Top Recommendation of New and Best Yogyakarta Trip Attractions

Top Recommendation of New and Best Yogyakarta Trip Attractions

Top Recommendation of New and Best Yogyakarta Trip Attractions

Yogyakarta is a lovely city with friendly people and nice surrounding. Everything in Yogyakarta or Jogja is very delightful and interesting. In Indonesia the city itself is well known for the best education, art, history, and culture. So it is not strange that whoever comes here wanted to seek a unique trip plus learning the history of Java.

As unique as the trip, numerous yogyakarta travel attractions can be found very different than any other big city have. We, in Pamitran Tours invites you to see the making of Batik and any other crafts, hiking the Mount Merapi, strolling around Malioboro, and seeking the true story of Prambanan and Borobudur. Not only that, here are some Yogyakarta trip attractions for you.

Attraction in Jogja


The first attraction in Jogja is Prambanan. Many say that you haven’t been to Jogja if you haven’t come to Prambanan temple. This Hindu temple is the tallest in Southeast Asia. It was built long time ago as a tribute to Shiva as the highest gods among the Hindu Trimurti Gods, but you can also see other such as Vishnu and Brahma. According the legend around, Prambanan is the testimony of love from a prince, Bandung Bondowoso, to a princess Roro Jonggrang. The temple opens from 7.30 am to 5 pm. You will be amazed by the magnificent structures, hidden story, and spectacular view. And don’t forget to see Ramayana Ballet show in the night for the outdoor theatre, or in afternoon for the indoor theatre.

Ratu Boko Temple

Some people in Jogjakarta believe that Ratu Boko temple is related to Prambanan. There is a story that said Roro Jonggrang (later being loved by Bandung Bondowoso) is the daughter of a giant king named Boko. So the palace named after his, Ratu Boko. The temple is located in a hill. Ratu Boko has quieter surrounding, but still the construction of the temple is amazing. Popular also for the beautiful sunset and sunrise.

Plaosan Temple

Not so far from Prambanan complex, there is Plaosan Temple that becomes the nearest Buddha temple in Prambanan. It is a proof that Buddha and Hindu can live peacefully together in the past in Indonesia. Though Plaosan is still being reconstructed by the government, but the main temple is the main attraction you can enjoy.


A little far from Jogja, you can visit Borobudur temple. Why is it a little bit far? Borobudur is actually located in Central Java. You can go here from Jogjakarta in between 1 – 2 hours trip. You may have known that Borobudur is the biggest Buddha temple in the world. What can be more perfect in your holiday than seeing one of the seventh wonder in the world right? The complex of Borobudur is quite wide. In here you can strolling around, visiting the museum of Borobudur, and amaze the complex architecture and relief. You can also stop by to other nearest object such as Mendhut temple which has Buddha monastery that you can enter freely, and Pawon temple. These two temples have relation to Borobudur in Buddhist worship rituals.


Now going to the center of the city you have Tamansari. Tamansari is a water castle that once being used by the Mataram kingdom as a place to bath. Anyone who takes bath here is the princes and princess, king and queens, and also royal ladies and courtiers. Tamansari is located near Keraton Yogyakarta. This why you should come here if you are from Keraton. Not only as a bathhouse, Taman Sari is also become the royal garden with resting area, meditation area, workshop area, and defense and hiding area.


After Tamansari, the next amazing jogja trip attraction is Keraton. Keraton Yogyakarta is a palace where King and Queen and the family lived in. Until now this place is used as a home of Sultan Hamengkubuwono (now is the reign of Sultan Hamengkubuwono X), the king of Yogyakarta Sultanate. Yes, Yogyakarta is the only city with monarchy system, which has two governments to be followed, the Sultan and the President as the main government. Here you will be astonished by the beautiful decorated roof and marble floor, amazing Dutch-style windows, and several small museums in which displays all the artifacts from different Javanese eras and sultanates.

North and South Square

Out from the inside of Keraton, you can found North Square of Jogjakarta. Long time ago, a square is very important for a kingdom as it is a place for King to meet his people to announce something or celebrate something. So until now every city in Indonesia must have square as an icon of the city and place for people to gather. There are two squares in Jogja. The north square is the one located as exactly in front of Keraton. You can find people sell crafts and snacks in the square. Try riding becak to go around and visit the second square that is South Square. In the south square you will see twins Banyan tree. Walk between those two trees with closed eyes. If you are succeed, good luck will come upon you.


In the south of Keraton is where Malioboro lies. Malioboro is the biggest shopping street in Yogya. Along this street you can find modern shops, traditional shops, hotels, and restaurants. Walking around this area is recommended as you can buy cheap things such as crafts, batik, and any other goods in the local vendor.

Beringharjo Market

Still in the area of Malioboro Street, Beringharjo Market is a traditional oldest market in Jogja that you should sneak peek. It sells items like fabrics, clothing, inexpensive batik and batik fabric (stamped batik and handmade batik), herb and spices, and wedding supplies and souvenirs. You are advised to bring cash. Bargaining is highly recommended. So make sure you are ready with your bargaining skill.


Kotagede is a special mention for cultural trip in Yogyakarta. Kotagede once is the capital city of Mataram Moslem. As a capital city, Kotagede becomes the center of everything. Here you can see the traditional market, Pasar Legi, Kotagede Royal Tomb, silver craft, Javanese houses and village, and many more.

Yogyakarta Points of Interest

Ullen Sentalu Museum

Private museum you should visit is Ullen Sentalu museum. It displays number of arts and Javanese culture. Situated in Kaliurang under the Merapi area, Ullen Sentalu was established in 1994 to preserves traditional culture of Jogjakarta. Not only traditional culture, it kept history of the Keraton Yogyakarta, Keraton Surakarta (Solo), Pakualam, and Mangkunegaran. Paintings, photos, batik, poetry, and many more artifacts and relics can be seen here.

