Jogja Tourist Attraction for Kids

Jogja Tourist Attraction for Kids

Jogja Tourist Attraction for Kids: Perfect Family Vacation in Jogja

Holiday in Yogyakarta can be very fun even if you bring children. As a city of education and culture, there are certainly a lot of children’s attractions in Jogja. Even some natural tourist attractions are safe for children. Below are recommendations for Jogja tourist attraction for kids, some child-friendly destination in Yogyakarta.

Fun Destination for Visiting Jogja with Kids

Keraton Yogyakarta (Sultan’s Palace)

First attraction perfect for your kids is Keraton Yogyakarta. Keraton means palace. It is where the sultan (ruler of Yogyakarta) lives with his family. Now, Keraton is used as museum besides for the sultan house. The museum keeps many artifacts related to the life inside the palace and history of Keraton Yogyakarta as a kingdom in the past. You can stroll around Keraton accompanied by tour guide to get the whole information about Keraton and its story completely. Of course you can also enjoy this tour as you will know more about the city and its attraction.


Not so far from the Keraton Yogyakarta, the second Jogja tourist attraction for kids is Tamansari. This water castle is not a new thing in Jogja tourism. Some of you may have heard of its name. In the Yogyakarta sultanate era, Tamansari is a royal garden and water castle. It is also the place for the royal family take bath. Nowadays Tamansari become one of the beautiful places in Jogja and heritage that the people really taking care of.

Tugu Jogja

Don’t forget to invite your children to Tugu Jogja. Tugu Jogja is a tower stands as the city symbols. It is located in the middle of Yogyakarta city. The locals really like to get photo with Tugu Jogja as background behind. You can also do this with your kids, as a proof that you have already been in Yogya. Though the Tugu is in the middle of intersection, you can come across and get photo with the other.


If you want to go shopping while walking Malioboro is the best destination. This place is also safe for children. Malioboro is the biggest shopping street in Jogja. Since long time ago Malioboro is indeed the center where Jogja’s trade growing rapidly. Here you can see the oldest mall which has the same name ‘Malioboro’, Bringharjo Market (the traditional market recommended for cheap batik), and the stalls along the street that sell varied items such as accessories, cheap batik, bags, etc.

Taman Pintar

Taman Pintar is an education park. Divided into library, cultural park, playground, science room, etc is the best place to satisfy and challenge your children’s knowledge. In holiday Taman Pintar will be so crowded with local children and study tour.

Jogja Tourist Attraction for Kids: Perfect Family Vacation in JogjaSouth Square in the Night

Yogyakarta has two square that in the past was used as a place where the royal family met the people. It was also a place where the folk art event was held. The two are North Square (placed right in front of Keraton Yogyakarta) and the second is South Square. The place of South Square is not so far from the north one. In the night, south square is a perfect place to continue your walk as you can find many food stall with cheapest price and the other that you should try with your kids is the Odong-Odong. It is  a pedaling car decorated with colorful lamps. The cable car is decorated with colorful lamp and the music is provided. Try it with your children and they will be happy because can moving actively. Or you can try Masangin, it is walking through two banyan trees in the middle of the square with eyes being closed with black cloth. The belief says thos who successfully did it will get unlimited blessing.

Ullen Sentalu Museum

Other than Keraton, a little bit far from the center of Jogja, there is Ullen Sentalu Museum that also keeps the Mataram Islam dan Keraton Yogyakarta relics. Inside the museum is the collection of arts such as paintings, photos, batik and fabrics, literature and many more. The collection related to four kingdom in Jogja and Central Java (nowadays): Keraton Yogyakarta and Pakualaman (Jogja), and Keraton Surakarta and Mangkubumi (Solo/Surakarta, Central Java). Before being divided into four governments, they were once a kingdom, the Islamic Mataram.

 Affandi Museum

Different with Ullen Sentalu, Affandi Museum is the place where the masterpiece of paintings shown. Affandi is a top maestro of Jogja in painting. He is a perfect picture of a painter tireless in showing his work and presenting his image to the world. His work is well-known to foreign countries and so he has been recognized as one of the best painters in the world. Although Affandi was gone, his work could be seen in his museum. When you come into this place with your children you can introduce them with one of beautiful arts, painting. Who knows your kids will be a painter someday. The colorful scribbles of Affandi’s hands will surely make you kids happy.

