Malioboro Street Yogyakarta: The Best Place to Refresh Your Mind

Malioboro Street Yogyakarta: The Best Place to Refresh Your Mind

Malioboro is name of a famous street in the center of Yogyakarta. Often called as Malioboro, this is the icon of the city and become the most finding for tourist. Along Malioboro visitors can shop cheap to expensive items such as batik, souvenir, local food, or even only strolling around to refresh your mind.

Malioboro Street is the shopping center of Yogyakarta and the center of tourist object. There are several reasons that make it so. Besides for its historical story, Malioboro is located near with other popular destinations like Keraton, Tamansari, Vrederburg Fort, Sonobudoyo Museum, Bringharjo Market, and many more. Don’t forget to visit Malioboro with the fascinating Jogja tour package from Pamitran Tours.

Malioboro Jogja Brief History and Fact

Before talking so far about Malioboro tourism, it is better for you to know the brief history and fact about this street. The name of ‘Malioboro’ once said taken from the sanskerta language (ancient language in Java) which means garland. Named so because Malioboro was a place to buy and sold garland for Keraton Yogyakarta. But some people guess that this name taken from the name of an Englishman, Marlborough. He was lived in Malioboro Street in 1811 to 1816 in colonial era.

Malioboro after that became more and more crowded since Vrederburg Fort own by the Dutch was built. The city offices like Java Bank, Dutch Club, Post Office, and The Dutch Governor’s Residence then showed up. But of course not only the Dutch that enliven this street, but also the Chinese descendant that finally opened up stall and vendors. In 1887, Tugu Station was finally built.

From the historical side, Malioboro Street was also the witness for the fight of freedom of Indonesia. The battle of March 1, 1949 (in Indonesia called Serangan Umum Satu Maret Jogja) happened in the south of Malioboro.

Whether in the past or in today, Malioboro still functioned as jogja shopping center. The local government continues to give any potential resources and modern facilities needed by the tourist. Even so, Jogja still keep the original concept of Malioboro. Some traditional or heritage building maintained its authenticity to attract tourist interest.

Things To Do in Malioboro Street Yogyakarta

Like stated before, Malioboro Street offers many things to its visitors. You can do anything from morning till night such as shopping, tasting local food near Malioboro, stay overnight near Malioboro, riding andong, and hang out. Here are some things to do in Malioboro Street Yogyakarta we recommend for you.


There are many stalls and vendor in Malioboro. You can visit any of them. They sell cheap items like accessories, t-shirt, and local craft. But the most popular place for shopping is Bringharjo Traditional Market. This is the center to shop batik. Yes, that batik Jogjakarta that popular throughout the world! Buy also daster (negligee). The relaxed and comfortable model is often used by Jogjanese as a casual dress at home. Just buy them in the street vendor with cheap prices. From north to south, it is guaranteed that Malioboro will not disappoint you.

Ride Traditional Transportation

There are two traditional transportations in Malioboro that still exist. First is Becak or pedicab and the second is Andong or ricksaw. Becak is easily found out in the center of Yogyakarta, moreover in Malioboro. Along this street you can find many of them. The driver will offer you to escort you to Bakpia stall or factories, batik boutique, chocolate factory, Dagadu (similar to Joger, Bali), Tamansari, Keraton, and many places more near Malioboro.

Different with becak, Andong is withdrawn by horse. The price is varied depend on how long track you will have when you ride it. Same as Becak, Andong also can escort you to tourist object near Malioboro. One Andong is enough for four people.

Spend Night in Malioboro

When you are bored, just spend your night in Malioboro. In the night this street is increasingly full of visitors. Colder weather make the street is the right place to hang out with friends. You can strolling around, stop by when you find buskers who play music. Creative music and art will flow because the center of artists in Indonesia is Jogjakarta. Visit also South Square and Tugu Jogja to taste local food.

Visit Angkringan Jogja

This one is quite popular in Malioboro Street, Angkringan. Angkringan is a traditional food vendor which sells nasi kucing (wrapped rice in small portions), satay, snacks, and drinks. Today angkringan is designed modern with the addition of several modern snacks and side dishes. Angkringan become popular because it is unique and the price for each items is really cheap. You can eat until full without spending a lot of money. Here are some popular Angkringan around Malioboro:

  • Angkringan Lek Man Located in the north of Tugu Station, famous for its legendary kopi joss.
  • Angkringan KR Located in front of KR (Kedaulatan Rakyat) newspaper office.
  • Angkringan Ndalem Located near with Ngasem traditional market, popular for its classical Keraton style and food.
  • Angkringan Wijilan Located in Wijilan Street, Angkringan Wijilan is the best to find vary Jogja side dishes and vegetables.

Tasting the Local Food

For some of you, local food may draw your interest. If that is the case then try the local food in Jogjakarta. When you visit Malioboro, it is the best time for you to taste snacks, food, and drinks ala Jogja. We will give you recommendation of some Malioboro Street food like lumpia, gado-gado (Javanese salad), pecel, fried rice, chicken soto, gudeg, and many more. Find them along Malioboro Street or in the night around South Square. Try also the Javanese noodle Pak Pele.

Malioboro Street Opening Hours

There is no Malioboro street opening hours. The street is open for 24 hours every day. But of course usually vendors and stores open from 9 a.m until 9 p.m. The location of Malioboro is in the center of the city Yogyakarta. From the Adisutjipto International Airport to Malioboro takes about 20 minutes by car. You can also go to Malioboro using public transportation such as busway, TransJogja. This TransJogja is available in the airport parking lot. The ticket is Rp 3.600.

If you used transportation like train to get into Yogyakarta, you can get off at Tugu Station, in the north side of Malioboro Street. From Tugu Station to Malioboro only needs 15 minutes by car, while if you want to go to Tugu Jogja spends the same time. In Malioboro you can reach other nearest tourist object by foot such as Bringharjo Market, Keraton, Tamansari, and Vrederburg Fort.

Yogyakarta Malioboro Hotels

There are many hotels available ranging from the 5 star hotel until backpacker hotel. You just need to arrange it with the budget you have. You don’t need to worry of the facilities and cleanliness. Because they are located in the center of tourism, the owner knows and always provides the best for their guests. If you want to stay overnight in Malioboro Street, please read: Malioboro Street Hotel.



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