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Karimunjawa Travel Guide | How to go to Karimunjawa


Karimunjawa islands or is usually called Karimun Java, is islands in Java Sea that included in Jepara regency. It is the home for coral reef, mangrove forest, beach forest, and also 400 species of sea fauna. This island has been established by the government as a National Park. There are some extinct animals which are treated in special way such as hawksbill, green turtle, and white chest albatross. Karimun jawa is also a home for a unique plant called Dewadaru. It becomes the icon of the island and has other name such as Ceylon Ironwood and Indian Rose Chestnut.

Location and Diving Spot in Karimunjawa

With a population of about 10,000, Karimunjawa islands is the best choice to spend a holiday in solitude. The two main islands, Karimunjawa and Kemujan, are located side by side and are the largest island cluster compare to the other.

Karimunjawa has many special tourist destinations that is located in some island such as Hiu Pool in Menjangan Besar island, Mangrove forest and Barakuda beach in Kemujan island, Love Hills, Ujung Gelam beach, and Batu Karang Pengantin beach in Karimunjawa, and many more. For Karimunjawa map is located in the northwest of Jepara, Central Java. To get here you can use ferry boat from Jepara’s Kartini port.

Except for the wonderful tourist destinations situated in some islands, Karimunjawa diving spots are another famous thing among the tourists. There are five most popular spot to dive. The first most famous diving spot is Menjangan Kecil, in which if you are lucky enough you can meet turtle and stingray. In this island you can also go to shark breeding and play with them. The second spot is Cemara island which has beautiful coral reef under the water. Next is Cilik island. It has the big and healthiest coral reef in Karimunjawa islands. The underwater scenery is also still beautiful and that is why tourist usually goes here. Other two islands that are usually used to dive are Tengah island and Tanjung Gelam.

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Accommodation in Karimunjawa

After knowing some diving spots and unique tourist destination, the next you should taken care of is the Karimunjawa accommodation. Don’t worry, there are many best hotels and resorts in the islands that make your trip more comfortable. You can choose starting from the cheapest until the best resort which avalaible there. Though some hotels centered around the port, but others may be spread to other area and other islands. Some even are expensive resorts located in private island.

If you want to know what are some best Karimunjawa hotels, here is the list. The first recommended hotel is Ayu Hotel, which perfect for a family holiday. The rooms are very comfortable and simple. Wood is chosen for the furniture that make it more elegant, the very typical nuance of Indonesia, but still gives the impression of luxury in every corner. Room price is available from 350.000 rupiahs. Second best hotel is Asri Karimunjawa which is located in the main island . It is near with the local best restaurant, Pantai Batu Topeng, Pantai Batu Putih, and Karimunjawa port. The price to stay per night is 270.000 rupiahs.

Other hotel is The Happinezz Karimunjawa. Simple yet complete, is one thing that can describe this hotel. In here you can find AC, free wifi, plus easy transportation to anywhere since the hotel located in the downtown. The bathroom is designed with western style and it is clean. You can also rent snorkeling tools, private car, scooter, and bycycle from the hotel. Room price started from 200.000 rupiahs. The last hotel is Bunga Jabe. This hotel is more likely a hotel for backpacker, with a very-very simple hut and door only from roll bamboo. This is an alternative for you who want to go camping in the seaside of Karimunjawa. You will still get wifi, coffee or beer, and breakfast. What makes Bunga Jabe special is the hammock which available on the seaside. You can use to relax yourself and the fire pit which you can use to lit bonfire when the night comes. Room price started from 200.000 rupiahs.

If you have more budget for your trip, you can try to stay at Karimunjawa resort. There is any luxury one such as Breeve Azurine Lagoon which is situated in private island and the room price is 2.000.000 rupiahs for one night. The tourists like to use it when in Karimunjawa because the facilities are complete, room is wide and clean, and bathrooms are beautifully decorated. In addition, you can use variety of facilities such as private parking, wifi, air conditioning, and TV. It also has an outdoor swimming pool and you can get involved in water activities such as fishing, snorkelling, diving and other water sports.

