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Pacitan is a city located in the southwest and includes to the province of East Java. Most of area in the city is a limestone mountain so it is not suitable for agriculture. However, the city has beautiful caves that can be used as a tourism center. Therefore, it is also often referred as the city of thousand caves.

In addition to the cave, Pacitan points of interest are the beaches that are not less good with the beaches in other cities. The beach here can be used for surfing. Pacitan surf has been famous since the last few years. The waves is pretty good for surfing. Some beaches good for surfing like Watu Karung beach, Pancer beach, Srau beach, and many more.

There are still lot of tourist attractions in Pacitan that can be reviewed. Pacitan is rich in beaches, caves, and even the beautiful river you can visit in this city.

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Pacitan Tourist Destinations

  1. Srau Beach

Srau Beach is relatively new in Pacitan. This beach is known for its natural beauty. Not many people know about this place ,so it is the right target for a holiday in tranquility. Located in Srau hamlet, this beach has white sand that spoil the eye sight. Great waves in Srau are also suitable for surfing. The area to the east can be a good place to see sunrise, while when sunset you can lead to the west. There are huge coral reef that being hills that you can climb to enjoy the view from above. Entrance fee is only 5000 rupiahs and you can enjoy the beautiful view of Pacitan beach.

  1. Watu Karung Beach

Another exotic beach in Pacitan is Watu Karung. This beach is famous as a great place to surfing. Many surfing activity and competitions held in here. Waves in Watu Karung is quite big and stable so it is suitable for surf sport. Some people who want to learn can also try here. Waves reaching 4 meters has attracted the attention of world champion surfer Bruce Irons to surf in Watu Karung beach. But if you do not want to surf, you can spend time by enjoying the beach scenery which is also still clean. The entrance fee is 5000 rupiahs.

  1. Maron River

Now we are going to review Maron River. Why is this river becoming one of must visit places in Pacitan? When you come here, it feels like you are down the river Amazon, Africa. This Maron rafting tour is so famous that if the holidays arrive, there will be many people coming here. This river earned the nickname as Indonesia’s Green Canyon and Indonesia’s Amazon. The color of the river is green and clear in accordance with his nickname.

To be able to enjoy this tour you have to pay entrance fee of 2000 rupiahs but for rent of ship cost about 100.000 rupiah. The trip down the river will take about 45 minutes and end at Ngiroboyo Beach, so that usually tourists will also enjoy the atmosphere of the beach.

  1. Ngiroboyo Beach

Ngiroboyo Beach is the next destination after Maron river. This is the beach that becomes the estuary of Maron water so that tourists who come here are usually visitors who have taken a trip to the river before. This beach has a brownish gray sand color and the waves are big enough so it is not suitable for swimming. But you can enjoy the scenery by walking on the beach because it is clean and beautiful.

  1. Banyutibo Beach

If you want to go to a unique tourist spot in Pacitan, just come to Banyu Tibo beach. This beach is named so because it has the meaning of falling water. The falling water is actually a waterfall that falls to the shore beneath it. Because the beach mouth is small enough, it is advisable to come here when the beach is receding, so you can go down and play the beach water and waterfalls. To get down to the beach under the waterfall we need to climb down the cliffs around it. Wear non-slippery footwear to avoid slipping. For those who want to camp can build tents on the top of the beach near the stalls. The admission fee is about 3000 rupiahs on weekdays and 5000 rupiahs for holidays.

  1. Kasap Beach

Raja Ampat is not just in Papua. In Pacitan there is also mini Raja Ampat located on the Kasap Beach. What makes this beach nicknamed the mini Raja Ampat? The huge coral reef in the middle of the ocean is similar with rocks in Raja Ampat. This is what makes Kasap famous among visitors. Here also you can climb the hills overgrown with trees and enjoy the beach from above. As the afternoon approaches you can see the sunset from the hills.

  1. Klayar Beach

One more famous tourist spot in Pacitan is Klayar Beach. On this beach you can see the phenomenon of water spray that emerged from the cliff crevices. These bursts water can radiate as high as 8 to 10 meters.

Beside it the blue sea is ready to greet you. The sunset is no less interesting. Looking at it is one activity that should not be missed here. If not enough you can spend the night by renting a tent because there is not much hotel around the beach. The entrance fee is 7000 rupiahs in weekdays and 10.000 rupiahs for weekend.

  1. Teleng Ria Beach

For you who have just arrived in Pacitan downtown and want to immediately go to tourist destination, RiaTeleng beach is a recommended place. It is close enough to the downtown and accessible by private and public transportation. This beach has medium wave so it is suitable for playing water or learning to surf. Here is also provided arena for fishing complete with rental fishing equipment. For those who want to try to enjoy fresh fish can buy it in the market or eat it at the restaurant. Entrance fee is only 5000 rupiahs.

  1. Pancer Beach

Switch to the next beach, there is Pancer beach located not far from the city center as well. It even only takes about 15 minutes from the downtown. This beach is perfect for surfing activities because the waves are big and stable. Large waves that are usually awaited for is ‘beach break’ type and ‘river mouth break’. The perfect time to come here is between May and October as the sea is tide. The entrance fee is 5000 rupiahs.

