West Java

West Java is one of the 6 provinces of Java. In Indonesian it is called ‘Java Barat’. And as the name already mentions it is located in the west of Java. This province has a high population of inhabitants with 2 main big cities as Bogor and Bandung. Although Jakarta is not a part of this province, still a big urban part of Jakarta fells in the province of West Java. This makes West Java the most populous and most densely populated of Indonesia’s provinces.
Many people travel through west Java during their overland journey and will pass by through Bogor, Bandung and Pangandaran, but this Sundanese province has way more to offer. From the quit Ujung Kelon National park where only there you find the one horned Javanese rhino, till the beaches as Batu Karas which are good for surfing. This province has a big diversity of culture, history, architecture and nature. One of our favorites is the Malabar tea plantations.

West Java Highlights:
–    Botanical garden Bogor
–    Pangandaran National park and Green Canyon
–    National Park Ujung Kelon
–    City of Cirebon
–    National park Halimun
–    Tangkuban Parahu
–    White colored lake (Kawah Putih)
–    Tea plantation Malabar.
–    Kampung Naga
–    Bandung’s architecture