The next luxurious resort is Kura-Kura Resort. It has 15 cottages with Asian contemporary style, 20 Pool Villas that blend the elegant and contemporary interior, and complete facilities such as speed boats, asian dining menu, new scenery, and many more. It cost 3.000.000 rupiahs per night. Other than Kura-Kura, you can stay overnight in Menjangan Kecil Resort which has room price started from 400.000 rupiahs. It is also in private island which located near Karimunjawa National Park that can be visited by walking for 5 minutes only. Every room has fan, desk, clean bathroom with shower, and a canopy bed.

The last resort is Karimun Lumbung. Located not far from the ocean and close to Karimunjawa square, this brand new resort has a unique shape for every available room. Because it is new, some other rooms for guests will be added soon, but the most important thing is the cheap price started from 350.000 rupiahs per night. In the meantime, if you want to feel the uniqueness of staying at Karimun Lumbung, please quickly reserve the room before it is preceded by others. You can use Pamitran Tours services to get the best facilities and good price too. We can also help you to design a nice holiday in Karimunjawa which we put into Karimunjawa Tour Package 4 days 3 nights and Karimunjawa Tour Package 3 days 2 nights. To see all the prices you can check at our website. You can find the example itinerary karimunjawa 3D2N

How to get to Karimunjawa

Now you can have imagined what kind of holiday you can get in Karimunjawa. But, how to get to Karimunjawa? The easiest way is that you go to Karimunjawa from Jepara. You need heading to Kartini port and do ticket reservation. If you have tight schedule for your holiday, you can just use Bahari express. It only need two hours to go, while if you have longer time and want to enjoy the scenery when you crossing, use Siginjai which has 5 hours journey. Beside Siginjai, there is other ship called KM Muria, but it needs 6 hours to go and you should come at early morning because usually it is crowded with people.

What if you are from Yogyakarta? That’s okay. From Yogyakarta to Jepara you need to go to Giwangan bus station by using taxi or other public transportation, and then buy ticket to Jepara. After arrived in Jepara station, use taxi and go to Kartini port. From Kartini port you can use various ferry boats and cross to Karimunjawa. That is how to get to Karimunjawa from Yogyakarta.

Then how to get to Karimunjawa from Semarang? From Semarang you can still go by ferry boats. Go to Tanjung Mas port in Semarang and choose KMC Kartini 1 that serve crossing every Saturday at 9 a.m. The journey takes four hours. The ticket cost 150.000 rupiahs for VIP and 130.000 for economic class. Or another way is by using airlines. Is there any flight to Karimun jawa from Semarang? Yes! But since there is no regular flight, you need to rent aircraft to deliver you to Dewa Daru airport in Karimun jawa. It takes 30 minutes to go by air.

You can also take route from Semarang to Jepara. Use bus to go to Jepara and after you arrived in Kartini port, use whether KMP Muria, Bahari Express, or KMC Kartini to go to Karimun jawa. If you want to feel longer time in the boat, just take KMP Muria which has the cheapest ticket price for 30.000 rupiahs (Economic) and 50.000 rupiahs (VIP).

Other flights to Karimunjawa is also provided. Airfast Indonesia provides flight from Surabaya to Karimunjawa. The ticket price is between 300.000 – 400.000 rupiahs. The flight schedule is Tuesday and Thursday at 12.25 a.m. That is the best way from Surabaya to Karimunjawa. But if you are from Bali you can still go to Karimunjawa by using airline in I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport and go to Achmad Yani International Airport in Semarang first. Bali to Karimunjawa cannot be taken directly, so you need to transit in Semarang and then continues to go to Semarang Port, Tanjung Mas. In Tanjung Mas you can use ferry boats to cross to Karimunjawa.

Boat Schedule Jepara – Karimunjawa – Jepara

2D1N Siginjai:

Monday – Tuesday

Wednesday – Thursday

Saturday – Sunday


Saturday – Sunday

3D2N Express:

Monday – Wednesday

Friday – Sunday

Saturday – Monday

3D2N Siginjai:

Wednesday – Friday

Friday – Sunday

4D3N Siginjai:

Saturday – Tuesday  Monday – Thursday


Friday – Monday

5D4N Express:

Tuesday – Saturday

Travel Yogyakarta to Jepara

Rp 180.000/person (Leaving at 11 pm everyday)

Rp 800.000/car (max 5 person)


Reservation Hotline: +62274520545
Mobile : +628112637768 or +6285878686610
Reservation Email:
Reservation Hours: Monday – Friday: 08.00 – 17.00 hrs – Saturday: 08.00 – 14.00

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