Package

Indonesia is a beautiful country blessed with natural wealth and extraordinary underwater beauty. It even has variety of cultures, customs, and history which cannot be just ignored. If you have enough days to take trip and wanted to see the picture of Indonesia, you can just join Java Overland Tour Package at Pamitran Tours. By only visiting Java Island and its surrounding such as South Sumatra and Bali or Lombok Island you can get the perfect picture of Indonesia.

Java Travel Map

The Island of Java, Where the Picture of Indonesia is Perfectly Seen

Java Island, Indonesia, is an island borderes by the Indian Ocean on the south and Java Sea on the north. It is the most populous island in Indonesia with the capital city, Jakarta, situated on the nortwestern coast. Since long time ago, Java is well known as the main government in the kingdoms era (Hindu-Buddhist empires) and almost every historical action and legendary figures comes from this island.

Because of that, Java is rich in culture, customs, traditions, and lifestyle. So many to see in here such as fine art, batik, gamelan, traditional dances, traditional ceremonies, historical building, and etc.

As the beating heart of Indonesia, the island of Java also has many natural beauty, enchanting underwater life, and sturdy volcano such as Mount Merapi and Mount Bromo with its surrounding that become an attractive tourist spot nowadays.

Explore the Beauty of Java and Bali

Java Island is divided into two area, namely Sundanese and Javanese. Sundanese is for West Java, which includes Jakarta, Bandung, Bogor, while Javanese is for Central Java, which includes Yogyakarta and Central Java nowadays, and East Java.

When travelling through Java Island Indonesia, you must keep in mind that you will visit many destinations. Not all sites are close together. Therefore, we give advice to you to ensure that you stay minimum 2 nights at one places if possible and go to several places close to each other. In addition, you can also think about, to skip one destination and focus only in the site you want to visit. For example you can skip the West Java Tour or East Java and only focus on Yogyakarta, or combine Yogyakarta and East Java Tours. You can also choose to go to Mount Bromo Tours in East Java and then to Bali or Lombok.

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Part of Java Overland Tours You Should Not Missed


When travelling and take java overland tour, Yogyakarta is a city that must be visited. Here you can see Borobudur Temple and Prambanan Temple. You can take also Merapi Lava Tours, Caving Jomblang Cave, Cave Tubing Kalisuci, and many more. Enjoy the rich culture that you can witness in Batik, Ramayana Ballet Prambanan, Gamelan, and also silversmithing in Kotagede. There is also historical site to visit like Keraton Yogyakarta and Taman Sari Water Castle.

Central Java

Nearby destinations is Central Java. Tourist sites are scattered around Surakarta City which is the twin sister of Yogyakarta that is also famous for its traditions and Javanese heritage. And then Semarang City famous for culinary and historical building. Borobudur Temple in Magelang that has row of temples in close distance to each other. The last is Dieng Plateau, the place where you can enjoy beautiful mountain scenery and craters.


The islands of Karimunjawa is located in Central Java. It is the perfect place to find pristine waters, corals, and marine life. You can do island hopping, camping in private beach, and the best of all is snorkeling. Total 27 islands in Karimunjawa area, you should not missed the most popular island such as Karimunjawa Island, Menjangan Besar and Menjangan Kecil Island, Cemara Island, Tengah Island, and Kecil Island.

West Java

Next panorama destination java bali overland is West Java. It is where the Sundanese tradition can be seen. You should visit Jakarta as it is the capital city of Indonesia. Jakarta is modern, luxury, and crowded. Some site to be visited are Kota Tua, National Monument, and etc. Then there is Bandung, a city of flower. The weather here is cold and nice with tremendously tourism site. But you can also go to Banten Ujung Kulon Tour. Banten is the westernmost part of the island. It has beautiful beaches and small islands for snorkeling.

Mount Krakatau

Mount Krakatau is one of attractions in our Java overland tour. You can go here from West Java area, that is from Jakarta or Banten. Snorkeling and trekking the mountain might be one of your goals as it is quite challenging, yet amazingly beautiful sight to find.

East Java

Or you can just go to East Java. Some special places can be found in Malang City. This city is quite popular today because it has so many spectacular destinations and the wheather is nice too. Other than Malang, is Surabaya. Or the newest one that is Banyuwangi that has Meru Betiri National Park, and Sukamade to be explored. From East Java you can cross the island and head to Bali or Lombok Island.

Mount Bromo

Located in East Java, Mount Bromo and its surrounding is a spectacular sight to see. The caldera of bromo is very wide and has unique spot such as Madakaripura Waterfall, Teletubbies Hill, Pasir Berbisik, and many more.

Ijen Plateau

Near with our lovely mountain Bromo, there is Ijen Plateau. What can you find here in the java overland trip to Ijen? It is the magical panorama of Blue Fire, the blue lava that comes out from beneath the crater. Not only that you can also see the green lake with a wonderful scenery in the sunrise.


Last but not least is Bali Island. It has always been an interesting option to take Java Bali Overland because you can see many things from Java Island and Bali. Both islands will give you unforgetable memories. In Bali you can explore its pristine beaches, snorkeling, doing water sport activities, and go into its best cafe and beach restaurant for dinner. But one thing you should not missed for sure is Bali’s best tourism site such as Garuda Wisnu Kencana, Ubud, Uluwatu, and many more.

