13 Days 12 Nights Java Overland

13 Days 12 Nights Java Overland Classic Tour

13 Days 12 Nights Java Overland Tour

Your 13 Days 12 Nights Java Overland Tour. Java island is the most populated and popular island in Indonesia.

As the world’s biggest archipelago with more than 17.508 islands, Indonesia owns numerous potentials for tourists: its nature with diversities of fl ora and fauna, history, culture, arts, and customs of various tribes and ethnicities. In addition, the marine potentials, stretching on the coastal line of 80.000 km, offer not only beautiful coastal panorama that lure the eyes but also serve as nautical heaven that invites further explorations.

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13D12N Java Overland Tour Route

13 Days 12 Nights Java Overland

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Java Overland Tour Family Discovering Java (13 Days / 12 Nights)

Travel Schedule:

Day 1:    Arrival Jakarta- Bogor
Day 2:    Bogor –  Botanical Garden – Gong factory – Wayang Golek puppet maker
Day 3:    Bogor – Puncak – Bandung
Day 4:    Tangkuban Perahu – Ciater hotspring – Saung Angklung Udjo
Day 5:    Bandung – Pangandaran
Day 6:    Pangandaran Tour
Day 7:    Pangandaran – Cilacap – Yogyakarta
Day 8:    Yogyakarta
Day 9:    Yogyakarta
Day 10:  Yogyakarta
Day 11:  Train to Jombang – Cuban Rondo Waterfall – Malang
Day 12:  Malang City Tour – Bromo
Day 13:  Bromo – Surabaya

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Itinerary Tour 13 Days 12 Nights Java Overland Classic

Arrival – check in Bogor/Jakarta City Tour – Indonesian Mini Park – National Museum – Bogor

After arrival at the airport where you will meet our staff, you can choose straight continue to Bogor for your hotel where you can rest and relax after a long journey. Or we will show you shortly Jakarta. Jakarta as a capital city is a busy city, but has many opportunities to visit. For example:
– National Museum ( Established in 1778 by Dutch Batavia Association of Arts and Science, this cultural centre offers excellent display of history, archaeology and religion, exhibiting important collections from international sites).
– National Monument ( Called MONAS was build during first President era. Standing at 137 meters in height, it is capped with 50 kgs flame of gold.
– Indonesian Mini Park, with 13,000 islands and 27 provinces, it’s hard to see all of Indonesia. To give people a glimpse of Indonesia’s natural beauty, a park was established just outside Jakarta. The park’s 27 galleries represent all of Indonesia’s provinces and the way of life in each. After the cultural tour, guests can relax in one of the park’s 10 manicured gardens or watch about Indonesia’s natural wonders through the big screen at the Keong Emas, or the state-of-the art Imax theatre.
Afterwards we will continue our Journey to Bogor where you will be checked in the hotel.

Bogor – Botanical garden – Gong factory – Wayang Golek puppet maker
During the British occupation, colonel Raffles was the person who let people make a Botanical garden in the centre of Bogor. This beautiful garden contains many plants and threes from all over the world and it is really nice to walk around in this beautiful surroundings. After these nice surroundings we will continue to the Gong factory where you can see how these instruments are made. You will also visit a well known Wayang Golek puppet maker from Indonesia. At his house he will show you how they make these puppets and he can tell you the legends behind each character.

Bogor – Puncak – Bandung
Today you will be transferred to Bandung through the high Puncak Pas where we will stop at a tea plantation. Here you will participate in a tea walk and see the process of plantation. Lunch will be served at the top of the hills with a nice view on the plantation. You will check in the Lembang area. Lembang is located approximately 1200 meters altitude and north of Bandung. It lies on the slopes of the volcano Tangkuban Perahu. It has a cool climate due to its high altitude, which makes it possible to cultivate many fruit and vegetables. It is also one of the few places in Indonesia where Friesian cows can earth and has a street where all kinds of dairy products (ice cream and milkshakes) are sold.
Optional: Taman Safari is one of the most memorable attractions Indonesia has to offer. You go by vehicle through the zoo and animals of all types walk up to the car. It is possible to visit this zoo when you leave Bogor.

Tangkuban Perahu – Ciater hotspring – Saung Angklung Udjo
Tangkuban Perahu, is a dormant volcano 30 km north of the city of Bandung. It last erupted in 1959 It is a popular tourist attraction where tourists can hike or ride to the edge of the crater to view the hot water springs up close. Ciater is pretty little place in the middle of huge tea estate. Its main attraction is the Sari Ater Hot Spring Resort; the pools are probably the best of all the hot springs around Bandung. We can enjoy swimming in warm sulphurous water pools that can heal rheumatism and skin problems. We will close our day with a Saung Angklung Udjo. This is a performance, sometimes is given by children, who all play on an Angklung (bamboo instrument). This music will be accompanied by dancing and singing. For an hour they give a performance where they try to involve the audience. After this day we go back to the hotel.

Bandung – Pagandaran
On the planning of today is a transfer from Bandung to Pagandaran. The drive to Pangadaran through the countryside is one with many nice views. De sawa’s and plantations ask for several photo stops. On our way we will make a visit to original Sundanese village called Kampung Naga. This village lives on the traditional way and doesn’t have electricity. Because of that they still do everything by hand. To reach this place you will need to go down on the stairs with 360 steps. After this visit we continue to the Indian Ocean, where you will stay over in Pangandaran.

