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Central Java Tour Package is the heart of Indonesia. If you want to travel while introduced by some interesting Indonesia culture, you should visit Java Island, especially to Central Java. In Central Java Tour Package you will see a lot about the real Indonesia. We, in Pamitran Tours will invite you to see the best attraction such as Borobudur temple tour, Surakarta Solo Tour package with visiting to unique temples like Cetho and Sukuh, plantations in Karanganyar, Semarang Tour, Ambarawa Tour, Karimunjawa Island Tour, and one not to forget is tour dieng plateau. Other than seeing Dieng Plateau tourism that is recently very popular, you can also try our special Central Java Overland Tour. Let’s explore the hidden gem of Indonesia!

A Brief Note of Central Java Indonesia Tourism

Central Java (Jawa Tengah in Indonesia, abbreviated as Jateng) is situated in the middle of Java Island. The capital is Semarang City, a maritime and historical place. Central Java Indonesia tourism is where you can find the real tradition and custom of the Javanese, the biggest ethnic in Indonesia.

Called as the ‘Heart’ of Java, history has left its footprints across this area, causing a rich culture and tradition descending from a powerful Hindu and Buddhist past, and more recent Islamic influences. You can see temples such as Borobudur, Prambanan, Cetho and Sukuh in Solo City which known as the magnificent monument in Hindu-Buddha era.

Dieng Plateau Wonosobo nowadays is also a beautiful place to visit. It has magnificent natural panorama, plantations, ancient temple, and crater. As a highland, tour to Dieng Plateau may give you different feeling than any other area in Indonesia. Frost and light snow is a usual phenomena.

Why Go To Central Java?

The area of Central Java is bordered by West Java in the west, Yogyakarta in the South, East Java in the east, and Java Sea in the north. The island of Nusakambangan and Karimunjawa are also included in the area. So many have agreed that in Central Java first major Indianised civilization was born. That is why up till now you can find the most culture in this part of Java.

And why you should take this central java travel package? The area has so many culture, nature and history that you need many weeks to explore. People here are also warm and friendly, even to those who are coming from other countries. Central Java is also the centre to find good quality Batik, seeing the performance of Gamelan music, Wayang puppet, and traditional dance, finding high quality of Indonesia craft, and of course the perfect place to try delicious local cuisine.

Central Java Tourist Map

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Getting there

An extensive network of good roads and railway link major cities and villages. Airports in both Semarang and Solo and seaports of Tanjung Emas and a natural harbor in Cilacap provide national and international access to the region. Door-to-door minibuses are available to and from Java and Sumatra.

Central Java Tour

Central Java Tourist Attractions List

Here are some of the best Central Java tourist attractions.

Dieng Tour (Wonosobo)

Dieng Plateau, the area near Wonosobo, is known as the Land of Gods (Di Hyang) by the local people. It is a highland with coller temperature, and sometimes frost and light snow can come when the temperature reaching the lowest degree.

When you go to the area, you will visit some of its popular tourist spot like dieng plateau color lake, dieng plateau sikidang crater, dieng plateau sunrise tour in Sikunir, dieng plateau temples Arjuna, and if you are lucky dieng plateau festival. The road to the Dieng Plateau passes through tobacco plantations and beautiful mountain scenery. We can also stop by to some spot.

Pamitran Tours offers you dieng plateau day tour, yogyakarta dieng tour, borobudur dieng plateau tour, Dieng Golden Sunrise Sikunir Tour, and a lot more.

Magelang (Borobudur Temple Tour)

Magelang City in Central Java is home for the worldwide Buddhist Temple, Borobudur. When you come here, you can visit Borobudur Temple and other smaller such as Mendhut and Pawon Temple. The other destinations are: Selogriyo Temple, Chicken Church and sunrise in Punthuk Setumbu, Mount Andong for camping, Candi Umbul hotspring, and Ketep Pass a place to see Mount Merapi and Merbabu.

Surakarta / Solo Tour Package

Surakarta or usually called as Solo City is the twin sister for Yogyakarta. In the past, the area of Solo and Yogyakarta are one. They separated since Giyanti agreement. Similar to Jogja, Solo is a place to get introduced to Java tradition and custom. There are Surakarta Palace as one of the favorite tourist destination in central java, Sangiran (ancient humans museum), Sukuh and Cetho Temple (the unique and erotic temple), and plantations in Karanganyar. Solo is also one of the major centre of batik and old Javanese antiques.

Semarang Tour Package

Situated on Java’s northern coast is the capital of Central Java, Semarang. Famous for historical and colonial building and culinary. Perfect for day trips, you can also start from yogyakarta. The busy port city of Semarang serves you Old Town which was built during Dutch colonial era, Blenduk Church, and Lawang Sewu (building with thousand doors). Visit also Sam Poo Kong Temple and Chinatown in Semarang. Or try Lumpia Semarang as your snack.

Karimunjawa Island Tour Package

The archipelago is the home for coral reef, mangrove forest, beach forest, and also 400 species of sea fauna. Heavenly beaches, perfect diving and snorkeling spots, unique shark pool, as well as life of Bugis and Madura fishermen would be interesting experiences you can find here. Island hopping to some private one is also recommended.

Some of The Favorite Tourist Places in Central Java

  • Gedhong Songo Temple
  • Cetho and Sukuh Temple
  • Borobudur Temple
  • Dieng Plateau
  • Ambarawa Railway Museum
  • Plantations in Karanganyar
  • Surakarta Palace
  • Sangiran
  • Lawang Sewu and Old Town
  • Karimunjawa Islands
  • Etc

Trekking and Hiking Tour in Central Java

If you like adventure and interested in trekking and hiking mountains, Central Java has some of the best. We provides volcano tour in Central Java such as :

  • Mount Merapi
  • Mount Merbabu
  • Mount Prau
  • Mount Sikunir
  • Mount Lawu
  • Mount Sumbing
  • Mount Sindoro

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Contact us for more information of hiking tour in Indonesia.

Central Java Tours Price:

We give our clients competitive price for Central Java tours so you can get all the best from the trip. For those who go as backpackers still can enjoy our tour. Complete facilities and cheap price are what we offer.

The Central Java Tour Packages Start Only From:

Rp 785.000

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Our Central Java Tour Packages

Borobudur Temple Dieng Tour Package
Karimunjawa Bromo Tour
Central Java Temple Tour
Solo Tour Package
Explore Dieng Plateau
2D1N Semarang Tour
Explore Solo
4 days 3 nights jogja semarang tour
4 days 3 nights Jogja Dieng Sunrise Borobudur Tour
Explore Dieng Plateau

Sample Itinerary Dieng Plateau Tour Package

Dieng Plateau Tour Package Golden Sunrise Itinerary

  • 00:00 : Meeting point.
  • 00:00 to 03:00 : Departure to Sikunir
  • 03:00 to 07:00 : Sunrise Sikunir
  • 07:00 to 12:00 : Breakfast and visit to the DPT , Sikidang Crater , Batu Ratapan , Dieng Temple Complex
  • 12:00 to 13:00 : Lunch
  • 13:00 to 16:00 : Back to Yogyakarta

Come to Central Java and join pamitrantours.com to enjoy unforgetable trip in Indonesia. We are glad to assist you. If you have any questions or request about the package, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately. Enjoy the best holiday you have ever had with Pamitran Tours.

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