Jakarta Travel Guide: A Complete Guide

Jakarta travel guide. Jakarta is the capital of the Indonesian state, formerly Batavia in the reign of Dutch East Indies. Jakarta map is located on Java Island, precisely on the northwest coast. The city has a very crowded population as it is the center of economic growth. Jakarta population is 10,075,310 according to data in 2014.

Before having the name Batavia given by the Dutch government, Jakarta was nicknamed as Sunda Kelapa. It is a very important place for various state meetings and its ports to be an advanced port for trading from outside of the island as well as abroad. Jakarta is therefore a meeting place for many cultures.

Not just a meeting place of state and trading, Jakarta becomes the center of politics, economy, and development. The standard of living is very high and fairly luxurious as life in the capitals in general. There are many high skyscrapers, malls, nightclubs, hotels, resorts, and much more. For you who want to go on vacation to Jakarta certainly do not have to doubt again. There are many attractions that can be visited ranging from museums, theme park to culinary places which are clean and comfortable. And your stay affairs must be guaranteed by the existence of 5 star Jakarta hotels or resorts.

Things to do in Jakarta Indonesia

As the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta is a worth place to be visited. Here you can see skyscrapers, shopping at mall or market, find unique things and tradition, and the last is taste the local cuisine. There are many things to do in Jakarta as there are also many Jakarta attractions that cannot be missing.

Monas (National Monument) Tower


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Monas or Monumen Nasional is a must visit place. This is the icon of Jakarta and symbol for the fight against the Dutch colonialism. Located in the center of Merdeka Square, the tower built under the direction of Soekarno, Indonesia first president. You have to come between 9 a.m until 4 a.m in order to enjoy Monas.

Kota Tua / Old Town

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Old Town or Kota Tua in Indonesia is one of Jakarta points of interest. If you want to feel the nuance of old city Batavia, then this place would be the right choices. Buildings here were created in Dutch style. In this area you can also see and enter the iconic buildings Fatahillah Museum to see the history of Batavia, Wayang Museum, Art and Ceramics Museum, Post Office building, Intan Bridge, Bank of Indonesia Museum, Mandiri Bank Museum, and Batavia Café.

Thousand Island

Djakarta Thousand Island is the next destination to visit. It will be not right if going to Jakarta but not visiting this place. You just cross by using the existing ships to these islands and can jump from one island to another by using ferry or fast boat. The islands have exotic panorama that cannot be missed. The price for using ferry is 45,000 rupiahs each way. The island clusters that usually visited are Bidadari Island, Tidung Island, Pramuka Island, Semak Daun Island, Bira Island, Pari Island, Harapan Island, and still many more.

Marina Harbour

This is the harbor that will escort you to Thousands Island, and except for that, Marina is a home for cruises with various sizes. It is also a place for water sport such as diving, wind surfing, water skiing, and sailing. The place becomes the first dock with cosmopolitan style in Indonesia.

National Museum

Other iconic place in Jakarta is National Museum. It is usually called as Gedung Gajah (Elephant Building) by the local because of the elephant statue near the museum. Visiting here means you can get well acquainted with Jakarta culture and history. The museum opens from 8 a.m until 4 p.m, Tuesday until Sunday.

Pasar Seni (Art Market)

For those who have a high artistic soul or collector who like to buy goods related to art can come into this Art Market and Gallery. Located in Ancol area, this market is never empty of visitors. There are many items sold from painting shirts, facial painting services, sculptures, paintings, woven fabrics, batik from various regions, masks, wayang, to various kinds of handicrafts made of bamboo, rattan, clay, leather, and even shellfish. In Saturday night the market opens till late.

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

Want to learn more about Indonesia tradition and culture? Just come to TMII which is located on the eastern part of Jakarta. The tourist destination display traditional tribal houses in Indonesia including traditional clothing and other gear, parks, replicas of the Indonesian archipelago, religious buildings, museums, and even theater located in the Keong Mas building. Because this place is so vast, it is advisable to explore it with a car. But if you want to try another sensation, you can use the cable car in order to see the entire area clearly from above.

Glodok Petak 9 China Town

One of the things to do in Jakarta is enjoying the Glodok Petak 9. What is this Glodok petak 9? It is a popular china town located in Glodok area. You will feel as if you jump from Jakarta into China itself because the building here is very attached with Chinese arts and architecture. Many coffee shop, culinary cafe, temples, can be found here. And do not be surprised if you hear Chinese descendants here using Mandarin.

Jakarta Culinary Area

Culinary in Jakarta is very broad in type. Starting from the traditional Jakarta cuisine such as Kerak Telur, Nasi Uduk Betawi, Ketoprak, and more, to international food such as Mexican, Japanese, Korean, Indian, German, and Middle East cuisine.

Ancol Dreamland

Jakarta Travel Guide

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Ancol Dreamland is an area that offers a wide range of entertainment to fill your vacation. The area has 5 beaches (Indah beach, Elok beach, Festival beach, Ria beach, and Carnival Beach Club) and one lake called Dream Lake that also become the icon of Ancol. It is a nice places to visit.

Inside this Ancol Dreamland, there is Dufan or Dunia Fantasi (Fantasy World) that becomes the biggest outdoor theme park in Indonesia. The rides here are quite diverse and challenging. Not only children who can enter this area, but adults can also try roller coaster, water rafting, and much more.

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Enjoy Nigthlife in Jakarta Travel Guide

Jakarta is never sleep. One of the popular attraction is the nightlife. Spend time in the night here can be as easy as strolling around in the city park, or tasting unique food in the cafe, restaurants, or stall, to join the nightclubs. You can also join rooftop bars or cafe with some of the best night and city views.

Another alternative, and if you are okay with this, is joining events. Many free events held in Jakarta such as live music, theater and other art show. Not only it can be attended by locals, you can too.

Shopping and massage or spa can be tried also. Many hotels offer massage and spa for them who wants to relax after going around Jakarta with its hustle. And this city is a home for many shopping mall. Batik and other classy products from Indonesia ready to take home.

Some of Jakarta attractions still open at night to be visited. Old Town and Intan Bridge are the example.

Jakarta Best Hotels

To find 5 star hotels in Jakarta is easy. The city is the center for every luxurious thing in Indonesia.

  • The Hermitage
  • Keraton at Plaza
  • Grand Hyatt
  • Shangri-La Jakarta
  • JW Marriot Hotel

How to Go to Jakarta City Indonesia

From any country you are, you can fly to Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. You can also directly go here by air from any other area in Indonesia.

By Boat

You can also go by boat. But if the weather is suddenly bad or during rainy season, usually the schedule is cancelled due to the rough seas condition.

By Train

On budget option with a more convenient style and time is by train. You can go here from Yogyakarta, Bandung, East Java and Central Java cities, and vice versa.

By Bus

Bus is only open for a trip inside Java Island. It is a on-budget option with a convenient bus nowadays. But you may consider the long hour that it takes. Jakarta has 3 main terminals: Kalideres Terminal, Kampung Rambutan Terminal, and Pulo Gadung Terminal.

Best Time to Visit

Like many other Southeast Asia country, Jakarta travel guide has only two seasons. And the best for you to come here is during the dry season which usually from June to September. With the low rainfall (usually none), you can expect a great day to explore the best destination without any disturbance. During the rainfall you are not advisable to go here, because sometimes flood comes.

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