Merapi Volcano

Merapi Volcano

Merapi Volcano

Become one of the most advanced cities in Indonesia makes Yogyakarta rich in visitors who always look forward to a long vacation in the city that nicknamed as city of tourism. It is famous not only because of its special food, Gudeg, or Keraton Yogyakarta palace, but also because of the tourism development that is being intensively run by the government and society so that new unique tourist places continue to appear. Like this one, Merapi lava tour. Some of you may have heard of this. It takes place in Mount Merapi, Jogja, and is the most popular adventure tour today. If you have never tried this tour, then it is time to come to the city and feel the thrilling sensation of it.

Location and Facts

Mount Merapi or in Indonesian called as, Gunung Merapi, is an active volcano in Jogjakarta that been famous for its very active volcanic activity. Mount Merapi map is between the border of Yogyakarta and Central Java. It is 28 km north of Jogja. It has erupted since 1548, but even so million people have lived near the dangerous mountain.

Then, how was Merapi Volcano formed? Classified as a new mountain, it was formed due to magma activity thousands years ago. Magma in the earth forced out because of the very hot temperatures inside the earth. Magma that came out, later known as lava, will be hardened and form the body of the mountain. In the pre-Merapi stage occurred about 400,000 years ago, before Mount Merapi ever exist, formed the first mountain called Mount Bibi. This mountain is still on the east side of Merapi now. Then in the Old Merapi era (60,000-80,000 years ago) the body of Merapi is formed but with the un-conical shape of the peak. Only in the mid-Merapi era began around 8000-2000 years ago, the peak of the mountain began conical. Since then until today (New Merapi era) the peak of Mount Merapi has undergone some changes (fractures appeared in some part) although the shape remains conical. This conical shape makes the eruption explosive. Melting magma and hot clouds that slumped down quickly became the unique feature of this mountain.

Now, if you ever wonder, how did Merapi Volcano get its name, the answer is hanging with the local. People near the mountain give the name of Mount Merapi due to its activity in producing eruptions and lava. The word Mount Merapi means Mountain of Fire. To people around it, the mountain is a holy mountain and several version of myths have been exist. Then, how tall is Mount Merapi? The mountain height is 2930 m. It is high enough that the climbers who want to explore it must be careful due to the dangerous chasms.

But even so, the mountain still become popular among tourists and is one of other 16th world volcanoes that included in Decade Volcanoes project. What makes it famous and well known is because of its high volcanic activity. Small eruptions can occur for every two or five years, while larger eruptions occurs every 10 until 15 years. Many villages damaged and people become the victim. It is dangerous mountain but at the same time give wonderful tourism for the local.

How is that possible? Mount Merapi eruption 2010 leaving very serious damage. Many villages have to be abandoned, the casualties are increasing, and part of the mountain itself is badly damaged. Normal status was upgraded to ‘alert’ on September 20 and continues to rise to ‘standby’ on 21 October. Evacuation was designed, but on October 25 the status of the mountain became ‘aware’. The vomit of hot clouds and incandescent lava became a threat, and the roar from the mountain became a sign of the exit of gravel and sand that pushed into Jogja territory. Other places like Tasikmalaya, Bandung, and Bogor are covered with volcanic ash, while heavy volcanic ash rains hit Cilacap and Purwokerto. But after this eruption, new tourist destination has born. It is Merapi lava tour that makes Mount Merapi become the center of activities inside the trip.

The Merapi tour make use of the mountain leftover such as the burned villages and forest, river filled with sand and cold lava, and other items that are burned by fire. Mount merapi eruption 2014 is also one of the periods of volcanic activity of Merapi, but this activity does not pose a hazard and adverse impact as it did in 2006 and 2010.

Merapi Volcano Tour

In conclusion, Mount Merapi is a volcano tour Jogja that must be included on your trip list. Merapi volcano tourism offers you sensations that have never been tried before. You can visit some unique destination by using Jeep and pass the off-road. Except for that, you will cross the river in Merapi to see the cold lava leftover.

Yogyakarta Merapi lava tour will give you great adventure of visiting the active mountain and other destination near Merapi. You will go to amazing places such as Sisa Hartaku Mini Museum, alien stone, Mbah Maridjan house, Kaliadem bunker, and several villages who become victims of Merapi eruption. When you visiting Sisa Hartaku museum, you can see all burned and damaged things that being kept in the museum. While in Mbah Maridjan house you will get know the story of Mbah Maridjan as important figures related to the mountain. Other than that, you can visit Merapi Volcano Museum. This museum keeps track of Merapi volcanic activity, photographs of observations, and objects of eruption such as rocks and sand.

To visit this place, you will be escorted by Jeep. This Merapi jeep tour price can be varied depends on what package you chose. But if you want to get the best adventure for this Merapi tour, you can use Pamitran. Why should us? Beside our friendly price of Merapi lava tour, we also are the best partner to arrange your trip in Merapi. You can discuss your plan with us and we will help you to make it perfect. You can check the website or contact us to make sure about the price.

We also have packages such as Merapi Jeep Sunrise Tour and Climbing Merapi for Sunrise Tour. Yes, enjoying the mountain can be in early morning so you can see the beautiful sunrise before you go for something else. To catch up the amazing sunrise, you cannot only use jeep. If you want to walk by yourself try trekking Merapi. You need to get on the peak of it and see the sunrise there. This Merapi sunrise trekking is a new activity you can try so you will never forget your experience while in Jogja.

The best thing of all is, the mountain is in a safe state, and there is no Mount Merapi entrance fee. All money you need to pay is for the facilities of the trip such as jeep, lunch, and entrance fee for some places. Mount Merapi is indeed the best lava tour Indonesia.

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