10 New Bali from Indonesia

10 New Bali from Indonesia

10 New Bali from Indonesia Government: See The Beauty of New Destination in Indonesia!

When you plan yourself to come to Indonesia, what would you think for the first time? Its trip attractions of course. Well, speaking to that, not only Bali or Raja Ampat or even Yogyakarta that become the iconic tourism in this city. There are so many more you can visit here. The 10 ‘New Bali’, which means new attractions for tourist, has been set by the Ministry of Tourism. Danau Toba or Toba Lake in Sumatra, Mount Bromo, Borobudur, Labuan Bajo, and many more are waiting you. Imagine you have so much time in your holiday trip to explore these places. Now here it is the 10 ‘New Bali’ of Indonesia.

10 New Tourist Destinations in Indonesia

Toba Lake

Toba Lake or Danau Toba in Indonesian is a wide natural lake in North Sumatra that lately being so popular among the foreigner and even the local tourist. This Toba is the biggest volcanic lake in East Asia. In the middle of the lake stands Samosir Island with the height of 1000 mdpl, looks like a mountain from a far. Toba Lake is formed 78 thousand years ago from a volcanic eruption which made a caldera that now become Toba Lake. Though you cannot swim in the lake far, the view around the lake is very amazing. Natural panorama of the pine trees, the thin fog which usually comes in the morning, and cafes in which you can drink delicious coffee. You can build tent in the edge of the lake or even in the hills around and get your romantic time.

Borobudur Temple

Borobudur Temple TourBorobudur Temple may be not so surprising to come as the 10 ‘New Bali’ of Indonesia as it is also well known for one of the best Indonesia tourism places. Once after being found by the British General Governor Sir Thomas Raffles, the name of Borobudur as a heritage and wonderful attraction continue increasing. In Borobudur you can sightseeing the temple and around. The Borobudur is surrounded by two rivers, Progo River and Elo River, and four mountains in the far that are Mount Merbabu, Mount Merapi, Mount Sindoro, Mount Sumbing, and Menoreh. You can also admire the complex architecture of the temple which was built from volcanic rock bar with no glue. The total of its relief is 2672 with 1460 story inside.


Next we have the island of Belitung. Belitung island is inhabited by the descendant of Mongolian. How did it happen? In 1292 Kubilai Khan the Caesar in Mongol ordered Shi Bi, Ike Mese, and Gao Xing and bring many people to conquer Java Island. And so the history goes on. As the biggest producer of tin in Indonesia, it turns out that Belitung also has amazing tourist attraction. In here also you can see Black Satam stone which is the only one in the world that is formed from natural process when the meteor crash the earth that consist of tin thousand years ago.

Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park

Not only Merapi, another must visit mountain in Indonesia is Mount Bromo which is located in Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. Mount Bromo is situated near Malang city if you ever heard that name, or in East Java. The origin tribe that lived in Bromo until now is called Tengger Tribe. This Tengger tribe is known as the descendant of Majapahit Kingdom refugees when they were expelled from their hometown and assume Bromo as a holy mountain. That’s why Yadnya Kasada ceremony, a memorial ceremony for Mount Bromo, is held in 14th or 15th in Month Kasodo (Javanese calendar).  One also said that Mount Bromo is formed from the Mount Tengger. It was explode and made caldera that you can see until now. Beside Mount Bromo another mountain in this national park is Mount Semeru, Mount Watangan, Mount Batok, Mount Kursi, and Mount Widodaren.

Labuan Bajo

Ever heard Komodo dragons? Yes this ancient animal is one of the prides of Indonesia. Nowadays if you come to Komodo Island, Nusa Tenggara Timur, you can also visit Labuan Bajo. What is this Labuan Bajo? Labuan Bajo is a village in Komodo regency, West Manggarai. Long time ago it was a place where the Bajo tribe ship anchored. There are several attractions in Labuan Bajo such as the most popular Komodo National Park, Batu Cermin Cave, Pink Beach, Bidadari Island, Wae Lulu Island, Kanawa, Gorontalo Beach, Pede Beach and so on. Even though it is only a village, Labuan Bajo has International Airport. So, don’t worry to get here by air if you want to save your time.