Mount Merapi

The most legendary mountain in the city is Mount Merapi. It is very beautiful yet terrifying at the same time. For an adventurous traveler, Merapi is the perfect attraction. You can hike the mountain and conquer it. But don’t forget, Merapi is an active volcano, so make sure that the condition of the mountain, the weather and everything is okay before you climb. Most hikers go at 1 am to be able to reach the summit at sunrise (05.30 am). For you who don’t want to climb, try the Merapi Jeep Lava Tour which transports you to some objects such as Museum Sisa Hartaku, Bunker of Merapi, The Lost World Castle, Alien Stone and many more.

Village Tourism

As a tourism city, Yogyakarta also prepares to surprise it tourists by developing village tourism system. There are so many village tourisms in the city which introduce you each other’s uniqueness. For example, Giriloyo village is known as the producer of Batik, Manding village for its leather craft, Kasongan for its earthenware, and many more. Some village also offers you tour to know the life of local in which you can try to plant the paddy, riding andong, hijack the field, and so much more.


Far beyond the city center, yogyakarta points of interest Kalibiru National Park is a great place to rest at the height of the hill. It is a forest in Kulonprogo (west side of the city) that is famous for the wonderful view and house tree. Kalibiru is also perfect for a trip with children. They can boost their energy by trying flying fox and any other outbound game, while you can get photo yourself in the tree house above with a background of wide reservoir Sermo. If you have many times left, try also to visit some famous waterfalls for the locals near Kalibiru. Pick one whether it is Kedung Pedhut Waterfall, Kembang Soka Waterfall, or Mudal Riverpark.

South Beaches

Yogyakarta best and new attraction is endless. Now is the time to go to gorgeous beaches in the south part of Jogja. Gunungkidul is one of the regency which has the best ranks white sand beaches. Some of them have been very popular such as Indrayanti, Kukup, Wediombo, Baron, Krakal, Drini, and so on. But some of them which are quite many are still new. We can say Timang beach that is popular with its death wood gondola. The gondola will across from one big coral in the edge of the beach to other big coral in the middle of the sea. The problem is, the gondola is only made of wood and you should across by yourself. The other new beaches are Ngobaran (similar to Uluwatu Bali), Watu Kodok, Pok Tunggal, etc. Oh, don’t forget to come to Parangtritis beach also. Though it is not in Gunungkidul as well, Parangtritis is a black sand beach with historical and interesting myth story. It is in Bantul and has exotic view. As an advice, come here in weekdays, because in weekend or holiday season Parangtritis will be crowded with local people.

Mangunan Pine Forest

Before you go to Gunungkidul, you can first stop by Mangunan Pine Forest. This Mangunan Pine Forest is lately being so famous around Indonesia. Their pictures are on every Indonesia Instagram account. So witness their beauty yourself. Pinus Asri and ranks pine forest around it offers the natural beauty of pine forest that elaborated with modern decoration such as bridges and tree house made of wood. There are many spots for photo. Puncak Becici the most popular one become more famous after President Barack Obama gives his visit. Other than pine forest, you can find Mangunan Fruit Garden, and several photo spot in the hills such as Jurang Tembelan, Kaki Langit, Seribu Batu and many more. Local people call it Negeri di Atas Awan (wonderful land above the sky).

Nglanggeran Ancient Volcano and Kedung Kandang Waterfall

Another unique volcano except Merapi is Nglanggeran Ancient Volcano. Though it is no longer active like Merapi, the form of the mountain is remarkable. It stands tall with black color. You can also hike this one. It is much saver and can be done only in several hours. The panorama from high up above is very beautiful. Camping here is also recommended, or having outbound in the park near the entrance is the other alternative. To rest yourself after getting burn from Nglanggeran Ancient Volcano, you can go to Kedung Kandang Waterfall. This beautiful waterfall situated in the middle of the paddy field, and guess what, it is still quiet so you can swim in the waterfall! Or, you can stare Jogja’s beauty from Nglanggeran basin in the top of the hill.

Jomblang Cave

Still in Gunungkidul, we have Jomblang Cave. Jomblang is a deep cave that the entrance is in the earth surface, and the way to get down the cave is by going down using a rope from above. The entrance hole is big enough and a popular phenomenon is waiting you. It is called The Heaven Lights. If you have arrived on the cave base, you can take a walk to mesmerizing what’s inside the earth.

Pindul Cave

Pindul cave is another attraction you should go for. Different than Jomblang as a dry cave, Pindul isles are filled with water. The water depth reaching 5-7 meters, so when you want to explore the cave the only one way is enjoying cave tubing. Using inner tube you will be invited to go along Pindul Cave and enjoy the natural view in it. There is guide that will tell you all about Pindul and he will directed where your tube has to go. You can go with group to get it more super fun.

Kotagede and Imogiri Royal Tomb

Last but not least, Kotagede Mataram Royal Tomb and Imogiri Tomb is the place where you should go in Jogjakarta. If Imogiri is the tomb for Sultan of Jogja, Kotagede Mataram Royal Tomb is a graveyard for Mataram Moslem Kings. The Kotagede Mataram Royal Tomb was built in Javanese style, quite similar with Pura in Bali, while the one in Imogiri built above hill.

That is some of magnificent tourist attractions in Jogja. If this is your first time coming to Yogyakarta, the first advice is to rent car with driver so that you can go to your destination safely. To rent car Jogja, Pamitran Tours is the best choice. Our local driver knows perfectly the location of every tourist destination. Please check also our Jogja package tour. There you will find out many good package tours that will be suitable for your holiday.



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