Dieng plateau wonosobo

10 Things to do in Dieng Plateau

Dieng Plateau Wonosobo

Dieng is a plateau located in Central Java. It is included to Banjarnegara and Wonosobo regency. Precisely, this area is located between Mount Sindoro and Mount Sumbing. The name comes from the Sundanese in Galuh Kingdom era, “di hyang”. Dieng means the Abode of Gods.

Dieng Plateau Wonosobo wheather is always cold. It has wet climate, typical of subtropical highland. Uniquely, in the dry season or summer, Dieng plateau wonosobo temperature can drop as down as -2 until 2 degree celcius in the night. Because of this, agriculture harmed and no plantation success. Though it is the hardest time in Dieng plateau wonosobo for plantations, but at the same time, it is the best time to visit Dieng Plateau Wonosobo. In dry season from May until October the rainfall is less. This you can go anywhere in Dieng. So what are several best Yogyakarta to Dieng Plateau tourism object? Below is the information.

10 Things to do in Dieng

  1. Mount Prau

Mount Prau is a very popular destination in Dieng. This mountain called Prau because of the form that similar to ship (Ship is ‘Perahu’ in Indonesia). This tourist place is never empty of visitors. In the holiday season, you will be accompanied by many people who travel here. Near this object you can find new tourist spot called hill Teletubbies filled with daisy flowers. Here you can see the sunrise, sunset, and also the expanse of Milkyway stars.

This tour is a hiking tour, so to enjoy the beauty of it all you have to do is hiking the peak of Mount Prau. The camping at its peak is also highly recommended. Do not forget to bring a jacket, because the night can be very cold. Entrance fee is 10.000 rupiah.

  1. Dieng Plateau Theater

Next must visit places is Dieng Plateau Theater. What can you do here? You can watch movie about Dieng plateau wonosobo, its history, geographical condition, custom, and many more. The duration of the movie is about 23 minutes. Ticket is only 4000 rupiahs. This place should be the first place to visit, because it can give you basic knowledge before finally plunge into the objects that have been described from the movie. Opening hours is from 7 a.m to 6 a.m. You can order the ticket if you do not want to queue.

  1. Batu Ratapan Angin

Batu Ratapan

Batu Ratapan Angin

This tourist area presents extraordinary scenery of the Color Lake and the Pengilon Lake. From the height of 2010 mdpl you can enjoy the awesome painting of God’s creation and the rustling of the leaves and the wind that continues to accompany you. The two stones commonly used to sit while enjoying the wailing of the wind and the rustling leaves is the reason why this tourist area is called The Lamentation Wind Stone or Batu Ratapan Angin. The ticket price is 10,000 rupiahs and can be paid at the entrance at the foot of the hill.

  1. Telaga Pengilon

The unique characteristic makes Telaga Pengilon become famous among tourist. Telaga Pengilon means lake that has water as clear as mirror. Location of the lake is not far from the Color Lake beside it. So when you pay for admission, one ticket is valid for two destinations. This lake is also near with Dieng temple tour. Entry ticket is 10.000 rupiahs.

  1. Dieng Plateau Color Lake

Dieng Plateau Color Lake or in Indonesian called as Telaga Warna Dieng is a lake located at altitude 2000 mdpl. It is named as Color Lake because the water color can change depend on the weather, time, point of view and visibility. The access is easy, and there are still many other destinations near the object to explore. The ticket price is only 10.000 rupiahs for domestic. Cheap enough and you can also visit other nearest lake that is Pengilon Lake.

Sometimes the water in Color Lake is blue. But sometimes may be green, yellowish white, and like a rainbow. The perfect time to come here is during daylight when the best sunlight touches the lake. You can see it from Batu Ratapan Angin spot too.

  1. Sikunir Hill

Enjoying sunrise in Indonesia is never boring. The radiance of the light is different from other area with cold climates. Because it is located in the tropical area, the sunrise view here is certainly amazing. This also applies to Sikunir Hills. This hill may be small and not too high, but at its peak, you can enjoy the amazing sunrise. Accompanied by fog, you can see the scenery of four well-known mountains of Sindoro and Sumbing on the left side, while Merapi and Merbabu in the southeast.

Sikunir named as The Best 5 Sunrise Spot in Southeast Asia. Hiking here only takes 30 minutes to an hour. Entrance tickets are also cheap only about 10,000 rupiahs.

  1. Sikidang Crater

Dieng plateau wonosobo

Sikidang Crater

Kawah Sikidang or Sikidang Crater is the next object in Dieng plateau wonosobo that you must be visited. The uniqueness of this crater becoming worldwide because there is strange phenomena that occur. Here, the crater pool can move to another place within a large area within 4 years. This crater is one of the most accessible because it is located on a rather low plain. There are many toxic gases that resemble white smoke and smell of sulfur, so visitors are expected to wear masks. Do not smoke in this area because it can cause a fire, and stand behind the guard fence so as not to fall and get into the active crater. Entrance fee only 10,000 rupiahs and this is a ticket also to the nearest tourist attractions such as Arjuna Temple and Bima Temple.

  1. Arjuna Temple

dieng plateauIf you want to see temple in Dieng plateau wonosobo, you can visit the most popular temple complex named Arjuna Temple. The entrance fee to the temple is only 5000 rupiahs and 10.000 rupiahs to continue your journey to Sikidang Crater. Built in 9 AD in the Sanjaya dynasty, Arjuna is the oldest temple in Java.

