13 Days 12 Nights Unique Java Overland Tour

13 Days 12 Nights Unique Java Overland

Your 13 Days 12 Nights Unique Java Overland start Yogyakarta. Yogyakarta is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia. There have been so many world leaders, celebrities and other renowned people have visited the second oldest province in Indonesia. Art, culture and tradition of Yogyakarta is still strongly felt thanks to its cultural heritage such as temples, traditional buildings and diverse cultural activities.

As the city of tradition and culture, Yogyakarta is known for both its traditional and modern art. Traditional dances, shadow puppets performances, batik cloths and so on are available to be enjoyed by the tourists. With such great hospitality shown by the locals and its cultural wealth, this city is certainly a nice place to pass the leisure time.

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13D21N Java Overland Start Yogyakarta Route

13 Days 12 Nights Unique Java Overland Tour

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Java Overland Family Discover Yogyakarta Unique (13 Days / 12 Nights)

Travel Schedule:

Day 1:    Arrival Yogyakarta
Day 2:    Borobudur
Day 3:    Borobudur – Merapi – Yogyakarta
Day 4:    Yogyakarta language class and village Tour
Day 5:    Yogyakarta City Tour
Day 6:    Yogyakarta – Kalisuci
Day 7:    Yogyakarta – Free Program
Day 8:    Yogyakarta – Tawangmangu
Day 9:    Tawangmangu – Malang
Day 10:  Malang City Tour – Bromo
Day 11:  Bromo – Kalibaru
Day 12:  Kalibaru
Day 13:  Kalibaru– Ketepang – Bali

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Itinerary Tour 13 Days 12 Nights Overland Java Start Yogyakarta

Arrival in Yogyakarta
After arrival at the airport where you will meet our staff, you will be transferred to your hotel where you can take it easy (based on arrival in the afternoon), your hotel will be in the Borobudur Area.

Yogyakarta is a pleasant, friendly city and is also called the cultural capital city of Indonesia. Today we bring visit to the Borobudur.The Borobudur temple is determined as one of the world’s cultural heritage building by UNESCO. Borobudur is the biggest temple of the Buddhist, with its spectacular historical building having green hill landscape as its background.
Afterwards you can choose to make a village tour by horse car, where you will take a drive to the area around the Borobudur. During this tour you will make a stop at some home factories.
We continue to bring a visit to 2 small temples around the Borobudur called Mendut and Pawon.
Optional : Visit Borbudur by Sunrise. / Or make a tour in the Borobudur Area on the back of a Elephant.

Borobudur – Yogyakarta
We wake up early in the morning to bring a visit to the MerapiVulcano. Early in the morning you have the change to get the best view on this amazingvolcano. Here you can still see the devastation after the eruption in 2010. Although the environment is already become green, you can still see the damage.

Optional: Four-wheel drive off-road
Optional: Goodmorning Merapi walk (good conditioned needed), where you take a hike through the environment with an experienced guide.

After the Merapi we bring a visit to Ullen Sentalu Museum. This museum has an private collection about the Sultan family of Yogyakarta. It even contains Dutch letters from when one of the Sultan’s daughters was living in the Netherlands. Afterwards we continue to Yogyakarta where you will check in your hotel. Here you can take it easy a take a dive in the swimming pool.

Language class and Village Tour
Today we would like to try to bring you closer to the Indonesian people. The best way to become closer to the Indonesian people is to make a start with studying some Indonesian language. In a short lesson you will learn how to say good morning, thank you and how to introduce yourself. You will see that as soon you are able to speak a little bit Indonesian, people around you will be happy to see that you try to speak their language. Afterwards we continue to make a village tour where you see the rural life of Indonesians outside the big city.  We go back to the hotel where we can relax a little bit. Because in the evening you will go for a small tour through Yogyakarta at Night and experience how the people in Yogyakarta spend their evenings.

After breakfast you will leave for a Yogya city tour. First we will visit the Tamansari Waterpalace, here we can see the water castle of the Sultan’s and his wives. There are some bathing places, pools, and historical places in and around this water castle. We continue to the Keraton. This is the Yogyakarta’s Sultan Palace. After this nice place it is time visit the Prambanan Temple. Prambanan is the most beautiful hindu temple in the world. In the environment there are more beautiful temples which are worth to visit. Beginning afternoon we will go back to the hotel to take some rest, because in the evening we will bring a visit to the beautiful Ramanyana Ballet. The Ramayana Ballet is a dance performance based on the classic Hindu epic Ramayana. The performance is characterized by a very impressive, special choreography and the story is about an adventurous love between the famous royal Rama and Sinta.

Yogyakarta – Kalicusi
Today we have a little bit more adventures day planned. The first visit of today is a visit to Sri Gethuk Waterfall. After a small trip by boat we continue at the waterfall. Here you can enjoy the nice view and enjoy the fresh water which this waterfall provides. We go back to the car by food through a few rice fields. Nearby we bring a quick visit to a small cave before we continue to Kalicusi Cave. Cave Tubing Kalisuci offers beauty and sensation, along the underground river that burst into the eternal in the cave is an experience that will never be forgotten.