Competitive Price Overland Java Tour Package

We know that maybe affordable price is what you are looking for. That is why Pamitran Tours design economical prices so you can be free to travel to many places in our Overland Java Tour Package. Please do not hesitate if you have any request for the tour or to customise the destination as you wish.

Java Overland Tour Package Price Starting From:

Rp 5.000.000

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Sample Java Overland Tour Packages

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Central Java Temple Tour
Java Cultural Tour
Bandung Exploration Tour
West Java Exploration Tour
West Java Experience Tour
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5D4N Overland East Java
13 Days 12 Nights Java Overland
15 Days 14 Nights Java Overland

How to Take Overland Java Bali Tour at Pamitran Tours – Java Overland Tour Package

Java is a large island with many attractions. It is not always easy to determine which parts of Java you must visit. There are some factors you should consider to arrange Overland Java Bali Tours:

  • How many days you want to travel;
  • Where are the places you are most interests in;
  • How is your physical condition (some activities require good physical health)

You can not choose to have all of the destinations in Java Overland Tour Package unless you indeed have enough time to do that. If you don’t have much time you can choose to have just some of popular sites to go. For example, choose Yogyakarta – Bali rather than Mount Krakatau – Bali. But we advice you to visit Java Island because for people who travel to Indonesia for the first time, it shows a very clear picture of Indonesia.

Simple and Classic Route for Java Bali Overland Tour Package

We will show you some classic routes java bali overland tour. These routes are shown to give you an idea how you could travel. Don’t forget that these are just examples Java Overland and we are able to make a totally customised program. Here you can also find Java Overland Tour Package and specific places that are not included in the standard sample itineraries below (for example Pacitan, or Krakatau).

23 Days Java Tour

1 Arrival Jakarta
2 Jakarta
3 Jakarta – Bogor
4 Bogor
5 Bogor – Bandung
6 Bandung
7 Bandung – Garut
8 Garut
9 Garut – Pagandaran
10 Pagandaran
11 Pagandaran – Dieng
12 Dieng – Yogyakarta
13 Yogyakarta
14 Yogyakarta
15 Yogyakarta
16 Yogyakarta – Tawangmangu
17 Tawangmangu – Malang
18 Malang
19 Malang – Bromo
20 Bromo – Kalibaru
21 Kalibaru
22 Kalibaru – Sukamade
23 Sukamade – Bali

19 Days Beautiful Java Tour

1 Arival Jakarta – Bogor
2 Bogor
3 Bogor – Bandung
4 Bandung
5 Bandung – Garut
6 Garut
7 Garut – Bandung
8 Bandung – Yogyakarta
9 Yogyakarta
10 Yogyakarta
11 Yogyakarta
12 Yogyakarta-Tawangmanggu
13 Tawangmanggu – Malang
14 Malang
15 Malang – Bromo
16 Bromo – Kalibaru
17 Kalibaru
18 Kalibaru – Sukamade
19 Sukamade – Bali

16 Days Tours Java Drop Bali

1 Arrival Jakarta – Bogor
2 Bogor
3 Bogor – Bandung
4 Bandung
5 Bandung – Pangandaran
6 Pangandaran
7 Pagandaran – Yogyakarta
8 Yogyakarta
9 Yogyakarta
10 Yogyakarta
11 Yogyakarta – Tawangmanggu
12 Tawangmanggu – Malang
13 Malang – Bromo
14 Bromo – Kalibaru
15 Kalibaru
16 Kalibaru – Ijen – Bali

15 Days Java Bali Tours

1 Arrival Jakarta – Bogor
2 Bogor
3 Bogor – Bandung
4 Bandung
5 Bandung – Pangandaran
6 Pangandaran
7 Pagandaran – Yogyakarta
8 Yogyakarta
9 Yogyakarta
10 Yogyakarta
11 Yogyakarta – Tawangmanggu
12 Tawangmanggu – Malang
13 Malang – Bromo
14 Bromo – Ijen
15 Ijen – Bali

12 Days Java Tours

1 Arrival Jakarta
2 Jakarta – Bogor
3 Bogor – Bandung
4 Bandung
5 Bandung – Pangandaran
6 Pagandaran
7 Pagandaran – Yogyakarta
8 Yogyakarta
9 Yogyakarta
10 Malang
11 Malang – Bromo
12 Bromo – Surabaya

7 Days Overland Java Tours

1 Yogyakarta
2 Yogyakarta
3 Yogyakarta – Malang
4 Malang
5 Malang – Bromo
6 Bromo – Ijen
7 Ijen – Bali

5 Days Tour Yogyakarta Overland Tours

1 Yogyakarta
2 Yogyakarta
3 Yogyakarta – Bromo
4 Bromo – Ijen
5 Ijen – Ketapang / Bali

3 Days Yogyakarta Overland Tours

1 Yogyakarta
2 Yogyakarta – Bromo
3 Bromo – Surabaya / Bali

Contact immediately for your best and unforgettable Java Bali Overland Tour. We are ready to assist you. We will respond to your request as soon as possible and ready to make the best price for the tour.