Arjuna temple consist of three complex of temple and one temple building. The first is the main temple complex that is Arjuna Temple complex, consist of Arjuna temple, Semar temple, Sembadra temple, Srikandi temple, and Puntadewa temple. The other is Gatutkaca temple complex and Dwarawati temple complex. The last is Bima temple, which is the biggest building in the complex. In Arjuna temple you can also witnessing the traditional festival of cutting children’s dreadlocks.

9. Dieng Festival

In Dieng itself there is a memorial service called a dreadlocks hair cutting ceremony. Small children in this area usually have dreadlocks and are believed that if they have no ceremony for cuts and prayers will bring bad luck to the child. The festival will be accompanied by gamelan. Before the deduction is carried out there will usually be an elder praying first while giving offerings. After that hair cutting was done in the hope that the children will not have dreadlocks again and his life will bring blessing. If the local not doing this ceremony it is believed that the child will be sick as long as he lives.

10. Purwaceng & Carica

Traveling to Dieng is not complete if it does not buy some typical products from this area. Its superior products are Carica and Purwaceng. What is Carica? Carica is a beverage product made from Carica fruit that has almost the same shape as papaya but has a different flavor. This fruit can only grow in Dieng Plateau area only. Because it tastes sour if it is eaten just like that, then the local made into candied products to make it more delicious.
While Purwaceng is a plant that looks like ginseng and it feels spicy. When you take a vacation here, try this traditional drink. There are many usability that is to accelerate blood circulation, heal the cold, even a cure for male vitality.

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Dieng Plateau Tour

Tour to Dieng can be the best option to continue your trip after feeling enough with Jogjakarta city. There are many travel agents that offer you Dieng Plateau day trip. One of the most trusted tour and travel agent is Pamitran. We offer you the best paket wisata Dieng with various prices but competitive enough.

Our Dieng Plateau tour from Yogyakarta is what we recommend for you. We have the 4 days 3 nights Jogja Dieng Sunrise Borobudur Tour package and 3 days 2 nights Jogja Dieng Plateau Tour for you who want to see the beauty of Jogja and then continue to see the wonderful Dieng. In Jogja, you will visit some places like Prambanan, Borobudur, Tamansari, Parangtritis, etc, and then in Dieng you will visit Sikidang Crater, Batu Ratapan Angin, and many more.

Or try other packages that centered to Dieng plateau wonosobo only such as Full Day Dieng Plateau Tour, Dieng Plateau 2 Days 1 Night Tour, and Golden Sunrise Sikunir Dieng. The usual tourist attractions in Dieng that you are going to visit are Sikunir hill, Sikidang Crater, Arjuna Temple, Batu Ratapan Angin, and other popular object. All itinerary and prices are available on our website. So if you want to get complete information please check it here.

Dieng Plateau Hotel and Homestay

Due to the economic reasons of the local, it has been agreed that there are no luxury resorts in the Dieng area. The government around deliberately make the regulation so that the local be independent and creative in looking for income from homestay and hotel. But you do not need to worry, hotels and homestays in Dieng are already have good service and facilities. Then what are the best hotels to stay? First is Kresna Hotel. Located near Wonosobo square, this is one of the best hotels in Wonosobo city. It has room variations, swimming pool, and meeting room. With an average rate of 600,000 rupiahs per night you can stay comfortably in the Wonosobo area close to Dieng.

Second is CRA hotel and resto. Having a minimalist concept will give you comfort when you stay here. Though minimalist, the hotel looks so modern and complete with facilities such as wifi and restaurant of course. The location is in Sabuk Alu no.39 Wonosobo, and it is easy to access. The price starts from 350.000 rupiahs. Next hotel would be Dieng Kledung Pass Hotel and Restaurant. Located in Wonosobo, this hotel is recommended as the best hotel that offers you the view of Dieng mountain. The architecture is inspired by traditional Java look, so it is sometimes look oldish, but the overall view is amazing. The price starts from 340.000 rupiahs.

The last is The Cabin Tanjung Hotel in Wonosobo. This is a clean and highly recommended hotel. Every room has TV, AC, and private bathroom with bathtub and shower. This hotel is free wifi and service is on for 24 hours. Toiletries are also free. The price starts from 350.000 rupiahs.

If you are coming with your family or group of friends homestay is the best choice. Pondok Besan Homestay located in Manggisan Indah Street P/16 Wonosobo is the famous one. The room price is 300.000 rupiahs. It is the best homestay with an exotic view of river. The second is Acacia Dieng Homestay which is located in Dieng Highway. The facility is complete such as TV, wifi, hot drink packages and many more. The cheapest room rate is 350.000 rupiahs.

Another homestay located in Dieng is Bunga Dieng Homestay. This homestay is near with Arjuna Temple Complex, Sikidang crater, Telaga Warna, and Sikunir Hill. Very suitable for family and for you who want to go directly to the tourist destinations. The last homestay is Ratu Dieng Homestay. This Homestay is new. But the facilities offered are not inferior to the homestay that was already there. With its modern style, this homestay is suitable for families as well as newly married couples. The rooms are quite spacious and are located in the Dieng Plateau area. It only takes 5 minutes to Arjuna Temple. Facilities such as wifi, indoor bathroom, hot shower, etc, are available. The room price starts from 350.000 rupiahs.

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