Pagandaran is original a fisherman’s village but became a popular place for enjoining the tropical sun and beach. Today we will visit the natural park for a walk to see monkeys. After the park we will continue to the green Canyon. A local boot will bring you into the Canyon and when the stream of the water allows it, you can take a swim into these magical surroundings.Afterwards we will bring a visit to some home factories. These home factories produce krupuk, tahu, and you can see how GulaJawa (the typical Javanese sucker) is made.

Pagandaran – Cilacap – Yogyakarta
After  Pagandaran we will leave today to Yogyakarta. Here you can choose;
– go straight by car from Pagandaran to Wonosobo / Yogyakarta
– or take boat ride from Kalipucang to Cilacap, through a mangrove forest passing by picturesque
village. In Cilacap, you will visit Underground fortress.
You will arrive later in the afternoon in Yogyakarta.

Yogyakarta is a pleasant, friendly city and is also called the cultural capital city of Indonesia. After a long day travel yesterday we take it calmer today. You can choose for a free program, or join us to see how Batik and Silver is made and bring a visit to the famous JalanMalioboro where you can find all kind of souvenirs.

After breakfast you will leave for a Yogya city tour. First we will visit the TamansariWaterpalace, here we can see the water castle of the Sultan’s and his wives. There are some bathing places, pools, and historical places in and around this water castle. We continue to the Keraton. This is the Yogyakarta’s Sultan Palace. After this nice place it is time visit the Prambanan Temple. Prambanan is the most beautiful hindu temple in the world. In the environment there are more beautiful temples which are worth to visit. Beginning afternoon we will go back to the hotel to take some rest, because in the evening we will bring a visit to the beautiful Ramanyana Ballet. The Ramayana Ballet is a dance performance based on the classic Hindu epic Ramayana. The performance is characterized by a very impressive, special choreography and the story is about an adventurous love between the famous royal Rama and Sinta.

After breakfast, we go to visit one of the most impressive temples in whole Asia, the Borobudur. It is a huge Buddhist temple, which is determined as one of the world’s cultural heritage building by UNESCO. Borobudur is the biggest temple for the Buddhist. It is a spectacular historical building having green hill landscape on the background. You will also visit the two temples nearby called Pawon and Mendut. After this impressive scenery we will leave for the museum UllenSentalu in Kaliurang. The museum is located on the sloop of Mount Merapi in Kaliurang mountain resort, it’s Taman Kaswargan area, a heavenly garden. The museum displays relics and artefact from royal houses and kratons of Java, such as Yogyakarta, Pakualam, Surakarta, and Mangkunegaran. After a nice lunch at the museum in a nice colonial restaurant, we proceed to Cangkringan, a village on the slope of Mount Merapi that was destroyed from the hot cloud from Merapi eruption.

Yogyakarta – Train to Jombang – Cuban Rondo Waterfall – Malang
In the morning you will leave for a beautiful train right to Jombang. After arrival our car will be waiting to pick you up for your transfer to Malang. On the way to Malang, we will visit Trowulan ancient city. Trowulan is supposed to be the centre of Majapahit Kingdom (Majapahit is the biggest kingdom of Java in years ago) that has 11 km x 9 km width. In this region, there are a lot of archaeological heritage for example, temple (Bajangratu, Gentong, Wringinlawang, etc), pool (Segaran Pool, Tikus), gateway, foundation of building, and artefact like statue, relief, some equipment of ceremony, and household. Before we check in the hotel, we stop at the Cuban Rondo Waterfall. A beautiful waterfall on the slope of Mount Panderman. Overnight in Malang.

Malang City Tour – Bromo
Malang is the second largest city in East Java province, Indonesia. It has an ancient history dating back to the Mataram Kingdom. The city population at the present time is around 780,000. During the period of Dutch colonization, it was a popular destination for European residents. The city is famous for its cool air and the surrounding country regions of Tumpang, Batu, Singosari, and Turen. People in East Java sometimes call it “Paris of East Java.” Malang was spared many of the effects of the Asian financial crisis, and since that time it has been marked by steady economic and population growth. To show you how this must have been during the colonization, we take you to Ijen Boulevard. In 1920 Dutch architect and city-planer, Ir. Herman Thomas Karsten had designed Malang as a Garden City, a city to escape from daily routine and having a break for the Dutch people at that time. Ijen Boulevard was a romantic touch of Mr. Karsten, here you can see old houses with rows of palm trees in side walk. These days, walking through Ijen Boulevard just like entering a time machine back to the past. In the afternoon we will drive up to Tosari village at Mt Bromo for check-in and overnight.

Bromo– Surabaya
Early in the morning we will go to make an excursion to the MT. Bromo. We will drive first to the Mountain Pananjakan which has an excellent view for making pictures of the sunrise. After the sunrise we will drive to the Mountain Bromo through the sea of sand. This will be done by jeep. We will stop at the foot of the Bromo, where you can continue by food or by horse to the stairs of Bromo. After 246 steps you will reach the rim of the mountain which gives you a great view (this will be depending on the activity of the Volcano). When you are finished we will go back to your hotel for breakfast. After checking out we will drive to Surabaya. Here we can bring you to your hotel or to the airport for your flight tot your next destination.

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