Gembira Loka Zoo

Kids must love animals. In Jogjakarta, Gembira Loka Zoo is the best place to see them. Elephants, birds, butterflies, reptiles, fish, camel, deer, etc are the inhabitant in this zoo. The place is wide. You and your children can interact with some animals like birds, turtle, elephant, camel, and deer. If you are tired of walking you can take a mini train. Enough with buying the ticket in several bus stop available. Besides interact with animals, you can see sircus and play rides with children.

Jogja Tourist Attraction for Kids: Perfect Family Vacation in JogjaPrambanan

The one who wants to get here is not only kids, you as an adult must wanted to see the grandeur of Prambanan Temple by yourself. Prambanan is a heritage of Hindu religion that in the past was one of the largest religions in Indonesia. The temple is the highest in South East Asia. It was built in the Mataram Hindu era as a tribute to God Shiva. Be ready to be amazed by Prambanan. Admire this temple along with other nearby temples that are quite popular like Plaosan Temple, Sojiwan Temple, Sambisari Temple, Tara Temple, and Ratu Boko Temple.


Borobudur is actually not located in Yogyakarta. It is in Magelang, Central Java. But you can go there from Jogja by only spending 2 hours approximately. The temple lies in the border between Jogja and Central Java, a one magnificent place to be visited. If Prambanan is a hindu temple, Borobudur is a Buddha temple. The complex architecture, remarkable relief, Buddha Statue terbanyak, and stories of the temple will make you amazed by. Of course this will also increase your children’s world knowledge.

Pok Tunggal Beach

One of private white sand beach in Jogjakarta you can visit with your children is Pok Tunggal Beach in Gunungkidul. Yes, Gunungkidul is well known with its rank of exotic hidden beach, but one you can visit is Pok Tunggal. Pok Tunggal is quite, very refreshing, and your children can play with the beach freely. They can play beach sand, making buildings and funny shapes or playing water until they are soaked.

Merapi Lava Tour

We going north now for Merapi Jeep Lava Tour. Have you heard about Mount Merapi? Yes one of the most active volcano in Indonesia. The foot of Mount Merapi turned out to keep lot of mystery and attraction that must be visited. Some of the tourist attraction was built to commemorate the volcano eruption which was quite large occurred in 2010 ago, while the rest is the new attraction which is deliberately made to add the uniqueness of Jogjakarta. It’s a good idea for a family trip. You will ride jeep guiding by the driver and will be escorted to the trip attraction in the package.

Kids Fun

Children like having fun. Because of that invite them to Kids Fun. This is the biggest and the most popular theme park in Yogya. The playful and fun ride is much enough. Challenging games are played by children aged seven years and over, while those who are under seven are provided safer games for light fun. There is a café available to accommodate your lunch.

Open daily:

Monday – Friday: 8 p.m – 9 a.m

Saturday – Sunday: 8 p.m – 10 a.m

Ticket Price:

Original PackageWith Aquasplash Waterboom
Adults (13 +) : Rp 45.000

Kids (2-13 y.o): Rp 55.000

Adults (13 +) : Rp 59.000

Kids (2-13 y.o): Rp 69.000

Jogja Bay Waterpark

Jogja can be so hot when you come here. If that is the case, you can bring your kids to play in waterpark Jogja. Jogja Bay Waterpark is the suitable place where you and your children can swim and play around in the waterpark theme. When your stomach gets hungry, there are snacks and drinks available.

Open daily:

Monday – Friday: 9 a.m – 4 p.m

Saturday – Sunday: 8 a.m – 4 p.m


Ticket price for weekdaysTicket price for weekend
Adults : Rp 90.000

Children (height under 110cm) : Rp 60.000

Children under 2 years old : Free

Adults : Rp 100.000

Children (height under 110cm) : Rp 75.000

Children under 2 years old : Free



Are you ready to go to Jogja with your child? Don’t forget to take an exciting vacation package at Pamitran Tours. Jogja tour packages with children will be more fun and easy. We will take care of all your vacation needs. You just have to pack and come to Jogjakarta right away. Contact us for reservations and more information.

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