Seribu Island

Seribu Island is located in the north of Jakarta, Indonesian Capital City, and include to the administrative area of Jakarta. Seribu Island is suitable for a cultural or historical trip where you can meet several heritage and historical story. Some island has fort wreckages, hospital, and ancient graveyard. Onrust island, Cipir Island, and Kelor Island are included as heritage of Seribu Island. In Kelor Island you can found shipyard and Martello Fort built by VOC. In one of the island, called Putri Island, you will see underwater aquarium made of glass so you can see the underwater of Seribu Island without diving. Island hopping is highly recommended in this beautiful places of Indonesia especially to visit ‘Gosong’ or small island that comes only when the sea recedes.


Its name may sound strange in your ear. Actually, Mandalika is an area in Lombok Island. About this Lombok you must ever heard of it right? Well, Mandalika is a new attraction in Lombok you must visit. New best places to visit in Indonesia means the more excitement you will get here. The government plans this area to be as beautiful as Bali with its natural resources. Some of famous beach are Gepuruk Beach, Tanjung Beach, Aan Beach, and Serenting. The name Mandalika is believed derived from the legend of Princess Mandalika who turn herself into ‘Nyale’ or sea worm because she did not want to be married by a prince. So today, people in Lombok commemorate this story by holding a festival of Bau Nyale which means catching the sea worm.


Wakatobi is popular for its underwater beauty. Its popularity is well known in international world since it was included as one of the tourism in Internationale Tourismus-Borse Berlin. This festival is the biggest tourism market that is followed by many famous industrial tourism in the world. Wakatobi underwater is one of the best in Indonesia. There are five whales live in Wakatobi such as Beaked Whale, Sperm Whale, Bryde’s Whale, Pilot Whale, and Melonhead Whale. Not only that, it is also a home of six species of dolphins. Another wonderful fact is that in Wakatobi you can found 70 percent of the total coral species in the world. Yap, Wakatobi is the heart of world coral triangle, and of course still many fishes and sea animal live beneath your feet.

Tanjung Lesung

Tanjung Lesung is also located near Jakarta, include the area of Banten. Tanjung Lesung is the perfect place to see Nusa Dua Bali style in another city. Here in Tanjung Lesung you can find beach, resort, and golf course. And the most interesting activity you can do is seeing Anak Krakatau Mountain or dive into the Tanjung Lesung waters if you have diving license. Krakatau is one of mountain in Indonesia that has fantastic explosive power. Hundred years ago it was explode and devastating West Banten coast.  Because of that now Tanjung Lesung has biological wealth in the land or even under the water.

Morotai Island

Again an island in Indonesia becomes the government’s priority. Now it is Morotai, the small island in the north of Halmahera island, North Maluku. This little island, though small in its size, became the witness of World War II. There are several warship and aircraft that sink in its waters. You can dive to see the proof of shipwreck and airplane Bristol Beufort. Some building of the war leftover still can be seen until today. The story of ‘Battle of Morotai’ added the magnificent of Morotai tourism. It is a battle between the USA and Japan. And as if Morotai doesn’t want to end its beauty, it has 35 more small island with 2 bigger island. Morotai is very hot, and because of it, it is also called as the island of three suns. Hmm, dare to be here? It’s gonna be perfect for your summer holiday isn’t it?

How is it so far? We hope that it is very useful for you who want exploring Indonesia places of interest. Now you know that Indonesia’s beauty is not only placed in Bali, Raja Ampat, of Yogyakarta. So what are you waiting for? Let’s have memorable trip to one of those most beautiful places to visit in Indonesia or even visit them all. Don’t forget to call Pamitran Tours for your trip here. We have hundreds of holiday packages such as Java-Bali Overland, Yogyakarta package tour, Lombok package tour, Raja Ampat package tour, and still many packages available.



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