You will feel one with nature and at the same time could feel the sensation of beauty and mystery of the darkness of the underground river. Cave Tubing is fun and safe for all ages. The skilled and experienced guides will ensure fun and safety are paramount in your cave tubing in Kalisuci. Our Cave Tubing Tour package includes life vests, tubes and head lamps, tour guide and refreshments.  After a mandi (Indonesian way off taking a shower), we are clean and fresh again before we return back to Yogyakarta. Before we enter Yogyakarta again we stop at a nice view point where you can take some pictures and can enjoy your drink with a nice view.

Free day
This day you can use as a free day to relax before you continue traveling to the east of Java or use it to bring a visit to the famous Malioboro street where you have a big choice of souvenirs.
There are many optional activities which can be done on this day (massage, cycling tour, cooking course, batik workshop, photoshoot in traditional Indonesian clothes etc.).

Yogyakarta – Tawangmanggu
Early in the morning we departure to Solo and the area of Mount Lawu (+/- 37 km form Solo).Our first stop will be at the market in Solo. We continue to temple Cetho. In Java language, Cetho means clear or pure. Driving through a tea plantation area we come on the slope of the Mount Lawu where Cetho Temple can be only reached by a narrow pavement road which is steep and curve. After a little climb a beautiful scenery will appear.

Further on the slope of mount Lawu there lays Sukuh temple. The temple is known for her erotic shrine of which structure and shape are like no other temple in Java. The temple is smaller but really interesting with reliefs on the gate and positioned in the garden around the temple. There are even reliefs of naked people and that is how it got the name “Erotic temple”.  The architecture of this temple is different because it is built as a very simple trapezoidal shape and looks because of that more like a Mayan Pyramid than every other temple which is build during the Majapahit Empire

After exploring the Sukuh temple we continue to the Grojogan Sewu Waterfall. Grojogan Sewu, means “a thousand waterfalls”, is located within a 20 ha protected forest area. This forest gives housing to thousands of monkeys. They roam freely without fear in humans. Although they seem tame, but you must remain vigilant because they could suddenly take your bag or other stuff.
It is a place to relax and enjoy the fresh air under the shady trees.

Tawangmanggu – Malang (long drive)
In the morning our car will be waiting to pick you up for your transfer to Malang. On the way to Malang, we will visit Trowulan ancient city. Trowulan is supposed to be the centre of Majapahit Kingdom (Majapahit is the biggest kingdom of Java in years ago) that has 11 km x 9 km width. In this region, there are a lot of archaeological heritage for example, temple (Bajangratu, Gentong, Wringinlawang, etc), pool (Segaran Pool, Tikus), gateway, foundation of building, and artefact like statue, relief, some equipment of ceremony, and household. Overnight in Malang.

Malang City Tour – Bromo
Malang is the second largest city in East Java province, Indonesia. It has an ancient history dating back to the Mataram Kingdom. The city population at the present time is around 780,000. During the period of Dutch colonization, it was a popular destination for European residents. The city is famous for its cool air and the surrounding country regions of Tumpang, Batu, Singosari, and Turen. People in East Java sometimes call it “Paris of East Java.” Malang was spared many of the effects of the Asian financial crisis, and since that time it has been marked by steady economic and population growth. To show you how this must have been during the colonization, we take you to Ijen Boulevard. In 1920 Dutch architect and city-planer, Ir. Herman Thomas Karsten had designed Malang as a Garden City, a city to escape from daily routine and having a break for the Dutch people at that time. Ijen Boulevard was a romantic touch of Mr. Karsten, here you can see old houses with rows of palm trees in side walk. These days, walking through Ijen Boulevard just like entering a time machine back to the past. In the afternoon we will drive up to Tosari village at Mt Bromo for check-in and overnight.

Early in the morning we will go to make an excursion to the MT. Bromo. We will drive first to the Mountain Pananjakan which has an excellent view for making pictures of the sunrise. After the sunrise we will drive to the Mountain Bromo through the sea of sand. This will be done by jeep. We will stop at the foot of the Bromo, where you can continue by food or by horse to the stairs of Bromo. After 246 steps you will reach the rim of the mountain which gives you a great view (this will be depending on the activity of the Volcano). When you are finished we will go back to your hotel for breakfast. After checking out we will drive to Kalibaru. On the way we pass through a local fruit market in Klakah and a picturesque Gumitir hilly landscape. After arrival you can rest from an early morning call at the swimming pool or take a walk into the village.

After breakfast visit the Kalibaru region where is one of the most important plantation areas established during the Dutch colonial period. The Dutch company transformed nearly all the fertile lands and valley to become the famous coffee, cacao, clove and rubber plantations. Many activities are possible in this region, bring a visit to the small cow farm where you can find Dutch cows which are kept for the production of the local Mozarella, a tour through the village by horse car, walking tour, visit rubber factory, and visit the plantations.

Kalibaru – Ketepang – Balli
Leave the hotel for your transfer to Ketepang. Here you will leave Bali and go by boot to Bali.

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