  1. Gong Cave

Located in the village of Bomo, Pacitan, this cave is one that becomes interesting tours in this city. Because of its beauty, this cave is crowned as the most beautiful cave in Southeast Asia. Inside this cave there are many colorful lamps that will add the amazing atmosphere. There is no horrible impression here.

Inside the Gong Cave there is a pool or commonly called ‘sendang’ in Indonesia. The water is fresh and it never dried out. Named Goa Gong because this cave has a large stone that will sound like a traditional Javanese musical instrument called ‘Gong’ when it is hit. You just have to pay 7000 rupiahs to feel this sensation.

  1. Tabuhan Cave

Other interesting destinations in Pacitan are Tabuhan cave. As the name implies, if the stalactite and stalagmite in this cave are being hit can sound like a gamelan (tabuhan) sound. This cave belongs to the area of Sewu Mountains which now become Geopark. It is not far from Gong cave too. So you can come to this destination after from Gong cave.

Tabuhan is not big. There are only two rooms that will greet you as soon as you enter the cave door. But the stalactites and stalagmites which shaped like the pillars becoming the main attraction. The entry price is 10,000 rupiahs.

Accomodation in Pacitan

With the many destinations in the city, visitors are also provided by Pacitan accommodation. There are some hotels and resorts to stay in. You can choose which one suits your needs and tastes. Here are some hotels and resorts for you.

The first one is Srikandi hotel. It is a very relaxing hotel with on-site restaurant and free wifi. It is also located near Adisumarmo airport, so you can directly go to this hotel if using airlines to go to Pacitan. The service open for 24 hours. For staying here you need to pay starting from 350.000 rupiahs. Second best hotel is Desa Limasan Retreat. It cost 2.000.000 per night. It is expensive enough but the view is awesome. The hotel inspired by the nuance of villages in Pacitan, so the architecture has traditional style. Located near Watu Karung beach, this hotel is just 1 minute walk to the beach. There is outdoor pool too and king size bed in the room. The last best hotel is Villa Batu hotel which also situated near Watu Karung beach. You can enjoy the beach view, sunrise, and sunset from the hotel. It cost 2.800.000 rupiahs per night.

If you want to stay in resort, there is some popular Pacitan resort too. The first is Istana Ombak Eco Resort. The resort has private bungalows and huts, also outdoor pool. It is located in Watu Karung and closed enough to the beach. It cost 500.000 until 2.000.000 rupiahs. The second is Parai Teleng Ria Resort. The resort is often used by tourists and also to hold meetings. The facilities are quite complete such as villas, restaurants, and waterpark. Parking area is wide. The restaurant often serves traditional cuisine, suitable for those who want to taste Pacitan cuisine. The price to stay starts from 1.000.000 rupiahs per night.

Pacitan Tour Package

Pacitan from Yogyakarta can be reached by bus which cost 80.000 rupiahs. Because the distance is quite close, then using motor or car is also recommended. Yogyakarta to Pacitan journey will only take 3.5 hours by using private vehicle. The benefit of using motorcycle or car is that you can see the scenery along the way. You can use the motor and car from Pamitran in this case, so to travel inside Pacitan itself will become so much easier.

The route of how to get to Pacitan from Yogyakarta that usually taken is Yogyakarta – Wonosari – Semanu – Pracimantoro – Eromoko (Wonogiri) – Pacitan. So from Yogyakarta city, you must go to Wonosari by go through Pathuk. After you arrived in Wonosari city, Gunungkidul, headed yourself to Semanu. From Semanu you go to Ponjong and continue with Pracimantoro in Wonogiri. From Wonogiri, go again until you arrived in Pringkuku. From Pringkuku you continue to enter the Pacitan city.

Then how to get to Pacitan from Solo? Same as from Yogyakarta, you can use bus, motorcycle, or car. If using bus, Aneka Jaya bus would be the best option for you. The route will be Wonogiri – Ngadirojo – Baturetno – Pacitan. Private vehicle such as motorcycle and car will take trip for 3 hours. You can go directly from Solo to Pacitan.

To make it more simple, you can hire some travel agent, so you don’t need to think more about the route you should take. Using travel agent is also recommended to plan your trip well. Like for example, if you come from Yogyakarta and want to go to Pacitan, you can take Pacitan day trip that can easily escort you to Pacitan from the city of Yogyakarta. We, in Pamitran, have that kind of packages for you who want to go to Pacitan from Jogja. Wherever your destination is can be planned with Pamitran. In addition, if you use car or motorcycle from us, you can also stop by the tourist attractions on the path you pass before going to Pacitan itself.

As an example, we have Paket wisata Pacitan for 2 days 1 night. The destinations which will be taken are River Maron, Ngiroboyo Beach, Klayar Beach, and Karang Bolong Beach on the first day. While on the second day you will visit Klayar Beach, Gong Cave, and Tabuhan Cave. The price varies starting from 1.750.000 rupiahs per person. Rules and conditions can be seen more on our website. Please visit our website for more information or contact us.

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